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Legal Compliance

The University of Adelaide operates within legal and statutory requirements.

Over 200 South Australian and Commonwealth Acts impact on our day to day activities. Some apply to everyone at the University while others may be relevant to specific areas only. Legal compliance management helps us keep up to date with our legal obligations so that we avoid financial penalties or fines, damage to organisational or individual reputation and criminal prosecution.

The Legal Compliance Framework was established to protect the reputation of the institution as a whole (see the Legal Compliance Policy). The Framework provides information and resources that support staff to understand, clarify and manage their obligations. The objective is to maintain a robust compliance culture.

We provide support, information and advice to all University staff about the application of legislation to their activities within the University.

The Legislation Directory contains links to all Acts relevant to the University. All personnel have an obligation to report any non-compliance. You can make a report through the Non-Compliance register.

Legislation Directory

Legislation Directory

Non-compliance Register

Non-compliance Register
      For More Information

      Sandra Lilburn
      Manager, Compliance
      08 8313 0482

      University Compliance Centre
      08 8313 4539

      For compliance education material see the Legal and Risk Resources.

      For answers to common compliance queries see Compliance FAQs.


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