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University Trusts & Bequests - Scholarships/Bequests

The University is grateful for the generosity of its many benefactors and is committed to communicating more generally to the community the significant benefits derived from that generosity.  We have a long and rich history of these gifts and donations and we are progressively publishing that information here.  As new scholarships are established, that information will also be published here.

The University of Adelaide acknowledges that information relating to the personal details of donors has been accessed/obtained predominantly from public sources including the Australian Dictionary of Biography, the Encyclopaedia of Australian Science, the Australian Law Library, The Register, The Advertiser, the University of Adelaide Library, the University of Adelaide ‘Impact’, the University of Adelaide ‘Adelaidean’ and the University of Adelaide ‘Lumen’.

If any of the information set out here is incorrect or out of date, please contact Jackie Morris, Trusts Officer, on (08) 8313 5804, and the University is happy to amend the record.

Each scholarship or bequest/donation held by the University has a University Trust Record. To view these records, please refer to the links below:

UTR2.313 - The John Spencer Hannan Bequest
UTR2.312 - The Muriel Perry Scholarship
UTR2.311 - The Neville Derrington Hicks PhD Scholarship in Public Health Policy
UTR2.310 - Denise Alcon Chapman Bequest

UTR2.309 - Elizabeth Eileen Woodbury Bequest
UTR2.308 - The Robert Francis Thyer Award

UTR2.307 - The Hans-Jürgen & Marianne Ohff Research Grant

UTR2.306 - The Alastair McEwin Scholarship
UTR2.305 - The Kwok Poh Lee Bequest
UTR2.304 - The Constantinos Moraitis Travel Scholarship
UTR2.303 - The Geoff Harcourt Thought Leadership in Economics Fund
UTR2.302 - The Philip Ryan Doctoral Candidate Travel Grant in the School of Public Health
UTR2.301 - The Adelaide Dickens Fellowship Scholarship
UTR2.300 - The Forrest George and Sandra Lynne Young Supplementary Scholarship
UTR2.299 - The Emeritus Professor George Rogers AO Supplementary Scholarship
UTR2.298 - The Lloyd Cox Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research Fund
UTR2.297 - The Rae Kennedy Scholarship in Medicine for Mature Age Students
UTR2.296 - The Eden Scholarship
UTR2.295 - The Dr Richard Oertel Scholarship
UTR2.294 - The Alexander & Andrew Saint Scholarships
UTR2.293 - The Shirley Saint (Dr Shirley Camp) Scholarship in Medicine
UTR2.292 - The Andrew Saint Scholarship in Engineering
UTR2.291 - The Alexander Saint Scholarship in Science
UTR2.289 - The Peter Waite Centenary Scholarship for Excellence in Agriculture
UTR2.288 - The Tom and Elizabeth Hunter Scholarship
UTR2.287 - The Neurosurgical Research Foundation - Fund for Brain Injury & Disease in Children
UTR2.286 - The Faculty of Professions Research Fund
UTR2.285 - The Faculty of Arts Research Fund
UTR2.284 - Skinn Engineering Scholarship
UTR2.282 - The V Sarafis Gastronomy Collection - Barr Smith Library
UTR2.281 - The V Sarafis Human Biology Fund
UTR2.280 - The Tony Williams Scholarship
UTR2.279 - The Bill Stuart Memorial Scholarship
UTR2.278 - The Dr Chun Chung Wong and Madam So Sau Lam Memorial Postgraduate Cancer Research Top Up Scholarship
UTR2.277 - Heritage Foundation
UTR2.276 - Llewellin & Margaret Davey Trust Fund
UTR2.275 - The Sheila Radcliffe Fund
UTR2.274 - Eva Dunlop Cancer Fellowship
UTR2.273 - The Crawford Fund
UTR2.272 - The Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences Research Fund
UTR2.271 - The Rosa Christine Samuels Memorial Scholarship
UTR2.270 - Victor Allen Edgeloe Bequest - Library

UTR2.269 - Elizabeth MacMeikan Bequest
UTR2.268 - Peter Waite Trust
UTR2.267 - Hugh Hughes Bequest
UTR2.266 - George Boland Scholarship

UTR2.265 - Patricia Joan Raymond Bequest
UTR2.264 - John Ridley Memorial Trust
UTR2.263 - Biochemistry Department Research Foundation Trust
UTR2.262 - Dame Roma Mitchell Bequest
UTR2.261 - Myrtle Mabel Cowles Bequest
UTR2.260 - Dean of Law's Fund
UTR2.259 - Walter and Dorothy Duncan Trust
UTR2.258 - Joseph Brendan Miller Bequest (Barr Smith Library)
UTR2.257 - General Bequests Barr Smith Library
UTR2.256 - Colin McBean Bequest
UTR2.255 - University Associated Entity Fund (UAEF)

UTR2.254 - The Edward Rychter Scholarship in English
UTR2.253 - Barker Tong Scholarship in Physics
UTR2.252 - Zhendong Research Centre - Establishment of Chair
UTR2.251 - Geoff Harcourt Visiting Professorship
UTR2.250 - The Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences Research Fund
UTR2.249 - Mary Elizabeth Baker Bequest
UTR2.248 - The Joseph Brendan Miller Travel Scholarship in Engineering
UTR2.247 - The SACITT Scholarships
UTR2.246 - The Della-Putta In Memoriam Scholarship/Prize
UTR2.245 - Adelaide University Sports Scholarships
UTR2.244 - The Faculty of Sciences Research Fund
UTR2.243 - Veronika Sacco Postdoctoral Clinical Cancer Research Fellowship
UTR2.242 - The Gwenda and Gerald Fischer Bequest
UTR2.241 - Elder Productions
UTR2.240 - The L F and D Denholm Scholarship
UTR2.239 - The Ashok Khurana Scholarship for Outstanding Indian Students
UTR2.238 - Cedric Stanton Hicks Research Scholarships
UTR2.237 - The Norman and Patricia Polglase Scholarship
UTR2.236 - Esther Burns/Dept for Education Country Scholarships
UTR2.235 - The Tuck Fellowship
UTR2.234 - The Australian Steel Institute Scholarship in Civil & Structural Engineering
UTR2.233 - The Charles and Frank Fenner Postgraduate Research Grants
UTR2.232 - David Blight Memorial Scholarship
UTR2.231 - Zelling-Gray Scholarships
UTR2.230 - Singapore Adelaide Alumni Fund
UTR2.229 - The Ramsay Fellowships
UTR2.228 - The John Perry Memorial Perpetual Fund
UTR2.227 - The Ian Wilson Liberal Foundation Research Grants
UTR2.226 - The Audrey Abbie Veterinary Perpetual Prize
UTR2.225 - Lottie and Aileen Connon Fund Scholarship
UTR2.224 - Gilmore Law Scholarship
UTR2.223 - CRC LEME Regolith Science Scholarship
UTR2.222 - Kerstin Lillemor Andersen Bequest
UTR2.221 - Augustus Short Scholarships Fund
UTR2.220 - The Smolicz Languages Education Travel Award
UTR2.219 - The Kevin Marjoribanks Memorial Oration
UTR2.218 - The George Southgate Fellowship
UTR2.217 - Resek Scholarship for an Indigenous Student
UTR2.216 - Phyllis Primrose Whyte Bequest
UTR2.215 - Joanna Erlistoun Simpson Bequest
UTR2.214 - Agnes Elizabeth Jackson Bequest
UTR2.213 - Maureen Ritchie CASM Fund
UTR2.212 - Jemima Lendrum Honours Grant for Cancer Research
UTR2.211 - D A Robertson Scholarship
UTR2.210 - Adelaide Unicare Research Fellowship
UTR2.209 - The Abbie Simpson Neurosurgical Clinical Fellowship & Abbie Memorial Lecture
UTR2.208 - The Russell Baudinette Travel Scholarship
UTR2.207 - The Robert F Seamark Scholarship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
UTR2.206 - The Betty Hartmann Leukaemia Research Supplementary Scholarship
UTR2.205 - C A Mirelli's Scholarship for Dalmatian Exiles
UTR2.204 - Roseworthy Campus and Student Fund
UTR2.203 - The Jiri Tancibudek Memorial Scholarship for Oboe
UTR2.202 - The EMR Music Fund
UTR2.201 - Filling the Shelves Appeal
UTR2.200 - The Victor Edgeloe Scholarship for Woodwind
UTR2.199 - The J J Bray and Dame Roma Mitchell Scholarships
UTR2.198 - The David Galliver Memorial Scholarship
UTR2.197 - Roseworthy Tower Clock
UTR2.196 - Essays in Advocacy Travel Assistance Scholarship
UTR2.195 - Eric Rudd Memorial Scholarship

UTR2.194 - The Adelaide Sarawak Alumni Scholarship
UTR2.193 - William T Southcott Scholarship (under review)
UTR2.192 - The John 'Slick' Osborn Scholarship
UTR2.191 - ABJRF Bequest - Orthopaedics
UTR2.190 - The Abbie Medical Scholarship
UTR2.189 - International Relations Trust
UTR2.188 - Alumni Recognition Fund
UTR2.187 - Stone Reserve Fund (Waite)
UTR2.186 - Alderman-Kleeman Travel Scholarship
UTR2.185 - SA Permanent Orchestra
UTR2.184 - Organ Maintenance Fund
UTR2.183 - Gift from V A Edgeloe for Waite Library
UTR2.182 - Sir Joseph Verco Endowment for Experimental Biology and Medical Science
UTR2.181 - Florey Cancer General Funds
UTR2.180 - Jeffrey Scott Bequest - Barr Smith Library
UTR2.179 - Mental Health Research Fund
UTR2.178 - General Practice Research Fund
UTR2.177 - The Ian Cocks Memorial Trust and Scholarships
UTR2.176 - The Elder Hall Preservation Fund
UTR2.175 - Australian Orthopaedic Association
UTR2.174 - Edwin Leslie Cockrell Bequest
UTR2.173 - The Noel and Vivian Lothian Scholarship
UTR2.172 - The Ellen Sauer Scholarship
UTR2.171 - Benjamin Hutchison Bequest
UTR2.170 - The Mason Family Scholarship in the Communication of Science
UTR2.169 - John Jefferson Bray Bequest
UTR2.168 - Ida Louise Verrall Bequest
UTR2.167 - The Maude Harriet Riley Scholarship for Piano
UTR2.166 - Marjorie Lois Hazelby Bequest
UTR2.165 - J H and J D Gunn Research Fellowship
UTR2.164 - Vernon Roy East Bequest
UTR2.163 - The W A Cowan Library Fund
UTR2.162 - McConnochie Scholarship in Medicine
UTR2.161 - Margaret Jean Devine Bequest
UTR2.160 - Ethel Olive Sharman Bequest
UTR2.159 - Wood Jones Chair in Anatomy
UTR2.158 - CECAIC (Committee for the Establishment of a Chair of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care)
UTR2.157 - The Rolf Ehrlich Bequest
UTR2.156 - Rosemary St John Harp Scholarship
UTR2.155 - Neurosurgical Research Foundation Chair of Neurosurgery
UTR2.154 - The Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Teaching
UTR2.153 - The Arved and Suzanne Kurtz Scholarship
UTR2.152 - The MBA Alumni Scholarship
UTR2.151 - The Marjorie Garner Orchestral Scholarship for Trombone (under review)
UTR2.150 - The Doris West Bequest
UTR2.149 - Arthur Hardwicke Abney Walker Bequest
UTR2.148 - The Sir Ronald Fisher Lecture
UTR2.147 - The Karen Halley Trust
UTR2.146 - Frederic Thomas Trevett Fricker Bequest
UTR2.145 - The Donald Brook Cheek Fund in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
UTR2.144 - Dr Clarence Sherwood Piper and Mrs Sheila Piper Bequests
UTR2.143 - Turner Family Postgraduate Scholarship
UTR2.142 - The Reg Sprigg Aboriginal Education Assistance Fund
UTR2.141 - The Paul Samuel Hossfeld Scholarship
UTR2.140 - The Patrick Cecil Greenland Scholarship for Pianoforte
UTR2.139 - The D R Stranks Travelling Fellowships
UTR2.138 - J R Thomson
UTR2.137 - RAH Endocrine Fund
UTR2.136 - Taylor-Goraj Scholarship (under review)
UTR2.135 - Moody Bequest
UTR2.134 - Centenary Club Capital Appeal (under review)
UTR2.133 - The J C Stobie Scholarship in Engineering
UTR2.132 - Biological Science Donation
UTR2.131 - Victor Stanley Butterick Bequest
UTR2.130 - Walter, Carew and Richard Reynell Fellowship
UTR2.129 - Mabel Paxton Bequest
UTR2.128 - Department of Classics
UTR2.127 - Barons of Barossa Oenological Foundation
UTR2.126 - The Maurice Holtze Fund (under review)
UTR2.125 - The Ethel Cooper Scholarship for Piano
UTR2.124 - The E T and M M Hearn Scholarship in Medicine
UTR2.123 - Gertrude Edith Isabel Borthwick Bequest
UTR2.122 - Charles Graham Samuel Bequest
UTR2.121 - Winifred Sophie Steele Bequest
UTR2.120 - The Jack de Vos Scholarships
UTR2.119 - The AUGU/R C Heddle Award
UTR2.118 - Stanley Alexander Macdonald Bequest
UTR2.117 - Animal Products Research Fund
UTR2.116 - The Michael Robert Poag Scholarship
UTR2.115 - The Alfred and Ferrers Scammell Medical Research Scholarship (Under review)
UTR2.114 - The A M Horsnell Travelling Scholarship
UTR2.113 - Friends of the Elder Conservatorium of Music
UTR2.112 - David John Finnegan Gift
UTR2.111 - Clement Phillipson Bequest
UTR2.110 - The Matty Moss Mimetics Scholarship
UTR2.109 - The Ruth Alison Park Bequest
UTR2.108 - Mark Jolly Travelling Fellowship

UTR2.107 - The Peter and Virginia Moorfield Scholarship in Engineering
UTR2.106 - Waite General Bequest - Mortlock
UTR2.105 - J A T Mortlock Bequest
UTR2.104 - The John Goodhart Travel Scholarships
UTR2.103 - Hetzel Research Fund
UTR2.102 - The Jewel Stevens Scholarship
UTR2.101 - John Campbell Earl Bequest
UTR2.100 - Sir Mark Ledingham Mitchell Bequest
UTR2.99 - The C F Stephens and E G Stephens Memorial Library
UTR2.98 - The Mountford Award
UTR2.97 - Sydney Gilmour Cooper Bequest
UTR2.96 - Lindsay Davis Bequest
UTR2.95 - The Konig Bequest
UTR2.94 - The J L Eustace Travelling Awards
UTR2.93 - Annie Gladstone Williams Bequest
UTR2.92 - Benjamin Poulton Foundation and Scholarship
UTR2.91 - The Oliver Rutherford Turner Scholarship and Awards
UTR2.90 - The Frank Perry Scholarship (Under review)
UTR2.89 - The Pauline Price Scholarship
UTR2.88 - Florence Edith Anthony Bequest
UTR2.87 - The Charles John Everard Scholarship
UTR2.86 - The Alex Burnard Scholarship
UTR2.85 - Mary Eveline Angus Bequest
UTR2.84 - Margaret Morris Bequest
UTR2.83 - The Charlotte Isabelle Hague Bequest
UTR2.82 - The P W Rice Scholarship and Awards
UTR2.81 - Lottie Eveline Johnson Bequest
UTR2.80 - Herbert Gill-Williams Scholarship and Award
UTR2.79 - The R G Willoughby Bursary
UTR2.78 - The Daisy Burmeister Salotti Scholarships in Pianoforte
UTR2.77 - The Angela Lakin Scholarship
UTR2.76 - Lily Margaret Owen-Smyth Bequest
UTR2.75 - Hilda Marion Lloyd Bequest
UTR2.74 - McLeod Visiting Professor
UTR2.73 - J S Davies Bequest
UTR2.72 - The J R Barker Scholarships
UTR2.71 - The J R Barker (Heart) Bequest
UTR2.70 - The J R Barker (Cancer) Bequest
UTR2.68 - The E W Benham Bequest and Scholarships
UTR2.67 - J Wark Bequest
UTR2.66 - The A R Riddle Scholarships
UTR2.65 - Psychology Library Fund
UTR2.64 - The G O Lawrence Scholarship
UTR2.63 - Hilda Farmer Bequest
UTR2.61 - 'The Advertiser' John Bishop Memorial Fund

UTR2.60 - The William Silver Scholarship
UTR2.59 - The Sir Ronald Fisher Memorial Scholarships
UTR2.57 - The John F Kennedy Memorial Scholarships
UTR2.56 - The Clive E Boyce Scholarship
UTR2.55 - Muriel Faulkner Simms Bequest (Under review)
UTR2.54 - The Lady Barr Smith Memorial Fund for Cancer Research
UTR2.53 - Michell Foundation (Holdsworth Bequest)
UTR2.51 - The Sir William Goodman Scholarship
UTR2.50 - The Bertha Sudholz Research Scholarship
UTR2.49 - Reginald Walker Medical Research Scholarship
UTR2.48 - Stanley McGregor Reid Bequest
UTR2.47 - Jean Bishop Reid Bequest
UTR2.45 - The Kenneth and Hazel Milne Travelling Scholarship in Architecture
UTR2.44 - Sewell Myers Research Bequest
UTR2.43 - The Athol Lykke Award for Postgraduate Studies in Music
UTR2.42 - The John Barker Scholarship
UTR2.40 - The Baillieu Supplementary Research Scholarships
UTR2.39 - Mortlock Scholarship (Dorothy Elizabeth) (Under review)
UTR2.38 - Herbert Shorney Memorial Library
UTR2.37 - The William Donnithorne Awards
UTR2.36 - The Gwendolyn Michell Foundation
UTR2.35 - The Barr Smith Travel Grant (under review)
UTR2.32 - The George Fraser Scholarship and The Constance Fraser Scholarship
UTR2.31 - The Baker Scholarships in Law
UTR2.30 - William Dawkins Grigg Bequest
UTR2.29 - John Mortlock Medical Bequest
UTR2.25 - Chapman Memorial Scholarship
UTR2.24 - The Varley Scholarship
UTR2.22 - The J E Jenkins Scholarships
UTR2.21 - James Barrans Scholarship
UTR2.20 - The Sandland Bequest
UTR2.19 - The Rosina Forsyth Mortlock Bequest
UTR2.18 - The T G Wilson Travelling Scholarships in Obstetrics
UTR2.17 - The Ranson Mortlock Scholarships
UTR2.16 - The Fred Johns Scholarship for Biography
UTR2.15 - The Georgina Maud Dowling Bequest
UTR2.14 - The Rose Grainger Orchestral Fund
UTR2.13 - The Elizabeth Jackson Memorial Fund
UTR2.11 - Alice Frances Keith Sheridan Bequest
UTR2.10 - Barr Smith T E
UTR2.9 - The Ernest Ayers Scholarship
UTR2.8 - A M Simpson
UTR2.6 - The John L Young Fund for Research
UTR2.5 - The Sir Hugh Cairns Memorial Scholarship
UTR2.4 - The John Creswell Scholarship
UTR2.3 - The Elder Overseas Scholarship (Under review)
UTR2.2 - The Eric Smith Scholarship
UTR2.1 - Angas Engineering Scholarship (Under review)












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