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University Trusts & Bequests - Prizes

The University is grateful for the generosity of its many benefactors and is committed to communicating more generally to the community the significant benefits derived from that generosity.  We have a long and rich history of these gifts and donations and we are progressively publishing that information here.  As new prizes are established, that information will also be published here.

The University of Adelaide acknowledges that information relating to the personal details of donors has been accessed/obtained predominantly from public sources including the Australian Dictionary of Biography, the Encyclopaedia of Australian Science, the Australian Law Library, The Register, The Advertiser, the University of Adelaide Library, the University of Adelaide ‘Impact’, the University of Adelaide ‘Adelaidean’ and the University of Adelaide ‘Lumen’.

If any of the information set out here is incorrect or out of date, please contact Jackie Morris, Trusts Officer, on (08) 8313 5804, and the University is happy to amend the record.

Each Prize held by the University has a University Trust Record. To view these trust records, please refer to the links below:

UTR1.222 - Associate Professor Brian O'Neill Prize in Process Control & Instrumentation
UTR1.221 - The Australian Grain Technologies Plant Breeding Prize
UTR1.220 - The Peter Brooker Conference Travel Prize in Mathematical Geology
UTR1.219 - The Nyland & Caruso Prize
UTR1.218 - The Jean Adelaide Madeline Dent Prize

UTR1.217 - The Daniel Livingston Prize
UTR1.216 - The Thelma Dent AMEB Prize
UTR1.215 - The Applied Probability Trust Prize
UTR1.214 - The Robert Warner Medal
UTR1.213 - The Byard Prize
UTR1.212 - The Brian Coghlan Prize
UTR1.211 - The Guli Magarey Prize
UTR1.210 - The Maude Puddy Prize for Piano
UTR1.209 - The E Harold Davies Prize for Organ
UTR1.208 - The Thelma Dent Memorial Prize
UTR1.207 - The Norman Chinner Prize
UTR1.206 - The Frederick Bevan Prize
UTR1.205 - The Mrs Arno Pontt (May Gepp) Prize
UTR1.204 - The Lienau Prize
UTR1.203 - The Selborne Moutray Russell Prizes
UTR1.202 - The Gladys Lloyd Thomas Prize
UTR1.201 - The Paul Howard Martin Prize
UTR1.200 - The Elaine Evelyn Findlay Prize
UTR1.199 - The Alexander Clark Memorial Prize
UTR1.198 - The Eugene Alderman Prizes
UTR1.197 - The Anders and Reimers Prizes
UTR1.196 - The Frederick E Baxendale Prize
UTR1.195 - The James Whitehead Prize
UTR1.194 - The Richard Yung Memorial Prize
UTR1.193 - The Professor Tony McMichael Memorial Prize
UTR1.192 - The George Thompson Prize
UTR1.191 - The Dr Jennifer Gardner Prize for Waite Arboretum
UTR1.190 - The W J Colebatch Memorial Prize
UTR1.189 - The Alwin Clements Prize in Natural History
UTR1.188 - The E Pollard Prize in Economic History
UTR1.187 - The J M Coetzee Fund
UTR1.186 - The David Hester Undergraduate Honours Prize in Classics
UTR1.185 - The Dr John Mannam Prize for Dux of Second Year Mechanical Engineering
UTR1.184 - The Wilsen Prize for Ethical Conduct
UTR1.183 - The Peter Behrenbruch Prizes
UTR1.182 - The Philip Tighe Memorial Medal Prize
UTR1.181 - Dr Roneal Naidu Memorial Prize
UTR1.180 - The Ern and Betty Wickes Awards in Animal Pathology

UTR1.179 - The Thomas Gepp Prize in Veterinary Pathology
UTR1.178 - The Sir John Downer Lecture
UTR1.177 - The Fredric S Zuckerman Prizes
UTR1.176 - The Ethnomusicology Prize
UTR1.175 - The John Harvey Finlayson Prize in Creative Writing
UTR1.174 - Hugh Martin Weir Prize
UTR1.173 - Master of Health Psychology Prize
UTR1.172 - The C B Martin Prizes
UTR1.171 - The Confucius Institute Chinese Language Prize (under review)
UTR1.170 - The Ellice Ruth and Horst Lucke Prize for Comparative Law
UTR1.169 - The Fay Gale Prize in Geography
UTR1.168 - The Dr Kenneth Brown Prize in Memory of Daphne Brown
UTR1.167 - The Hazel Nankivell Prize and the Robin Lea Roberts Honours Prize for Roman/Latin Studies
UTR1.166 - The Elizabeth Matthews Prize for Woodwind
UTR1.165 - The Rae Cocking Memorial Prize
UTR1.164 - David Hayman Prize in Genetics
UTR1.163 - The Tommy Norman Prize for Jazz Performance
UTR1.162 - Robin Oliver and Pat James Prize
UTR1.161 - The Gertrude Rohan Memorial Prize
UTR1.160 - The School of Mathematical Sciences First Year Prizes
UTR1.159 - The Bill Williams Memorial Prize for Freshwater Ecology
UTR1.158 - The E O Tuck Prize
UTR1.157 - J Mazumdar Prize in Engineering and Mathematics
UTR1.156 - The Bill Henderson Prize
UTR1.153 - The Frank Dalziel Prize
UTR1.152 - The Bob Crompton Prize
UTR1.151 - The H Wighton Law Reform Prize
UTR1.150 - The Diana Harris Prize for Accompaniment

UTR1.149 - The Mares-Eaden Prize for Shakespearean and Early Modern English Literary Studies
UTR1.148 - The Galatis Medal, The Demosthenes Medal and The Odysseus Medal
UTR1.147 - The Colin Horne Memorial Prize
UTR1.146 - The Esso Australia Prize for Chemical Engineering
UTR1.145 - The Stan Edmonds Memorial Prize
UTR1.144 - The Alice Davey Award
UTR1.143 - The Harold Woolhouse Prize
UTR1.142 - The Fred Jacka Memorial Prize
UTR1.141 - The Angas Hurst Prize
UTR1.140 - The H S Green Prize
UTR1.139 - The E J and E I Graham Prize in Plant Nutrition
UTR1.137 - Moore Medallion and Prize
UTR1.136 - The Dr George Sved Prize for Civil Engineering
UTR1.135 - Adelaide Law Review Association Prize
UTR1.134 - The N J Thomson Memorial Prize
UTR1.133 - The Constantinos and Polymnia Moraitis Prize
UTR1.132 - The Emilia Karrangis Prize
UTR1.131 - The Mark Paul Bowker Memorial Prize
UTR1.130 - The Barony of Ithaka Gold Medal for Excellence in Greek Cultural Studies
UTR1.129 - The Vera May Swift Prize for Honours English and The Vera May Swift Scholarship
UTR1.128 - The Nigel Craddock Memorial Prize
UTR1.127 - The Davey Prize for Excellence in Chemical Engineering
UTR1.126 - The AMSS President's Research Award
UTR1.125 - The Allison Nitschke Memorial Prize
UTR1.124 - The G S Laurence Prize in Practical Chemistry (formerly the ADUCHEM Prize)
UTR1.123 - The T Draper Campbell Medal and Prize
UTR1.122 - R B Potts Prize
UTR1.121 - The Howard Zelling Prize for Administrative Law
UTR1.120 - The Laurence T Schneider Prize in Art History and Theories
UTR1.119 - The David A L Saunders Prize for History and Theories of Architecture
UTR1.118 - The M F and P J Manetta Prize
UTR1.117 - The Brian and Heather Forster Prize in Biochemistry
UTR1.116 - The David Bradley Memorial Prize
UTR1.115 - The Professor Sir William Mitchell Prize for Honours Philosophy and Essay Prize
UTR1.114 - The Brisbane Mathews Pianoforte Prize
UTR1.113 - The Sir Joseph Verco Memorial Prize
UTR1.112 - The Robert and Lynda Stamp Prize
UTR1.111 - The C M Donald Prize in Agronomy
UTR1.110 - The David Pawsey Prize in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
UTR1.109 - The Frederick Penoyre Adams Prize
UTR1.108 - The W V MacFarlane Prize (under review)
UTR1.107 - The Barnes-Michael Prizes in Pure Mathematics
UTR1.106 - The Howard Zelling Prize for Constitutional Law
UTR1.105 - The David Sutton Memorial Prize
UTR1.104 - Sir Condor Laucke Trophy
UTR1.103 - The Christine Horton Prize
UTR1.102 - The George Cockburn Henderson Prize
UTR1.101 - The Constantine Trypanis Prize
UTR1.100 - The Adelaide Choral Society Prize
UTR1.99 - The R J Jennings Memorial Prize for Mechanical Engineering Design
UTR1.98 - The Constance Margaret Eardley Memorial Fund
UTR1.97 - The John Robert Mitchell Violin Prize
UTR1.96 - The Brian Elliott Prize for Australian Literary Studies
UTR1.95 - The E A Russell Memorial Prize
UTR1.94 - The Graham Lawton Prize for Geography
UTR1.93 - The G M Badger Prize (under review)
UTR1.92 - The Wood Jones and Herbert John Wilkinson Prize
UTR1.91 - The Barbara Meyler Memorial Prize
UTR1.90 - The K P Barley Prize
UTR1.89 - The Ian Furler Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
UTR1.88 - The Michael Smyth Memorial Prize
UTR1.87 - The E A Cornish Memorial Prize
UTR1.86 - The Wazir Hasan and Amir Hasan Abdi Prize
UTR1.85 - The Mabel Tapp Prize
UTR1.84 - The Lynda Tapp Prize in Physiology
UTR1.83 - The Lynda Tapp Prize in History
UTR1.82 - Mooting Prizes
UTR1.81 - The H Brewster Jones Prize
UTR1.80 - The Josephine Christiansen Organ Bursary
UTR1.79 - The J G Cornell Prize for French
UTR1.77 - The Ena Orrock Lewcock Award
UTR1.76 - The H K Fry Memorial Prize for Psychological Medicine
UTR1.75 - Dental Board of SA Prizes
UTR1.74 - The R K Morton Scholarship
UTR1.73 - The Austin Bazeley Prize
UTR1.72 - The Roy Frisby Smith Prize
UTR1.71 - The Ruth Heighway Memorial Prize and Medal
UTR1.70 - The Sir Ronald Fisher Prize in Genetics
UTR1.69 - The J G Wood Memorial Prize
UTR1.68 - The Edith A Puddy Prize
UTR1.67 - Institution of Radio and Electronics Engineers (IREE) Prize in Microelectronics
UTR1.66 - The Hope Crampton Prize for French
UTR1.65 - The Florence Cooke Violin Prize
UTR1.64 - The Clement Q Williams Prize
UTR1.63 - The J R Wilton Prize
UTR1.62 - The Weimar-Ohlstrom Prizes
UTR1.61 - The A J Schulz Bequest (incorporating) A J Schulz Prizes and The Schulz Scholarship in German (under review)
UTR1.60 - The Archibald Grenfell Price Prize in Geography
UTR1.59 - The Charles Fenner Prize for Geography
UTR1.58 - The Reg Sprigg Prize in Geology
UTR1.57 - The Rutter Jewell-Thomas Medal and Prize
UTR1.56 - The Dr Ruby Davy Prize
UTR1.55 - The D B Adam Memorial Prize
UTR1.54 - The Robin Memorial Lecture
UTR1.53 - The Ann Wills Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance) Prize
UTR1.52 - Eva Lines Memorial Prize
UTR1.51 - The William Culross Prize for Scientific Research
UTR1.50 - The Gavin David Young Lectures
UTR1.49 - The Natalia Davies Prize
UTR1.48 - The Christopher and John Campbell Prize for Biochemistry (under review)
UTR1.47 - Thomas L Borthwick Memorial Prize
UTR1.46 - The Thomas Gepp Prize
UTR1.45 - Professor Tew's Prize for Level 1 Economics
UTR1.44 - The J B Cleland Prize for Pathology
UTR1.43 - The Sir Archibald Strong Memorial Prize for Literature
UTR1.42 - The Violet de Mole Prize in French (under review)
UTR1.41 - The Elsie Marion Cornish Prize
UTR1.40 - The Lucy Josephine Bagot Prize
UTR1.39 - The Angas Parsons Prize
UTR1.38 - The Edith Hubbe and Harriet Cook Prize
UTR1.37 - The Justin Skipper Prize
UTR1.36B - The Eugene Abraham Matison Prize
UTR1.36A - The Shorney Medal and Prize
UTR1.35 - The Lokan Prize
UTR1.34 - The William Gardner Prize
UTR1.33 - The Anna Florence Booth Prize
UTR1.32 - The Sir Robert Chapman Prize
UTR1.31 - The Archibald Watson Prize (under review)
UTR1.30 - Dr Davies-Thomas Prizes
UTR1.29 - M Rees George Memorial Prize
UTR1.28 - R W Bennett Prizes and The R W Bennett Medal and Scholar
UTR1.27 - The Rennie Prize for Research in Chemistry
UTR1.26 - The Bonython Prize
UTR1.25 - The Keith Sheridan Prize
UTR1.24 - The Thornber Prize
UTR1.23 - The James Gartrell Prize (under review)
UTR1.22 - The League of Nations Prize
UTR1.21 - The Tormore Prize
UTR1.20 - The Jefferis Memorial Medal
UTR1.19 - The John Lorenzo Young Prize
UTR1.18 - The Archibald Mackie Prize
UTR1.17 - The Lister Prize
UTR1.16 - The Bundey Prize for English Verse
UTR1.15 - The John Bagot Prize and Medal
UTR1.14 - The Albert Molineux Memorial Prize (under review)
UTR1.13 - The Andrew Scott Prize for Latin
UTR1.12 - The David Murray Prizes
UTR1.11 - The Barr Smith Prize for Greek
UTR1.10 - The Tinline Prize for History/Politics (under review)
UTR1.9 - The Joseph Fisher Medal/Prize for Commerce and the Joseph Fisher Lecture
UTR1.8 - The Tate Medal
UTR1.7 - The Robert Whinham Prize
UTR1.6 - The Hartley Prize
UTR1.5 - The Roby Fletcher Prize
UTR1.4 - The Everard Prize
UTR1.3 - The Charles Gosse Medal and Prize for Opthalmology (under review)
UTR1.2 - The Stow Prizes
UTR1.1 - The John Howard Clark Prize and Title of John Howard Clark Scholar




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