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Missing Items in the Library

  1. The library will replace any items reported missing in the shortest possible timeframe.
  2. Replacement will be by purchase of another copy, or by obtaining a copy from another library, whichever is the most appropriate for the user at the time.
  3. Library staff will assist users to search for missing items and, if not found, they will offer a solution for finding an alternative location and/or actioning a replacement copy.
  4. The library catalogue will accurately reflect only items available on the shelves, or available online, and records of missing items not found or replaced will be removed within 3 weeks.
  5. We aim to take action on all missing item reports within 10 days, and to resolve 90% of requests within 3 weeks.
Policy information
Created by Jennifer Hanisch, Margaret Hosking & Margaret Colmer
Endorsed by Library Senior Staff Committee, meeting no 21/99 July 2009
Approved by Library Executive Steering Committee, Meeting 09/19 on 30/09/2009
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Effective from 1 October 2009
Review date

Reviewed: June 7 2010 by Jennifer Hanisch and Margaret Colmer

Next Review date: 23 September 2011

Contact for queries Margaret Colmer

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