Graduate attributes and Learning outcomes

The University defines the philosophy underpinning its coursework programs through the graduate attributes.

These attributes describe a set of qualities and characteristics students are expected to develop throughout their degree, and these attributes are designed to be transferable beyond the particular disciplinary context in which they have been developed. Graduate attributes are developed within the curriculum, and are explicitly mapped to course learning outcomes and program learning outcomes.

The University agreed to a number of revisions to the graduate attributes in August 2019, which included refinement of the existing attributes and introduction of two new attributes. The changes were made during a review of the graduate attributes in 2017-2018. The implementation of the new graduate attributes was delayed to ensure they reflect the strategic objectives of Future Making. The revised graduate attributes can be found on our graduate attributes page.

In order to implement the revised graduate attributes, faculties are asked to review its curriculum and remap program learning outcomes and course learning outcomes to the revised graduate attributes.

At its 8/21 meeting, the University Education Committee resolved that the revised graduate attributes would be effective for students who commence their studies from 1 January 2022.

  • Program learning outcomes

    Program learning outcomes and its links to the graduate attributes are uploaded in the University’s PeopleSoft system, allowing achievement of the learning outcomes and graduate attributes to be recorded on students’ official University record via the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

    Your Faculty contact can advise on any administrative or faculty approval processes relating to the revision of program learning outcomes to include mapping to the graduate attributes. Revised program learning outcomes will be provided by your Deputy Dean (Learning and Teaching) to Learning and Quality Support for upload into the PeopleSoft system. Updated program learning outcomes are due to Learning and Quality Support by Friday 26 November 2021.

    For programs with a duration of one year or less, the Faculty should map Graduate Attributes which can be achieved within the length of the program and aligned with the program learning outcomes. The following programs will therefore not require to have program learning outcomes which cover all Graduate Attributes: Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and one-year Honours (which are not embedded with a Bachelor degree).

    Mapping of the program learning outcomes to the revised graduate attributes may trigger the need to revitalise program learning outcomes for some programs, or may present an opportune time to update program learning outcomes. Significant changes to academic program rules and related program learning outcomes require approval by the Academic Program Entry and Approval Committee (APEAC).

    Revisions to program learning outcomes that markedly change the expected outcomes for students or the community require APEAC approval. These approvals can be streamlined through APEAC via a memo, endorsed by the Executive Dean of the Faculty.

  • Course learning outcomes

    Course curriculum will need to be reviewed and modified to ensure that the revised graduate attributes are embedded. Course learning outcomes will need to be remapped to the graduate attributes, ensuring that changes align with revised program learning outcomes. Please note that changes to course learning outcomes may require approval from your faculty.

    Course Outlines has been updated to allow the revised Graduate Attributes to display in 2022 course outlines onward. Edited content needs to be approved by an Administrator by Tuesday 30 November before 2022 course outlines become live on the University website on Wednesday 1 December 2021.

    An overview on how to edit course learning outcomes and the graduate attributes content zones in Course Outlines.

  • Staff contacts

    Queries relating to faculty administrative or approval processes can be directed to your relevant faculty contact below:

    Faculty Contact
    Arts Program Learning Outcomes:  Janine O'Donnell
    Course Learning Outcomes: Janine O'Donnell
    ECMS Program Learning Outcomes: Susie Smith
    Course Learning Outcomes: Relevant School, Director of Learning and Teaching
    H&MS Program Learning Outcomes: Nimi Ashok or Lisa Mutlow
    Course Learning Outcomes: Nimi Ashok or Lisa Mutlow
    Professions Program Learning Outcomes: Caitlin Senior
    Course Learning Outcomes: Relevant School or Centre Associate Head of Learning and Teaching
    Sciences Program Learning Outcomes: Amanda Able
    Course Learning Outcomes: Kieron Nolan

    Technical queries relating to Course Outlines can be directed to Course Outlines Support at

  • Resources

Commendations for the Enhancement and Innovation of Student Learning - Applications Now Open

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