Curriculum Mapping

The University’s Curriculum Mapping project is a long-term initiative to streamline innovative curriculum design, management and mapping.

The University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the priorities for work across the institution. In light of this, all activity around Curriculum Mapping has ceased for the time being, with the expectation that we will return to the project in due course.

Sophisticated curriculum mapping functionality will continue to be strategically important for the University, and when we move beyond the pandemic crisis we will be well-positioned to leverage the considerable value we have gained from the project thus far and to achieve the objectives we have set for it. However, at present, all activity around Curriculum Mapping has stopped and staff have been redeployed to address other pressing needs. 

Everyone in the University is working hard to adjust to our changing environment, and I’m grateful for the commitment shown by our staff to assist our students and each other at this time.

  • Project structure and governance

    Curriculum Mapping is a collaborative project that spans across the entire University. The project is supported by a project team, Steering Group, Readiness Group, Change Control Group and Product Owners. These groups are representative of a mixture of role, school and faculty. This ensures that business rules and processes from across the University are considered when developing the ‘to be’ process and MyCurriculum. 

    These functions provide guidance, insight and support in understanding the complexities of curriculum mapping at the University and how this can impact on the roll out of MyCurriculum. 

    Project sponsor

    • Professor Pascale Quester - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

    Business owners

    • Clara Barbieri - Director, Learning and Quality Support
    • Alex Sabharwal - Director, Student Administration

    Product owner / process lead

    • Dr Virginie Masson - Product Owner / Senior Lecturer
    • Jane Wright - Curriculum Process Lead / Team Leader Learning & Teaching

    Steering group

    • Dr Lucy Potter - Executive Dean, Learning & Teaching - Faculty of Arts
    • Professor Katarina Falkner - Executive Dean, Faculty of ECMS
    • Dave Lamb - Executive Director - DASE
    • Professor Amanda Able - Deputy Dean (Learning & Teaching), Faculty of Sciences
    • Professor Mario Ricci - Deputy Dean (Learning & Teaching), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
    • Travis Cox - Director, Learning Enhancement & Innovation, Division of University Operations
    • Clara Barbieri - Director, Learning & Quality Support, Division of University Operations
    • Dr Braden Phillips - Associate Dean (learning & Teaching), Faculty of ECMS
    • Professor Phillippa Levy - Pro-Vice Chancellor, DASE
    • Professor Suzanne Le Mire - Deputy Dean (Learning & Teaching), Faculty of the Professions
    • Craig Hannah - Director, IT Programs & Digital Solutions, Division of University Operations
    • Colin Kent - Project coordinator, Division of University Operations
    • Colleen Atkinson - Change Manager, Division of University Operations
    • Aaron Smith - Project Manager - Curriculum Mapping, Division of University Operations

    Project team

    • Aaron Smith - Project Manager, Curriculum Mapping
    • Colleen Atkinson - Change Manager
    • Stephanie Famuyide - Business Analyst 
    • James Sadler - Learning Designer
    • Jason Scott May - Test Manager
    • Mitesh Danak - Test Analyst
    • Jacob Muldoon - Test Analyst
    • Kavika Karshan - Business Analyst 
    • Anne Schultz - Change Analyst

    Change control group

    •  Travis Cox - Director, Learning Enhancement & Innovation, Division of University Operations
    • Clara Barbieri - Director, Learning and Quality Support, Division of University Operations
    • Alex Sabharwal - Director of Student Administration, Division of University Operations
    • Colleen Ortega - Manager, Learning Enhancement & Innovation, Division of University Operations
    • Colin Kent - Project Coordinator, Division of University Operations
    • Colleen Atkinson - Change Manager, Division of University Operations
    • Aaron Smith - Project Manager - Curriculum Mapping, Division of University Operations
    • Stephanie Famuyide - Business Analyst, Division of University Operations
    • Associate Professor Robyn Davidson - Associate Head Teaching & Learning, Faculty of the Professions
    • Joanne England - Senior Learning Designer, Division of University Operations
    • Dr Virginie Masson - Product Owner, Faculty of the Professions

    Business readiness group

    • Joanne England - Senior Learning Designer, Division of University Operations
    • Mark Wittervan - Manager Learning Systems & Innovations, Division of University Operations
    • Manfred Rochler - Timetable Coordinator, Division of University Operations
    • Associate Professor Wayne Errington -  Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts
    • Susie Smith - Academic Program Support Team Leader, Faculty of ECMS
    • Paul McLiesh - Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
    • Allison Stokes - School Manager, Faculty of the Professions
    • Ivy Cook - Student System Coordinator, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
    • Lisa Mutlow - Program & Curriculum Development Officer, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
    • Dr Virginie Masson - Product Owner, Faculty of the Professions
    • David Hart - Senior Academic Support Officer, Faculty of Sciences
    • Kieron Nolan - Academic Support Team Leader, Faculty of Sciences
    • Associate Professor Natalie Williamson - First Year Director - Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences
    • Dr Karen Kind - Lecturer, Faculty of Sciences
    • Marisa Lopresto - Student System Support Officer, Division of University Operations
    • Jessica Vita - Learning Support Team Leader, Faculty of ECMS
    • Dr Abbas Taheri - Senior Lecturer, Faculty of ECMS
    • Jillian Brooking - Academic Program Support Team Leader, Faculty of Sciences
    • Linda Cecere - Student Data Collection Analyst, Division of University Operations
    • Dr Helena Ward - Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
    • Nimi Ashok - Quality & Evaluation Coordinator, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
  • Project timeline

    Activity relating to this project has ceased in response to changing priorities relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. The University community will be informed when it is ready to recommence. 

  • MyCurriculum

    MyCurriculum is a curriculum and assessment management system, hosted by eLumen.  

    MyCurriculum will provide the University with a platform that will provide consistency in managing curriculum design and associated processes. MyCurriculum will assist the University to build curriculum around learning outcomes, by mapping program learning outcomes to course learning outcomes and to graduate attributes.  

    On implementation, MyCurriculum will provide the following benefits to the University:

    • Digital workflows with benefits of transparency and ease of use, with ability to track progress within the workflow; 
    • A consistent institutional approach for course and program creation and management; 
    • Reporting capabilities to measure processes and drive evidence-based continuous improvement; 
    • Enhanced collation and presentation of curriculum information for accreditation and quality reviews; and 
    • Clearly defined course and program development roles and responsibilities for accountability
  • Frequently asked questions

    Do I need to do anything different right now?

    For the moment, no. Continue to follow the existing process for course and program development and amendment. As we move closer to the Go Live date further information, resources and training will be provided. 

    What is changing and what this means for you? 

    Currently each Faculty follows a paper-based process in order to develop, amend or delete/suspend courses/programs and manage the alignment of course learning outcomes to program learning outcomes and graduate attributes. 

    We will be reviewing and improving these processes and then transitioning them to MyCurriculum. A key improvement is the introduction of digital workflows. The utilisation of digital workflows and notification functionality in MyCurriculum will make things easier and more time efficient for academics, professionals and students. 

    To ensure we consider the impact of the introduction of MyCurriculum, we are co-designing the new processes and co-configuring the system in close collaboration with representatives of the University community.  This has been through individual consultation and with the project Readiness Group. This group is made up of professional and academic staff members representative of our University community, the group members work with the project team to ensure we meet requirements and design a system that will meet the unique needs of the University.  

    How will I know what I need to do? 

    You will be supported with training, tailored to your role, that will enable self-paced learning to improve your comfort with the new system and processes. 

    As we move closer to a go live date, further information on training and support will be provided. 

    Where can I get more information? 

    We understand that everybody is busy so we will ensure that we keep you informed in a variety of ways throughout 2020 and beyond. In particular, the website will provide information on how you are affected and what you need to know and do prior to go-live.

    If you have additional questions or queries you can contact us.  

    Can I access MyCurriculum now?

    At this stage access to MyCurriculum is limited to members of the project team who are assisting with the development of the system. As we continue to develop the system, further information on the use and benefits of MyCurriculum will be distributed to the University community. As we get closer to a go live, training material and demonstrations will occur.