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Service Charter

Our Mission

To enable the University to achieve excellence in teaching, research and scholarship by the provision and promotion of recorded knowledge

We aim to provide quality service to our students and the academic and research community through:

  • an effective, innovative and flexible library service
  • courteous and professional service
  • prompt and efficient response to enquiries
  • appropriate print and electronic resources
  • skilled assistance in locating information resources
  • educational support programmes to develop information skills
  • ¬†an efficient, responsive and flexible organisational structure
  • optimal accommodation facilities and equipment appropriate to the storage, conservation and use of library materials and library services

For an effective service through a collaborative approach:

  • The library will:
    • Provide access to resources to support research, learning and teaching, and scholarship at this University
    • Collect and manage resources efficiently to support teaching, learning and research programs
    • Provide fair access to resources
    • Provide support and instruction in the use of electronic and other resources
    • Provide a range of electronic resources and equipment
    • Maintain a comfortable and safe environment with facilities and equipment that are conducive to study and research
    • Help users to develop information skills as a basis for independent, life-long learning
    • Provide skilled assistance to help to locate resources
    • Continuously strive to improve collections and services
    • Evaluate services in response to feedback from users
    • Publicise its services and provide effective communication with users
    • Provide a service to remote users to a standard that ensures those without access to technology are not adversely affected
    • Provide equitable access for users with special needs wherever possible
  • Users are expected to:
    • Treat staff courteously
    • Respect Library resources and property, help conserve them and notify staff if they are damaged
    • Return all resources in good condition by the end of the loan period or earlier
    • Utilise technology in a manner considerate of others
    • Observe restrictions on noise, food and drink and mobile phones and be considerate of other users' needs
    • Take advantage of opportunities offered for learning information and research skills by participating in seminar and information skills sessions and completing Library tutorials where relevant
    • Find resources independently whenever possible
    • Observe legal and contractual restrictions on the use of electronic resources and equipment
    • Assist the Library in the evaluation of resources and services
    • Make requests for materials and service as early as possible to allow for delivery on time

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