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Are you ICAC aware? Attend a short info session

South Australian Public Officers are invited to attend a general awareness session to better understand the mandatory reporting obligations that apply to the University and to Public Officers under the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act. The event will be hosted by Deputy Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, Michael Riches. Event details ICAC Awareness for Public Officers Thursday …



Why you shouldn’t abbreviate ‘2020’ on official documents

It might seem like a time saver to abbreviate 2020 to ‘20’ on your paperwork, but doing so could open you up to fraud. If you use the shortened ’20’ to denote the year, it’s possible for an unscrupulous person to fraudulently alter the date to any year this century by adding a couple of …



New Year, New Resources on the Legal & Risk Self Service Portal

As the New Year rolls around, many third parties seek updated copies of the University’s insurance certificates. You may receive requests from study tour providers, placement host organisations, and others who provide services to the University. The certificates are issued yearly, with 2020 documentation available in the New Year. Regardless of the annual policy start …



End of Year – Notifiable Event Reporting

The University manages risk in a variety of ways – one of them is to transfer risk to our insurers. The University has an extensive insurance program to provide cover for its people, its assets and activities. An important part of the contract between the Insurer and the Insured (us – the University) is disclosing …


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