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LMS Analytics

Learning Analytics

LMS Analytics enables staff to -
  • See the number of Views and Participations in each of the course elements
  • Sort each column
  • Search a course element or title (full title or partial)
  • Identify who has/not viewed or participated/not participated in any of the 'Titles' (Topics) in a 'Course Element'
  • See students first and last access
  • Filter required data
  • Download the data to a csv file


Actions that will generate a (student) view.

The following actions will generate a (student) view -

  • Accessing a MyUni page within the Course
  • Downloading a file


Actions that will generate (student) analytics course participation.

The following actions by students will generate analytics course participation -

  • Loading a collaboration to view/edit the document
  • Joining a web conference
  • Posting a new comment to a discussion or an announcement
  • Starting and submitting a quiz
  • Submitting an assignment
  • Creating a wiki page

Further information on LMS Analytics.

Student Lists in LMS Analytics

  • Identify which Students have engaged with a ‘Course Elements’/’Titles’ by clicking on a topic under the ‘Title’ column.
  • This will generate a new view within the LMS Analytics showing the list of Students who have engaged with the ‘Course Elements’/ ’Titles ’.
  • Change the Student list by clicking on the appropriate button in the Filter table.
  • Ability to download the Student list by clicking on the csv button.

What can you do with a student list?

Identify students who have not viewed the topic(s) in the ‘Course Elements’/ ’Titles

  • Send timely reminders to students to remind them to access the ’Titles’ and why they should access the ‘Titles'. For example, a particular ‘Title’ may be important in preparation for an exam. Download the CSV file to obtain Student email addresses, and copy these into your email client. 
  • Identify students 'at risk' to inform interventions
  • Identify resource usage patterns e.g. resources students found to be valuable
  • Limit speculation and subjective interpretations through the use of data
  • Predict future student performance (based on past patterns of the learning experience)

What’s coming?

  • Instructor to Students feedback mechanism
  • Multiple topics ('Titles') filters

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