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Services for Alumni

Photo of two very happy graduates in graduation gowns

As a graduate of the University of Adelaide you can join the library and gain access to a great range of online resources. For an annual fee you can also add borrowing to your alumni membership. 

Full alumni membership includes:

  • Borrowing rights at each of the University Library locations - enjoy access to the library's extensive collections.
  • From-home access to a great range of online resources (databases, ejournals, eBooks and more...).
  • Access to the interlibrary loans service (so we'll get books and other items for you that aren't held in the library's collection), with up to 50 free standard requests each year.
  • The support of the Ask Library team with accessing and using library resources.
  • You can also come in to the library during regular opening hours to browse the collections and access an even greater range of online resources via our on-site computers.

To register for alumni membership you must first be a member of the Alumni network.

Full Alumni membership ($55 per year)

Full alumni membership costs $55 per year and you must be a South Australian resident to join.

Membership includes:

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Online resources only (free)

Membership is free and includes access to a great selection of online resources.

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