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Business Continuity

The University Business Continuity Plan (BCP) provides critical information for restoring the University's operations after an adverse event. The University's BCP will come into effect after the emergency period to help recover and reinstate the business of the University - teaching and research.

The timing and priority of the BCP implementation will depend on the nature, extent and impact of the event. Designated management personnel will determine the most suitable response given the nature of the adverse event and the impact on business operations.

Continuity plans have been developed by key Branches in the 3 Divisions. The format of each of the plans varies according to the function, complexity and need of the area. The timeframe for response generally starts within 1-2 days of an adverse event, during the emergency response period. The plans identify vulnerabilities and recommends necessary measures to prevent extended service outages. Each plan articulates what the critical functions are for their areas, teams or services.

This plan is a living document reviewed at least annually and following any disruptive event. Document version control is maintained to show revision history. The electronic version will generally be accepted as the most recent version.

The Business Continuity Plan

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