Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources

The University Library has a range of resources and services that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, staff and Indigenous coursework and research.

Some of our dedicated Indigenous resources include:

  • An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resource guide, which provides links to scholarly Indigenous resources and information on cultural protocols. The guide has been developed by the Indigenous Support Librarian in consultation with academics.
  • Cultural spaces, named Yaitya Ngutupira, which are located across all campus libraries. Yaitya Ngutupira comes from the Kaurna language meaning about Aboriginal knowledge. Watch the video to find out more about this collection and space.
  • An Indigenous research support page that brings together a selection of materials and resources about the principles and protocols researchers need to understand and apply before, during, and after undertaking research that involves or impacts First Nations peoples.
  • A Library Bites for Teaching Staff: Finding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources online webinar recording, which provides guidance on embedding resources into coursework.
  • Renee Johnson, the Indigenous Support Librarian, who provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and academics and students undertaking Indigenous coursework. Renee also has a focus on developing the University Library’s Indigenous collection and stakeholder and community engagement.

We encourage you to engage with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources, visit Yaitya Ngutupira and connect with Renee Johnson for support.

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