General Counsel and Executive Director, Legal and Risk

Céline McInerney

As the University’s General Counsel and Executive Director, Legal and Risk, Céline gives strategic and business advice to the University and its key stakeholders across a range of areas as diverse as the University’s own interests.

This advice includes risk management for both on shore and off shore operations, advice to executive managers on policies and procedures, internal audit, probity, governance, controlled entities, contracts, facilities and assets maintenance, legal and regulatory compliance, employment and consultancy issues, joint ventures, insurance, claims management, service level agreements, acquisitions and divestments, FOI, privacy, communications, collaborations and research grants.

Céline’s philosophy is supported by a personal commitment to ethical commercial and business communications and transactions and she provides guidance and direction in a commercially pragmatic and responsible way.

Céline's expertise in technology and intellectual property law spans copyright, trademarks, confidential information and trade secrets, indigenous heritage and culture, e-commerce and information security, privacy and corporate and tertiary sector knowledge management. She provides both transactional and strategic assistance in these areas.

She has received many State, national and overseas awards and is a director of several commercial and not-for-profit organisations in business, industry and the performing arts, including the National Policy Advisory Council for the Internet Industry Association of Australia. Céline was a 2003 State Finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards and is well known in radio, television and film as a performer.

Céline is a law graduate from University of Adelaide.