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Preparing Good Looking Documents

A set of six topics for staff developing learning resources, with each topic introducing some basic guidelines for publication design using standard University-installed software. They cover some of the issues to consider in the preparation of resources for presentation in both print and on-screen format.

Slide Show: PowerPoint for learning

 Notes (DOCX)   Notes (PDF)   Slides (PPTX)  

  • template design and set-up
  • condensing the content
  • controlling type and placement
  • adding images and transitions
  • adding multimedia elements

Poster Power: meaning & message

 Notes (DOCX)   Notes (PDF)   Slides (PPTX)   Poster templates (ZIP)  

  • what is the poster for/about
  • setting up the poster file
  • adding text and images
  • arranging and styling the content
  • outputting the file for printing

HTML Basics: getting your code to work

 Notes (DOCX)   Notes (PDF)   Slides (PPTX)   Sample files (ZIP)  

  • understanding HTML elements
  • web page structure and layout
  • elements for modifying text
  • combining images and multimedia
  • styling for accessibility
  • restoring order to broken files

Document Design: templates for learning

 Notes (DOCX)   Notes (PDF)  

  • document design and layout
  • setting up a template
  • adding styles and page elements
  • using headers and footers
  • installing and using the template

Table Talk: using tables in Word

 Notes (DOCX)   Notes (PDF)   Slides (PPTX)   Sample files (ZIP)  

  • using tables for data or layout
  • determining table size/dimensions
  • controlling table rows and columns
  • adding borders and shading
  • using basic functions
  • tables for merge documents

Picture Perfect: image formats & resolution

 Notes (DOCX)   Notes (PDF)   Slides (PPTX)  

  • what is resolution: screen vs print
  • colour spaces: rgb, cmyk, grayscale
  • raster and vector formats
  • commonly used image file types
  • image editing tools


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