Legislation Directory

The Legislation Directory contains all State and Federal Acts relevant to the University.

Search the directory to find all of the Acts relevant to your activities and the people who can help with your compliance responsibilities.

Classification of Acts

Legislation is classified by Tier, based on application of the Act, consequences of non-compliance with the Act, and where in the University the Act is managed.

Tier 1 University wide concern with high risks associated with non-compliance.
e.g Competition & Consumer Act
Tier 2 University wide concern with lower risks associated with non-compliance
e.g. Development Act
Tier 3 Local level concern with compliance managed centrally
e.g. Animal Welfare Act
Tier 4 Local level concern
e.g. Architectural Practice Act
Tier 5

Awareness of the legislation exists but not active compliance monitoring

For all Legal Compliance enquiries, including your obligations under a particular Act, email legalcompliance@adelaide.edu.au.