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Study Areas in the Barr Smith Library

Barr Smith Library Levels 1 and 2, including the Reading room, are designated as quiet study areas.

This means that quiet brief discussions are tolerated, but prolonged and/or loud discussions that disturb other users’ ability to study are not.  Users who are disturbing others will be asked to quieten down or move out of the area.

Level 3 North is designated as a quiet collaborative area where quiet discussion is permitted.

Mobile Phones

In all areas mobile phones must be on silent or turned off for incoming calls & text messages. Quiet, brief phone conversations or text messaging is OK; otherwise users should use their phones in the Barr Smith stairwells or Hub Central.

Note that no area of the Barr Smith Library is designated as a silent area.

If you are being disturbed by other library users, please report this to a library staff member or phone 8313 5759.


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