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Inquiries to Legal and Risk Helpdesk will be assigned to the most suitable member of our team.

Compliance advice Sandra Lilburn
Compliance education and training Nicole Thompson
Justice of the Peace Security Office
Approvals and authority to sign Scott Long
Statutory Declarations Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Controlled Entities Céline McInerney, Scott Long
Legal compliance policy and procedural advice Sandra Lilburn
Legislation updates and information Sandra Lilburn
TEQSA advice Learning and Quality Support
ESOS advice Scott Long
Legal Document (signed contracts) storage Records Services
Legal Compliance rollout Sandra Lilburn
Contracts and agreements policy and procedural advice Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Contract and agreements - advice, drafting, review, negotiation (other than international or research) Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Research agreements Research, Contracts and Partnerships
Requests for Tender (RFT) - advice, drafting, review Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Requests for Proposal (RFP) - advice, drafting, review Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Student exchange and study tour (international) agreements - legal advice Laura Giaretto
Staff exchange agreements (international) - legal advice Laura Giaretto
Student exchange - insurance advice Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Student Placement insurance advice Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Copyright advice University Library
Copyright Policy and procedural advice University Library
Education and training Nicole Thompson
Named Locations for Insurance Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Notifiable Event reporting Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Insurance advice, claims, policy guides and premiums Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Work experience insurance advice Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Delegations Céline McInerney
Travel insurance - advice, claims management Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Internal Audit Céline McInerney, Anne Hill
Business initiatives - advice, review Céline McInerney, Scott Long, Anne Hill
Legal claims, disputes and litigation management Legal and Risk Helpdesk
External legal providers - approval, appointment, management Céline McInerney, Scott Long
Hold Harmless Clauses Lisa Biggar
Governance advice Céline McInerney, Scott Long
Fraud Control Céline McInerney
Insurance indemnity contract clause review Lisa Biggar
Proof of insurance (Memorandum/Certificate of Insurance) Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Freedom of Information advice Laura Giaretto
Legal advice Legal and Risk Helpdesk
International Agreements - advice, drafting, review, negotiation Laura Giaretto
Executive support and diary management Caroline Lauber, Nicole Thompson
ICAC and Office of Public Integrity advice Céline McInerney, Sandra Lilburn
Liaison with Ombudsman, Equal Opportunity Commissioner and Auditor General Scott Long
Privacy advice Scott Long
Policy review (general) Richard Duddy
Strategic advice Celine McInerney, Scott Long
Trusts and bequests Kim Evans, Jackie Morris
Wills and estates Céline McInerney, Kim Evans
Whistleblower Protection Céline McInerney
Business Continuity Anne Hill
Research Continuity Office of the DVC&VP (Research)
Teaching Continuity Office of the DVC&VP (Academic)
Risk management education and training Anne Hill
Facilitated risk assessment Anne Hill
Risk management advice Anne Hill
Risk register (URR) training and support Anne Hill
Trusts and bequests compliance certification Jackie Morris
Clinical Trials insurance advice Legal and Risk Helpdesk
Research ethics and compliance Research Branch, ORECI
Trusts and bequests database Jackie Morris

We Will

  • Work with you to help you solve problems and support you in your decision making
  • Communicate clearly and simply
  • Be helpful and responsive
  • Provide you with practical, objective and sensible advice
  • Act as a sounding board offering other perspectives
  • Be there to help you step through new, difficult or unfamiliar processes
  • Connect you with other University areas and stakeholders as required

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