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Peter Adamson

MSS 0182



Max Harris’s annus Horribilis et horrendous (on the 1944 defamation case brought by Patricia Hackett). Typescript [5] p. (2013)

Lindsay Hardy: the man who wrote Dossier on Demetrius. 1 CD (digital copy available)

Clement Lindley Wrasse (1852-1922) [biography) 1 CD (digital copy available)

The Liberal Movement 1972 to 1976: a brief history of a South Australian phenomenon from start – through conversation to a political party – to finish with emphasis on the so far untold parts of the story (2011). Typescript [25] p. Updated and censored version.

  • Uncensored sections

Papers re The [New] Liberal Movement (LM)

The Liberal Movement (LM) was a South Australian political party which existed from 1973 to 1976, and was a forerunner to the Australian Democrats. The LM was initially organised in 1972 by former premier Steele Hall, as an internal group of the Liberal and Country League (LCL), in response to a perceived resistance to sought reform within the LCL. When tensions heightened between the LCL's conservative wing and the LM after the March 1973 state election, it was established in its own right, as a progressive liberal party, on 2 April 1973.

  • An open letter to the electors of Mitcham from Robin Millhouse, May 1973
  • Liberal Movement membership form
  • Notice for Mitcham members re fundraiser at Family Day
  • New LM sticker
  • Liberal Movement stationary

Papers re the Australian Democrats and the 1983 Federal Election

  • Notes on Dr Dean Jaensch’s Paper on the 1979 Election. Typescript [2] p.
  • Australian Democrat Policy Speech – Nos. 1 and 2 (drafts written by Peter Adamson). Annotated typescript [3, 3]p.
  • Australian Democrats Policy Speech, 1983 Federal Election. Typescript 9 p. Part I. Delivered by Senator D.L. Chipp on ABC Television and Radio … February 24, 1983 ; Part II: Australian Democrats detailed policy statement …
  • Federal Election 1983: radio advertisements for 5DN, 5AA, and 5SSA-FM. Typescript [1] p.
  • Federal Election – March 1983. ABCfree time – one of two spoken by Peter Adamson and Janine Haines. Typescript [3] p.
  • Federal Election, 1983. Australian Democrats free time on ABC - one of two spoken by Janine Haines. Typescript [3] p.
  • Australian Democrats radio advertisement – Federal Election, 1983 (10 spots on 5MMM-FM). Spoken by Senator Janine Haines. 2 scripts. Typescripts [1, 1] p.

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