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Everything you need to know to be a good Public Officer

If you are reading this, you probably have an obligation under the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 to report certain types of activities or conduct to the Office for Public Integrity. This is because the University is a Public Authority and that means anyone that contributes to its operations is a Public Officer*. But …



Where should you draw the line? New guidance on the appropriate use of corporate credit cards

Corporate credit cards are a convenient and efficient way for University personnel to manage work‑related expenses, including for travel, entertainment or those other small value purchases that are needed to get the job done. An efficient process intended for essential purchases While it’s an easy and operationally effective way to manage business expenses, it’s not …



Responding to COVID-19 – Maintain your distance AND your records

During recent months, usual work patterns have been disrupted as we’ve adapted our work habits and come to terms with the reality of social distancing. It has also been a period when significant changes have been made to the way the University delivers its teaching and research output. In finding ways to stay apart while …



Hosting a Zoom Meeting? Pause before you record

Zoom provides an easy and appealing platform to connect with others across different locations. Using Zoom, we can still gather virtually to hold live team meetings, facilitate group decision-making, stage webinars or simply catch-up for an informal chat. During an extended period of working from home, we’ve all come to grips with using this video …


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