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Student Partnership Values

Academic Board has approved these student partnership values which are intended to guide and inform all student partnership activity across governance, support, learning and teaching and curriculum.

AUTHENTICITY – partners identify and communicate a sound rationale for each partnership

TRUST – partners take time to get to know each other, engage in open and honest dialogue and are confident they will be treated with respect and fairness

HONESTY – partners act with integrity and honesty, by being transparent about the partnerships, their expertise, agreed boundaries and desired outcomes

COURAGE – partners challenge barriers, structures and practices that may inhibit genuine partnerships

INCLUSIVITY – partners seek opportunities to identify and incorporate varied experiences and perspectives, for the benefit of their shared communities

EMPOWERMENT – partners enable positive outcomes by establishing distributed authorities

DEVELOPMENT – partners commit to identifying, creating and engaging with development opportunities to sustain authentic partnerships

RESPECT – partners trust and value diverse perspectives, talents and experiences – treating all with respect and fairness

RECIPROCITY – partners genuinely invest in, and stand to benefit from partnerships

OWNERSHIP – partners take responsibility for, and own, the contributions they make individually, and the collective outcomes

SUPPORT – partners have confidence that academic and student leaders will support activities and initiatives created through partnerships.

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