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Information for Applicants

Any current or past student from The University of Adelaide who completed undergraduate research (bachelors and honours level) in 2017 or 2018 will be eligible to apply to participate in this years University of Adelaide Undergraduate Research Conference.

All students wishing to apply must submit an abstract of their proposed oral or poster presentation. Abstracts must not exceed 300 words. Abstracts will be selected based on their ability to clearly address the following criteria:

  1. Is there a clear rationale for the research?
  2. Does the project have a clear research question or focus?
  3. Is the research methodology or approach appropriate and has it been applied with rigour?

Because the Undergraduate Research Conference is a multidisciplinary conference, a primary consideration of all submissions will be their accessibility to and suitability for a broad audience. Abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings which will be available online closer to the day, prior to the conference. Further resources on writing an abstract can be found online on the Emerald website Link to external website

What to Expect

The University of Adelaide Undergraduate Research Conference will provide you with an excellent opportunity to develop and test your ability to communicate your ideas and findings to the broader community. As well as this, there are excellent prizes available. This conference will provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet staff and students who share a common interest in research, and learn how researchers from other disciplines approach problems.

Oral Presentations: Presenters will have 10 minutes to present their research to a diverse audience, which will include a panel of judges. At the conclusion of the presentation, audience members and judges will have an opportunity to ask questions about the research.

Poster Presentations: Presenters will present their research to an audience in a visual format. The images and text should be chosen carefully to highlight the significance of the findings or argument.

Successful applicants will be notified towards the end of June / beginning of July and provided with either a PowerPoint or Poster template for their presentation.

Apply Now

Applications for 2018 are now closed.

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