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Guidelines for Theses Authors

What can be deposited

  • University of Adelaide theses only, PhD or Masters.
  • The thesis must have been officially awarded by the University of Adelaide.

Theses format

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF format is best for textual materials. This format is the preferred standard.  The reader for PDF is freely available and widely used. It also offers high levels of document security.
  • Please use Adobe Acrobat 9 and ensure that the magnification is set to "Fit Width".
  • If you don't have access to Adobe Acrobat, the University provides AdLib PDF Relay, a useful web-based tool for converting documents in several common formats to PDF.
  • For the purpose of long term preservation, we prefer file formats which are supported, or at least known to us.
  • For assistance with converting other file formats please contact us.

Security setting

  • Do not set document security. This will be done by the Library.

Restricting access to your thesis

    • There are some circumstances under which it may be appropriate to limit access to your thesis through the granting of an embargo for a specified period of time. Current higher degree research students need to apply to the Dean of Graduate Studies (in advance of submission for examination) for an embargo to be placed on the thesis for a period of 12 months in the first instance. See the Research Student Handbook for more information.

    Instructions for depositing your thesis

    Current higher-degree research students

    Once the examination process is complete and you have made any required amendments to the satisfaction of your Head of School, copy the final version of your thesis onto a disc in PDF format.

    The electronic copy must be identical to the thesis that has been approved for the award of the degree. Do not set document security as this will be done by the Library.  An errata sheet listing those third party copyrighted page(s), section(s) and/or figure(s) contained within the thesis that need to be deleted by Library staff should also be saved onto the disc where applicable.

    The electronic copy of the thesis must be provided to the Adelaide Graduate Centre when you lodge the paper copies required at the completion of examination. A completed Thesis Lodgement Form must also be provided with the digital copy of your thesis. The actual process of including your thesis on Adelaide Research & Scholarship and removing any copyright material will be carried out by Library staff and you will be notified when it is available. See the Research Student Handbook  for more information.


    If you wish to submit your University of Adelaide thesis, please contact us.


    Contact University Library