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Part VA Licence (Audio-visual Material From Broadcasts)

This licence enables the University to reproduce and communicate radio, TV (free-to-air and pay-tv) and cable broadcasts. Free-to-air podcasts and webcasts are also included if they were originally delivered as free broadcasts.

This licence does not apply to purchased or hired videos/CDs/DVDs, or podcasts and webcasts that were created exclusively for the internet. [For the playing of commercially purchased or hired audio-visual material in a classroom refer to the s28 exception. If you wish to make copies of audio recordings, refer to the Music Licence.]

You may record the broadcast in full or in part, and the recording can be in any format. You may play the recording in class, make copies for each student, or make it available online. However, you must comply with the following:

    1. Each analogue copy (eg cassette tape, video tape), or any container in which such a copy is kept, must contain the required label. See labelling requirements below.
    2. Although there is no legal requirement to mark or label copies made in electronic form (e.g. a copy stored on a CD-ROM or computer hard-drive), it is advisable to do so to avoid potential claims of piracy or other breaches. Refer to the labelling requirements below for the details that should be included in the label.
    3. If you wish to make a digital copy available online, you must do so via MyUni by submitting a MyMedia upload form.
    4. If you wish to communicate electronic or digital copies by other means (e.g. via Power-point or email), each such copy and/or communication MUST contain a warning notice. The notice must appear either before or at the same time as the material being communicated appears on the screen.

      Copies of radio or TV broadcasts made at home for private use must not be used for University purposes unless they comply with the above.

      Labelling Requirements for Part VA Copies

      All copies of Works and SMOW must be clearly labelled with dates and content. For example:

      Made for the University of Adelaide under Part VA of the Copyright Act 1968


      Name of Program:

      Date program was transmitted:

      Date this copy was made (if different):


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