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Liaison Librarians

Liaison librarians work closely with students, researchers and academic staff to ensure they have access to the information they need.

Who is my liaison librarian?

Help for students

Liaison librarians work with students to help them develop information-based research skills and find the information they need. We assist students with:

  • Finding information on a topic
  • Understanding and developing advanced search techniques
  • Tracking down hard-to-find resources
  • Using the library and its resources more effectively.

Postgraduate research students should talk with their liaison librarian as early as possible. Your librarian can help you with preliminary work to define your thesis topic as well as provide tailored advice for searching for information in online and print sources.

Services for academic staff and researchers

Liaison librarians offer a range of services to academic staff and researchers. We provide:

  • Guest lecturing services focused on information-based research skills (workshop, seminar, lecture or flipped classroom format). All workshops and presentations are tailored to your students, and are designed to assist with the development of the capabilities that underpin our graduate attributes 
  • Assistance with embedding information literacy into the curriculum
  • One-on-one consultation services regarding information searching, information resources, and advanced search techniques
  • Ongoing collection development to ensure our resources meet your needs, as well as those of your students
  • General assistance and advice in areas such as research data management.
For information on resources and services supporting research, see our research support guide. For information on how liaison librarians support teaching, see our teaching support guide.


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