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Information for Applicants

Any current or past student from The University of Adelaide who completed undergraduate research (bachelors and honours level including vacation projects, work-experience and other extra-curricular research) in 2018 or 2019 are eligible to apply to participate in this year’s University of Adelaide Undergraduate Research Conference.

Students are invited to present either an oral presentation or a poster about their research. You can present your work individually or as a group.

You will need to describe this research in a 300 word abstract which addresses the following

1.     Is there a clear rationale for the research?

2.     Does the project have a clear research question or focus?

3.     Is the research methodology or approach appropriate and has it been applied with rigour?

Because the Undergraduate Research Conference is a multidisciplinary conference, you will need to make sure that your abstract can be understood by a broad audience who might not have any specialist knowledge of the area that you have researched.

Talk to Your Supervisor

You will need to discuss submitting your EOI with your supervisor but they don’t have to endorse it at the EOI stage. When you submit your final abstract (if you are selected for the abstract writing workshop) you will have to complete and sign a Student Declaration and your supervisor will also have to sign a Supervisor Declaration.

How to Apply

The process for applying is different to last year. In 2019 there will be a 4 step process:

  • Stage 1: Expression of Interest (Due 7 June 2019)

    Step 1: Submit an Expression of Interest – due 5pm, Friday 7 June 2019

    Write a 50-100 word summary about the research you have done that describes:

    • the problem or question that the research addressed
    • how you explored that problem (your methods or methodology)
    • what you learned about the problem from the research (or if you haven’t completed it yet what you expect to find)

    We will notify you about the outcome of the EOI by no later than Tuesday 11 June

  • Stage 2: Abstract Writing Workshops (12 and 13 June)

    Step 2: Abstract Writing Workshops – Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June 2019

    The Expressions of Interests will be reviewed and students may be invited to attend an abstract writing workshop where you will turn your EOI into an abstract suitable for the conference. You will receive feedback and a template will be provided prior to the workshop.

  • Stage 3: Final Abstract (Due 23 June)

    Step 3: Finalise Your Abstract - due 5pm, Sunday 23 June 2019

    After the workshop you should have a complete draft of the abstract which you must check with your supervisor before submission.

    We will notify you if your abstract has been accepted for the conference by Friday 28 June

  • Stage 4: Presentation or Poster (Due 18 July)

    Step 4: Prepare your Presentation on the Templates Provided - due Thursday 18 July 2019

    We will provide you with a powerpoint template to use for your presentation or poster and you will need to provide us with the completed presentation or poster by Thursday July 18.

What to Expect

The University of Adelaide Undergraduate Research Conference will provide you with an excellent opportunity to develop and test your ability to communicate your ideas and findings to the broader community. As well as this, there are excellent prizes available. This conference will provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet staff and students who share a common interest in research, and learn how researchers from other disciplines approach problems.

Oral Presentations: Presenters will have 10 minutes to present their research to a diverse audience, which will include a panel of judges. At the conclusion of the presentation, audience members and judges will have an opportunity to ask questions about the research.

Poster Presentations: Presenters will present their research to an audience in a visual format. The images and text should be chosen carefully to highlight the significance of the findings or argument.

Apply Now

Applications for 2019 have closed.

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