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Professional Development Resources

Selected professional development resources on topical issues and current skills in teaching in higher education.

Turnitin 30-minute webcasts

"MOOP" (Massive Open Online Plagiarism)? Stemming the Tide of Plagiarism in Online ClassesWatch Now.  

MOOCs, online classes, hybrid classes—all of these advents in learning create a tremendous opportunity to engage students on a large scale. At the same time, the size of these classes seem to necessitate assessment approaches that open the door for large-scale cheating and plagiarism. In this session we share share strategies for developing online courses that short circuit the potential for plagiarism and academic misconduct that rise as instructors move more coursework online.

Grade Anywhere: Turnitin for iPadWatch Now

Mobile technology is changing the way instructors provide feedback and evaluate students' written work. In this webcast we discuss just how the flexibility of grading on an iPad makes evaluating papers faster, more convenient and more comfortable for instructors. We also demonstrate key functionality of Turnitin for iPad and discuss the iPad deployment process.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Informational Fluency and Digital LiteraciesWatch Now | Download the bibliography

More than ever before, students today have a wealth of information at their finger tips, but students are less able to sort through the digital landscape to find the best information for their assignment and writing needs. In this session we offer best practices to improve students' critical thinking and awareness of resources needed to improve their academic writing.


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