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Contract Management Handbook

Module 2 - Drafting and Formalisation

Module 2
Annexure 2.2 - Contract Development Road Map

This module discusses the process through which negotiations are finalised, and a contract is drafted and formalised. There is a summary of how to document simple agreements (where no separate written contract is required), which will be relevant for staff involved in any level of University contracting. The remainder of the module addresses more significant agreements that require a separate written contract, and is designed to inform contract managers about the drafting and execution process.

Highlights include:

  • Specific examples of the kinds of contracts that require separate written contracts;
  • Information about the University’s contract specialist areas, and the internal processes that apply to certain University agreements;
  • A discussion of who should draft contracts, and when standard form contracts might be used;
  • Guidance to help you define contract deliverables and performance measures; and
  • An overview of the process for signing a contract, including University sign-off and the proper storage procedure for signed agreements.

Read more web content summarising drafting and formalisation.



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