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Contract Management Handbook

Module 1 - Preparation and Negotiation

Module 1

This module outlines the basic principles and steps involved in the earliest stages of developing an agreement. It highlights the importance of preparation to any contracting activity, regardless of how simple the agreement may seem, and provides some practical tools for both preparation and negotiation with outside parties.

Highlights include:

  • A preliminary checklist for preparation;
  • A list of triggers that indicate whether an agreement needs to be formally documented through a separate written contract;
  • Tools to help you work out your bargaining position through the “P.A.N.” (preferred, acceptable, not-negotiable) approach;
  • A “pre-agreement evaluation matrix” for University contracts, to help you quickly evaluate the relevant University context and motivations behind a proposed contract.
  • A discussion of the transition from “negotiation” to a “binding contract”, and an introduction to some of the ways you can protect yourself from making this transition before you are ready.

Read more web content summarising preparation and negotiation.



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