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Academic Honesty & Plagiarism Information for Staff

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a quality associated with high standards of scholarship and is a responsibility of both staff and students. Academic staff should provide examples of good practice in academic integrity by acknowledging appropriately the works, designs, ideas and words of others in their teaching and research. Providing appropriate examples of assessment work that display good practice in using citations, references and acknowledgements and providing opportunities for students to practise their use will assist in developing academic skills and in reducing the instances of plagiarism.

The University is committed to assisting staff and students in maintaining high standards of academic integrity by implementing highly visible procedures associated with educational opportunities and detection. Staff can also assist by employing approaches to assessment that minimise the possibility for students to submit plagiarised material.

University Policy on Academic Honesty & Plagiarism

The University of Adelaide's Academic Honesty Policy includes the issues associated with plagiarism, the responsibilities of the Faculty/School/Department, the responsibilities of staff and students, as well as the procedures and penalties for plagiarism.

Academic Honesty & Plagiarism Information for Students

Information and resources for students can be found on the Writing Centre website.


Ms Ursula McGowan, Ph: 831 34745,

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University of Adelaide & Turnitin

The University of Adelaide has a University-wide licence to access Turnitin, which is available as a tool within MyUni.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a totally web-based tool which provides an online plagiarism prevention service for both educators and learners. For further information visit

Whilst effective to help identify suspected individual cases of plagiarism, or as a deterrent, Turnitin plagiarism prevention is even more effective when used as an educational tool.

Digital versions of papers submitted to the Turnitin web site are compared against:

  • billions of documents online
  • Turnitin's local databases of submitted student papers

Matching text is detailed in an Originality Report which includes direct source comparison.

Originality Reports provide a summary of the matching text found in a submitted paper. The colour of the report icon (blue, green, orange, yellow, red) indicates the overall similarity index of the paper, based on how much matching text Turnitin finds.

Originality Reports are tools to help users find sources that contain similar text to submitted papers. The decision on whether or not the work is plagiarised still needs to be made by the educator, and only after careful examination of both the submitted paper and the sources identified to distinguish between those that are appropriately cited and referenced and those that are not.

Australian Legal Opinion

For Australian institutions, Turnitin has obtained a legal opinion from Blake Dawson Waldron, one of Australia's leading international law firms, to ensure that our use of student work complies with Australian copyright and privacy laws.

Who Can Use Turnitin?

University of Adelaide staff (instructors) can use Turnitin through MyUni. Instructors can submit student papers for checking.

University of Adelaide students can use Turnitin through MyUni. Students can submit papers, either as a course requirement or for personal checking. Instructors will need to set up a Turnitin assignment for students to gain access to the tool.

How to Use Turnitin


Assessment cover sheets

Schools/Departments should provide an 'Assessment Cover Sheet' that requires the signature of the student declaring that all cited works have been clearly identified and acknowledged. For students submitting work electronically, a suitable digital version of an 'Assessment Cover Sheet' should be used.

Avoiding Plagiarism icon

Avoiding Plagiarism: Achieving academic writing
This learning module was prepared by Ursula McGowan and Kerry O'Regan, CLPD, University of Adelaide, 2008. It is an Articulate presentation and requires your browser to have a Flash Player plug-in installed.

Research - Writing

Plagiarism Poster

Plagiarism Framework: Student as Apprentice Researcher

University of Adelaide Library

Recent Papers on Plagiarism

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