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The following is a selective list of rare and vulnerable items currently in need of restoration.  If you wish to make a donation towards the conservation of any of these titles or towards other works which may not appear in the list, please contact Rare Books and Special Collections.  Alternatively, you may wish to make a general contribution online. Further information can also be obtained by downloading the Adopt-a-Book donation leaflet.

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Almanacs & Calendars

Severn, Walter, 1830-1904
The golden calendar: with a perpetual almanac. Illustrated by Walter Severn; and with new poems by various authors. London: Day & Son, 1863-1864


Botanical & Gardening

Arthur Yates & Co.
Yates' garden guide: for the home gardener. Sydney: Arthur Yates & Co., 1946.

Britten, James, 1846-1924
European Ferns / by James Britten; with coloured illustrations from nature by D. Blair. London: Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., 1879-1881.

Busby, James, 1801-1871
A treatise on the culture of the vine, and the art of making wine: compiled from the works of Chaptal and other French writers; and from the notes of the compiler during a residence in some of the wine provinces of France. Australia: R. Howe, 1825.

Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.
The complete herbal ... Illustrated by engravings of numerous British herbs and plants, correctly coloured from nature... London: Virtue & Co., [18--]

Darwin, Erasmus, 1731-1802
Phytologia, or, The philosophy of agriculture and gardening : with the theory of draining morasses, and with an improved construction of the drill plough. London: Printed for J. Johnson; by T. Bensley, 1800.

Evelyn, John, 1620-1706
Silva, or, A discourse of forest-trees, and the propagation of timber in his majesty's dominions : As it was deliver'd in the Royal Society the xvth of October, MDCLXII. upon occasion of certain quaeries propounded to that illustrious assembly, by the Honourable the principal officers and Commissioners of the Navy : In two books. Together with an historical account of the sacredness and use of standing groves : Terra, a philosophical essay of earth ... To which is annexed Pomona, or, An appendix concerning fruit-trees, in relation to cyder ... : Also Acetaria, or, A discourse of sallets. With Kalendarium hortense, or The gard'ners almanack / All which several treatises are in this fourth edition much inlarg'd and improv'd, by the author John Evelyn. London: Printed for Robert Scott; Richard Chiswell; George Sawbridge, and Benj. Tooke, 1706.

Harvey, William Henry, 1811-1866
Nereis Australis or algae of the Southern ocean: being figures and descriptions of marine plants collected on the shores of the Cape of Good Hope, the extra-tropical Australian colonies, Tasmania, New Zealand and the Antarctic regions; deposited in the Herbarium of the Dublin University. London: Reeve Brothers, 1847.

Lehmann, Johann Georg Christian, 1792-1860
Plantae Preissianae sive Enumeratio plantarum quas in Australasia occidentali et meridionali-occidentali annis 1838-1841 / collegit Ludovicus Preiss. Partim ab aliis partim a se ipso determinatas descriptas illustratas edidit Christianus Lehmann. Hamburgi: Sumptibus Meissneri, 1844-1847.

von Mueller, Baron Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich, 1825-1896
Select extra-tropical plants, readily available for industrial culture or naturalisation: with indications of their native countries and some of their uses. Melbourne: Govt. Printer, 1888.

Sanders, John
The kitchen garden directory, or, A treatise on the cultivation of such vegetables as are grown in the open air: alphabetically arranged, with introductory observations on the formation of kitchen gardens. London: Published and sold by Hamilton and Adams; Nottingham, 1827.

Sinclair, Isabella, 1840-1890
Indigenous flowers of the Hawaiian Islands / forty-four plates painted in water-colours and described by Mrs. Francis Sinclair, Jr. London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, and Rivington, 1885.

Wakefield, Priscilla, 1751-1832
An Introduction to botany: in a series of familiar letters, with illustrative engravings. Dublin: Printed by Thomas Burnside for Messrs P. Wogan and 7 others, 1796.



Digby, Sir Kenelm.
The closet of the eminently learned Sir Kenelme Digby Kt. opened: whereby is discovered several ways for making of metheglin, syder, cherry-wine and : together with excellent directions for cookery, as also for preserving, conserving, candying, &c. London: Printed by H.C. for H. Brome, 1677.


History / Discovery / Politics

The Annual register, or, A view of the history, politics, and literature for the year... London: J. Dodsley, [1762?]-1838.

A collection of curious travels & voyages: In two tomes. The first containing Dr. Leonhart Rauwolff's itinerary into the eastern countries ... The second taking in many parts of Greece, Asia minor, Egypt, Arabia Felix ... from the observations of Mons. Belon, Mr. Vernon, Dr. Spon, Dr. Smith, Dr. Huntingdon, Mr. Greaves, Alpinus, Vestingius, Thevenot's collections, and others. London: Printed for S. Smith and B. Walford, 1693.

Fryer, John, d. 1933
A new account of East-India and Persia, in eight letters: Being nine years travels, begun 1672, and finished 1681: Containing observations made of the moral, natural, and artificial estate of those countries... London: Printed by R. R. for Ri. Chiswell, 1698.

Howard, Robert, Sir, 1626-1698
The history of the reigns of Edward and Richard II ... London: Printed by F. Collins for Thomas Fox, 1690.

Newton, Charles Thomas, 1816-1894
A history of discoveries at Halicarnassus, Cnidus, & Brandchidae. London: Day & Day, 1863.

Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis, duc de, 1585-1642.
The compleat statesman: or, The political will and testament of that great minister of state, Cardinal Duke de Richilieu ... London: R. Bentley, 1695.

Selden, John, 1584-1654.
Titles of honor by the late famous and learned antiquary John Selden ... 3rd ed. Carefully corrected, with additions and amendments by the author.
London: Bassett, 1672.

Taplin, Rev. George, 1831-1879
The folklore, manners, customs, and languages of the South Australian Aborigines: Gathered from inquiries made by authority of South Australian Government. Adelaide: Government Printer, 1879

Wooler, Thomas Jonathan, 1786(?)-1853
The black dwarf: A London weekly publication. London: Printed and published by T.J. Wooler, 1817



Great Britain
A collection of sundry statutes, frequent in use: With notes in the margent, and references to the book cases, and books of entries and registers, where they be treated of ... By Ferdinando Pulton ... London: Printed for The Company of Stationers, 1661.

Great Britain. Courts
Reports of certain cases arising in the severall courts of record at Westminster: in the raignes of Q. Elizabeth, K. James, and the late King Charles ... London: Printed by T.N. for W. Lee, D. Pakeman, and G. Bedell, 1653.

Justinian I, Emperor of the East, c.482-565
Institutiones: typis variae rubris nucleum exhibentibus : accesserunt ex Digestis tituli de verb. signif. et reg. juris. Amstelodami: Apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1654

Rastell, John, d. 1536.
Les termes de la ley: or, Certain difficult and obscure words and terms of the common laws and statutes of this realm now in use, expounded and explained.


Literature & Language

Coleridge, Samuel, 1772-1834
The rime of the ancient mariner; illustrated by Gustave Doré. London: Doré Gallery, 1876.

Gillman, James, 1782-1839.
The life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. London: William Pickering, 1838.

Herbert, George, 1593-1633.
The temple: Sacred poems and private ejaculations... ; Together with his life ... The 10th ed. London: Printed by W. Godbid, for R. S.: and are to be sold John William junior, 1674.

Minsheu, John, fl. 1617.
Minshaei emendatio, vel a mendis expurgatio, seu augementatio sui Ductoris in linguas, the guide into tongves: cum illarum harmonia, & etymologijs, originationibus, rationibus & deriuationibus in omnibus his nouem linguis ... London: Pr. by J. Haviland, 1627.

Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, et Aeneis. Birminghamiae: Typis Johannis Baskerville, 1757.



de Graaf, Reinier, 1641-1643
Opera omnia. Lugd. Batav., Ex Officina Hackiana, 1677

Forbes, John ed., 1787-1861
Tweedie, Alexander ed., 1794-1884
Conolly, John ed., 1794-1866
The Cyclopædia of practical medicine: comprising treatises on the nature and treatment of diseases, materia medica and therapeutics, medical jurisprudence, etc etc. London : Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1833-1835

Harvey, William, 1578-1657
Guilielmi Harveii Opera omnia: A Collegio Medicorum Londinensi edita: MDCCLXVI. Londini: excudebat Guilielmus Bowyer, 1766

Tryon, Thomas, 1634-1703
The way to health, long life and happiness, or, A discourse of temperance, and the particular nature of all things requisite for the life of man: as, all sorts of meats, drinks, air, exercise, &c : with special directions how to use each of them to the best advantage of the body and mind: shewing from the true ground of nature, whence most diseases proceed, and how to prevent them; to which is added A treatise of most sorts of English herbs ... The 2nd ed., with amendments. London: Printed by H.C. for R. Baldwin, 1691.

Wills, Thomas 1621-1675
Thomae Willis opera omnia: nitidius quam unquam hactenus edita, plurimum emendata, indicibus rerum copiosissimis, ac distinctione characterum exornata. Amstelaedami : apud Henricum Wetstenium, 1682


Gossip, Robert
Turkey and Russia: their races, history and wars : embracing a graphic account of the great Crimean war and the Russo-Turkish war. Glasgow; Sydney: M'Gready, Thomson & Niven, 1879

Simpson, William, 1823-1899.
The seat of war in the East. First and second series. London: P. & D. Colnaghi & Co., Day & Son, 1855-1856.



Hasse, Johann Adolf, 1699-1783.
The comic tunes, & c., to the celebrated dances...: for the harpsichord, violin, or German flute. London: I. Walsh, [1730?-50?]


Philosophy & Essays

Allestree, Richard, 1619-1681.
The gentleman's calling. London: Printed by R. Norton, for Robert Pawlet, 1682.

Allestree, Richard, 1619-1681
The government of the tongue. Oxford: At the Theater, 1674.

Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.
The essayes, or, Counsels, civill and morall, of Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. Alban. London: Printed by John Haviland for Hanna Barret and Richard Whitaker, 1625.

Glanvill, Joseph, 1636-1680.
Two choice and useful treatises: the one Lux orientalis, or, An enquiry into the opinion of the Eastern sages concerning the praeexistence of souls ... the other, a Discourse of truth, by the late Reverend Dr. Rust ... London: Printed for James Collins, and Sam. Lowndes, 1682.


Science & Natural History

Bragg, William, 1862-1942
The world of sound: six lectures delivered before a juvenile auditory at the Royal Institution, Christmas, 1919. London: Bell and Sons Ltd, 1920.

Hayes, M. Horace, 1842-1904
Points of the horse: A treatise on the conformation, movements, breeds and evolution of the horse. London: Hurst and Blackett, Limited, 1904

Lemery, Nicolas, 1645-1715.
A course of chymistry: containing an easie method of preparing those chymical medicins which are used in physic. London: Printed by R.N. for Walter Kettilby, 1698.


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