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Statement of Mutual Expectations

Joint Statement from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Academic) and Student Representatives

The University of Adelaide is a world-class university, which delivers high quality and distinctive learning, teaching and research experiences. The University is dedicated to discovering new knowledge, pursuing innovation, and preparing educational leaders of tomorrow who are independent, creative thinkers. The University is a partner with the Adelaide University Union (AUU), the Student Representation Council (SRC) and our students in building a unique Adelaide educational experience. Together we create a diverse, inclusive and environmentally sustainable University community, with a rich campus culture and an expectation that ambitions will be realised. We work together to advance the intellectual, cultural, economic and social life of Adelaide and South Australia, with influence across and beyond Australia.

This Statement of Mutual Expectations outlines what you can expect from the University and what is expected from you, in physical and online settings. It has been developed in partnership with the University and Student Representatives.

University and Student Expectations

You Can Expect the University to:

  • create an environment that fosters and supports your learning and discovery of new knowledge at undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and postgraduate research levels
  • help you develop the University’s Graduate Attributes throughout your study
  • expose you to Indigenous understandings and cultural perspectives, develop your international perspectives and foster global learning experiences
  • be a principled and tolerant community where you are treated fairly and without discrimination, and with recognition and appreciation of the diversity within the University
  • support diverse opinions and encourage you to voice alternative views through rational discussion and debate
  • offer a rich campus culture through a blend of academic traditions and engaging events offered by the University, the AUU and the SRC
  • understand students’ needs, and provide, in conjunction with the AUU and the SRC, services such as counselling, disability, advisory, academic support, and representation
  • supply accessible, high quality facilities, equipment and materials for learning, teaching and research
  • provide accurate and clear information about academic requirements and University statutes, rules and policies
  • ensure that all requirements for completing a program will be available within the specified duration of that program, and that professional programs will satisfy the requirements of relevant professional and accreditation bodies
  • give timely and appropriate feedback on work submitted for assessment, and offer reasonable access to academics for individual consultation outside your classes
  • respond in a fair and considered way to your feedback or grievances
  • involve elected students in University governance.

The University Expects You to:

  • actively participate, whether on-campus or online, in your academic program(s) 
  • act with honesty, integrity and professionalism when submitting work for assessment, using services and facilities, undertaking a placement or internship, participating in University sports, clubs and representation, and communicating with staff and fellow students in person or online
  • listen to and consider differing views and beliefs, respect the rights of others within the University community, treat others in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, and act with consideration for others
  • involve yourself in the cultural and social life by engaging with activities offered by the University, the AUU and the SRC
  • proactively inform yourself about academic requirements and University statutes, rules and policies and abide by them
  • enrol correctly in accordance with the University's program requirements, course prerequisites and University procedures, and make sure that your enrolment will enable you to graduate in your chosen program.
  • provide fair and honest feedback on teaching performance and on the content and presentation of courses
  • ensure that your contact details are kept up-to-date and that you check your University email and MyUni accounts regularly.
Last Updated
19 May 2014

    We Want Your Feedback

    This Statement will be reviewed annually in partnership with the University's Student Representatives. If you have any feedback regarding this Statement throughout the year please email your ideas.


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