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e-Learning Community of Practice (eCoP)

A community for academic and professional staff interested in the development of digital learning resources, the transition of courses from face-to-face to online delivery, MOOCs, and/or evaluation of the impact of e-learning strategies on student learning.

Technology is increasingly being used to facilitate active learning and collaboration, to better engage and support students via richer learning experiences and to accommodate the needs and expectations of students from different cultural backgrounds, with different learning styles, across different study contexts.

The Beacon of Enlightenment outlines the University of Adelaide's commitment to 'providing flexible learning and e-learning to meet new student needs', so that 'learning will be better supported by digital learning resources' and 'high quality content can be effectively delivered online with demonstrable pedagogical integrity'.


The e-Learning CoP will provide opportunities to:

  • engage in capacity building through professional development in e-learning.
  • support networking and collaboration between academic and professional staff across The University of Adelaide faculties and divisions.
  • engage university staff and students in scholarly activity, such as research and dissemination.
  • facilitate the sharing of best practices and examples in e-learning across the University.
  • provide a forum for constructive peer review and evaluation of e-learning.
  • provide opportunities for student participation and feedback in e-learning design learn from leaders in the field.


  • Monthly meetings with structured Agenda
  • Includes formal presentations or structured discussion on topics of interest.
  • Allows time for ‘fellowship’ informal discussion and networking
  • Participate in active and engaging scholarly activities
  • Social Meetings –relationship building
  • Ability to join via Zoom link remote/external access

To Join

Professional and academic staff are invited to join the e-Learning CoP.

To join, please email the facilitators Jaime Royals or Rebecca Vivian. Jessica Viven-Wilksch is currently on maternity leave.

  • Highlights from 2018

    1. e-Assessment focus

    At the beginning of the year the e-CoP held a brainstorming session and decided to focus on e-assessment for 2018, in particular using Echo360ALP and Canvas features. Throughout the year we had members share tools and expertise, as well as guest speakers from across the university demonstrate the latest tools to support e-assessment activities, and discussions around e-assessment challenges and innovation.

    2. Maximising Echo360ALP

    The group held a training workshop on the use of Echo360ALP to support members in making the most of the tool for formative assessment as well as the sharing of best practice examples from Jessica Viven-Wilksch and Dr Cheryl Pope. Members within the eCoP also launched a research project about maximising Echo360ALP for active learning in lectures across university faculties, supported through a successful university Learning Enhancement and Innovation (LEI) grant.

    3. Input into the Curriculum Review

    The eCoP submitted response to the University of Adelaide Curriculum Review about the role and direction of e-learning, based on a facilitated discussion held at an eCoP meeting.

    4. CanvasCon

    In 2018 one eCoP member was selected to attend CanvasCon in Sydney on behalf of the group to investigate the latest innovations and tips and tricks for using Canvas. Yvette presented back to the group a summary of the event and key take-aways, as well as collaborated on a blog post with the Learning and Teaching Unit.

  • Highlights from 2017

    1. An ongoing journey in developing a Blended Learning Environment

    Jessica Viven-Wilksch presented at the 2017 Festival of Learning and Teaching her experience developing
    blended learning courses for Law. Jessica shares her insights, lessons learned and goals moving forward. View the recording here.

    2. Rolling courses over to Canvas

    Throughout 2017, e-learning CoP members were involved in piloting the new university e-learning platform, Canvas. We had guest speakers from across the university working in areas such as Learning Design, Learning Analytics, Library Services and Learning Technologies to present various e-learning updates and design insights to support our group in transitioning their courses over to the new Canvas platform. Members also engaged in sharing advice, tools and ideas for enhancing online and blended courses from their own experiences and course examples.

    3. Connecting Community of Practices

    In 2017 the e-learning CoP joined with the Flipped Learning CoP and the Learning Analytics CoP for a joint session to generate a list of learning technology tools that can be used to support learning and teaching. We also had other CoP leaders present to our group updates and to share with us best-practices from their areas that impact on e-learning.

    4. Sneak peek at the latest resources available to support e-learning

    During 2017 we were fortunate to have a sneak peek into the most recent developments across the university to support e-learning design and implementation. We had a tour of the new Recording Studio available to staff and students in the Barr Smith Library, viewed the Virtual Reality equipment and expertise available through the Library (now a VR CoP), and we were invited to provide feedback on early developments on the university Digital Capabilities Framework.

  • Highlights from 2016

    1. Transitioning courses from face-to-face to online delivery

    Kerry Wilkinson and Imogen McNamara developed a series of online video lectures in order to transition a Wine Business course from face-to-face to online delivery. The videos below (i) outline their approach to online course delivery and the impact on student learning, and (ii) provide a guide to video production using Camtasia Studio.

    For more information on video production, check out the Learning Technologies Guide to Creating Educational Videos. Staff can access Video Recording Studios through the Learning Innovations Studio.

    Transitioning Courses to Online Delivery

    A Guide to Video Production

    2. Demonstrating the basics of lecture recording

    With declining numbers at live lectures, and the transition of many courses to a flipped classroom approach, there is an increasing need to produce high quality recorded lectures. In the following videos, Rob Reid introduces use of the Video Recording Studio and the Learning Glass.

    Introducing the Video Recording Studio

    Introducing the Learning Glass

    3. Developing an online field trip to the Yalumba winery

    Visiting a commercial winery during the peak of vintage is an occupational health and safety nightmare… but how else do students gain insight into the day-to-day operations involved in grape and wine production? Kerry Wilkinson and AdelaideX invite you to see for yourself, via the online field trip to the Yalumba winery.

    4. 2016 Festival of Learning and Teaching presentation 

    Examples of Innovations in e-Learning were presented at the 2016 Festival of Learning and Teaching.
    Click below to download the presentation slides.

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