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Part VB Licence (Print and Graphic Materials)

This licence enables the University to reproduce (in hardcopy or electronic format) and communicate literary, dramatic, artistic and musical works for educational purposes.

If the work to be copied or communicated is already in electronic form (eg on the web or a licensed library database or a CD-ROM / DVD), it is essential to check any conditions of use or contractual conditions attached to the original source material before undertaking any copying/communication. The Part VB statutory licence does NOT override any specific conditions attached to this kind of material.

When copying pursuant to the Part VB Licence, the copying limits listed below must be adhered to. These limits apply per subject / course (e.g. lecturers in 2 different courses may both copy different parts of the same work up to the copying limit). However, if material is placed online, the limits apply to the University as a whole (eg only 10% or one chapter of a book may be placed online at any one time).

Type of Work Copying Limits
Books, Dramatic Works, Musical Works (if work is more than 10 pages) 10% OR one chapter, whichever is greater. More can be copied if the work has never been published or is out of print and not commercially available within a reasonable time.
Journal articles/newspapers One whole article from a journal issue or two or more articles from the same issue if they are on the same subject.
Literary/Dramatic work in an anthology

Individual works can be copied as long as they do not exceed 15 pages of the anthology.

If the work exceeds 15 pages, you may only copy 10% or 1 chapter unless the work has not been separately published

Artistic Work

In part or whole if the artistic work is incidental (ie accompanies a literary or dramatic work for the purpose of explaining or illustrating) or has not been separately published.

If an artistic work has been separately published, no more than a reasonable portion of the work can be copied, unless a new copy of the artistic work cannot be obtained within a reasonable time at an ordinary commercial price.

If the image is in electronic format, then the whole image can be copied or communicated; there is no need to check if it has been separately published.

Published Editions (i.e. a publication of a work where copyright in the literary/dramatic/musical/artistic work has expired, eg a new printed edition of a Shakespeare play) Can be copied in full
Out of print or unavailable works Check with Copyright Officer

Electronic Copies of Work

If the copy is to be made available to students electronically, the following must be complied with:

  1. If you wish to make electronic copies of journal articles, books and other text materials for teaching purposes, you must do so through the Digital Resources Management Centre. The DRMC will ensure the copying limits are met and the copy contains the prescribed warning notice.  the DRMC will also keep a record of the information to satisfy copyright reporting obligations.
  2. If you wish to make the copy available online, you must only upload it to MyUni (and not any other website) to comply with the requirement of password-restricting the copy to relevant students/staff.  Uploading onto MyUni must now be done using the Online Content tool.  This tool will enable compliance with the requirement that only one part of the same work can be made available online at a time (even if, together, both parts would not exceed the 10% limit).  Please refer to MyUni Support for more information  about Online Content.
  3. If you wish to communicate it by other electronic means (e.g. Power-point or email), each such copy and/or communication must contain a Part VB warning notice. The notice must appear either before or at the same time as the material being communicated appears on the screen.


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