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Richard Barkeley 

MSS 0256

Biographical Note

Born in Austria, Richard Barkeley (real surname Baumgarten) was teaching history at the WEA in London during WW2. He was the author of "The Empress Frederick" (1956) and "The Road to Mayerling: Life and Death of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria" (1958).

Papers donated by Alison Durant.


Hardback copy of The Road to Mayerling

2 reproductions of illustrations of Richard Barkeley.

Folder 1: Manila Folder – typed notes in German “Bericht uber eine Fahrt dutch die DDR”, “Das perfide Albion”, Ehrt Eure deutschen Meister!” and a poem in English “Mickey’s song”

Folder 2: Unlabelled Manila folder. Mainly English correspondence cuttings; “fan-mail” and “conspiracy theories” concerning Mayerling from readers to Barkeley.

Folder 3: Manila folder labelled “Alldeutschtum und PanGermanismus” (1890-1914). Typescript in German

Folder 4: Manila folder labelled “Vicky” Translation. Includes 4 letters in German

Folder 5: Manila folder unlabelled – some English and German correspondence and typescript and handwritten notes in German

Folder 6: Large cardboard folder labelled “Empress Frederick: Reviews and Letters” containing numerous news-cuttings from “The Times”; “Manchester Guardian”; “The Observer” and other mainly British Newspapers – in English plus Barkeley’s correspondence with his publisher Macmillan, including a letter to the Emperor Otto Bavaria (dated 11/4/1957) to whom a copy of the biography of The Empress Frederick was sent and a review by A.J.P. Taylor amongst others.

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