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Getting to know the library

New to Uni? Welcome! The library can save you time and enable you to be more effective in your research and learning. Below is just a snapshot of how we can help you succeed at University.

Your student ID card is your library card - you'll need it to borrow, copy and print in the library.

Use your student ID number and password to login to the computers.

On the Library homepage you'll spot a bright red 'Sign into MyLibrary' button - you can login to MyLibrary to check what you have out on loan, as well as track your requests (more on that later).

You'll probably be needing textbooks... You will find copies of most required textbooks in the High Use Collection.

The High Use Collection is located on level 3 of the Barr Smith Library and is open 24/7.

If the book you need is on loan to someone else - or it is located at a different library - use the requests option in Library Search. If it is on loan to someone we will ask them to bring the book back within 1 week, while if it is on the shelf at a different library we will pop it in the courier and deliver it to the requests shelf of the library of your choice. Too easy!

Find your favourite study space. We have computers and quiet study spaces located at all of our libraries. You may like the grandeur of the Reading Room (located on level 2 of the Barr Smith Library) or possibly the quiet, relaxed spaces of the Waite Campus Library.

Also at each of our libraries are printers, photocopiers, and group study spaces. You are welcome to use any of the libraries, not just the one on your usual campus.

Books are in our DNA, but the library has a whole lot more. We have a wide range of different resources to help you with your study, including eBooks, journal articles, streaming video, DVDs and streaming music. To find out what's available head to Library Search.

But there is a lot out there, and it can be overwhelming - you might prefer to start with a Resource guide, which provides an overview of the most useful sources for your area of study.

For for those times when you're not sure about how to use the library (it's a pretty big place), or you'd like advice on how to find information for your assignment, Ask Library!

Ask Library team members are here to help you use the library and find information for your assignments. Just look for the red shirts.


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