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Your role in the University’s Insurance Renewal

The University maintains an extensive insurance program to protect its people, property and activities. The program consists of a range of policies that span the breadth of the University’s activities, from corporate travel to property to research projects. The program is renewed annually. Providing all relevant details to the insurer before they “accept the risk” …



Anti-corruption challenges – could you spot a trusted insider?

Most of us have played variations of “spot the difference” – like the classic game of Where’s Wally? Identifying a concealed difference amongst a group of  people you know and trust can be much more challenging. In some cases, not understanding this challenge in the workplace can have devastating consequences for you and your colleagues. …



New templates available on the Legal and Risk self service portal

Have you seen the Legal and Risk Self Service Portal? A growing range of resources are available for University personnel to download, including the following recently added templates: Consultancy services agreement – short form [UPDATED] – for use when engaging a consultant to undertake straightforward and low-risk consultancy services for a fee of up to $30,000. …



On the move: changes to Commonwealth Government portfolios

A suite of portfolio changes following the federal election has led to changes to the name and composition of the Department of Education (formerly the Department of Education and Training). A number of ministries were moved out of the Education portfolio; with vocational education and training and apprenticeships relocated to the Employment Portfolio, and migrant …


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