You can compare your publications as a whole, to a worldwide or local baseline. 

The following tools can help: 

  • InCites (uses Web of Science data) 

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics is a customized, web-based research evaluation tool that allows you to analyse institutional productivity, monitor collaboration activity, showcase strengths, and discover areas of opportunity.  
Users will need to log in using their existing Web of Science or InCites account. New users need to register for an InCites account by entering email address and password from a University of Adelaide computer. 

The Clarivate InCites libguide offers help and support in getting started. 

Reference guides: 

Creating an InCites account  

Using InCites to collect metrics on a researcher: overview report

Using InCites to collect metrics on a researcher: customised report

Using InCites to collect metrics on a group of researchers  

Using InCites to benchmark author outputs against research areas  

Using InCites to analyse global research collaborations  

Aurora to InCites: Importing publications  

Importing publications into InCites and Web of Science from EndNote  


  • SciVal (uses Scopus data)  

SciVal enables you to visualize research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop collaborative partnerships and analyse research trends. 
You can access SciVal via the library link above, or by going to Scopus, then clicking on the SciVal tab at the top of the screen. 

You will need to create your own user account. 

The SciVal At A Glance pages will help you get started. 

Reference guides:

Creating a SciVal account/Signing in  

Using SciVal to benchmark your research  

SciVal Support Centre training guide 

SciVal Quick Reference Guide  

Elsevier Research Metrics guidebook  


You can track social media, news, government and policy mentions of your journal articles and conference papers via Altmetric Explorer. These mentions can be used to make a case for the wider impact of your research. 

The University of Adelaide has its own Altmetric Explorer portal, and all university outputs are tracked automatically. You can search for your publications as a set by searching on your name from the Search box (top right) or the Advanced Search page (click “Edit Search” at top).