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Professor Rob Barrett
Papers on ethnographic research conducted with the Iban people of Sarawak

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MSS 0134

Special List - Series 6.22 Reprints/notes

Box 48
Appell, GN (1984) “Freeman’s Refutation of Mead” The Eastern Anthropologist 37,
        3:183-214 (1976)
        “The Societies of Borneo Explorations in the Theory of Cognatic Social Structure”
Beavitt, P (1967) “NGAYAP Changes in the Pattern of Premarital Relations of the Iban”
Brown, DE (1979) “Iban Leadership”
Cramb, RA (1985) “The Importance of Secondary Crops in Iban Hill Rice Farming
Darlington, HS (1939) “The Meaning of Head Hunting”
Freeman, JD (1967) “Shama and Incubus”
        (1968) “Thunder, Blood and the Nicknaming of God’s Creatures”
        (1958) “The Family System of the Iban of Borneo”
        (1960) “The Iban of Western Borneo”
        (1970) “Report on the Iban”
        (1975) “The Iban of Sarawak and Their Religion”
        (1979) “Severed Heads of the Germinate”
Gomes, EH (1910) “The Sea-Dyaks of Borneo”
Graham, P. (1987) “Iban Shamanism”
Griffith, GT (1955) “Health & Disease in Young Sea Sayak Men”
Heppell, M (1976) “The Iban Convention of Bepalu (or Betempo) – Fighting With Clubs”
        (1975) “Iban Social Control: The Infant and the Adult”
Hese, C & W McDougall (1912) “The Pagan Tribes of Borneo”
Howell, W (1911) “Tau Tepang”
Jabatan Pelajaran Sarawak (1975) “Outline of the History of Education in Sarawak”
Jensen, E (1966-67) “Iban Birth”
        (1968) “Some Iban Concepts”
        (1965) “Hill Rice: An Introduction to the Hill Padi Cult of the Sarawak Iban”
        (1966) “The Iban World”
        (1972-73) “Sickness and the Iban Manang”
        (1974) “The Iban and Their Religion”
Kedit, PM (1978) “Sacra Report  (Socio-Economic and Attitudinal Survey on Iban Participating in Salora Oil             Palm Scheme –Lemanak & Batang AI Districts)”
        (1975) “Current Anthropological research in Sarawak”
Ko, J (1987?) “Studying Urban Poverty in Sarawak: Some Methodological issues and Problems”
        (1989) “A Socioeconomic Study of the Iban Today”
Komanyi, MI (1971) “The Iban Woman’s Role: A Brief Summary of Observations at Samu on the Paku River”
Leigh, M (1975) “Local Government: Its Origins and Early Development”
        (1983) “reflections on Political Change, Sarawak in Malaysia: 1963-1983”
McKinley, R (1976) “Human and Proud of It: A Structural Treatment of Head Hunting Rites)
        (1978) “Pioneer Expansion, Assimilation & The Foundations of ethnic Unity Among the Iban”
Masing, JJ (1978) “Timang and the Iban Cult of the Head-Hunting”
Morgan, S (1971) “An Iban Funeral Near Sarawak”
Murdock, GP (1960) “Cognative Forms of Social Organisation”
Omar, RH (1983) “A Comparison of Malay and the Sarawak-Type Languages”
Padoch, CA (1984) “The Iban of the Engkari: A History of Migration & Settlement”
        (1982) “Migration and Its Alternatives Among the Iban of Sarawak”
Perham, J (1878) “Mengap, the Song of the Dyak Head Feast”
        (1881) “Petara, or Sea Dyak Gods”
        (1883/84) “Sea Dyak Religion, Parts I & II”
        (1887) “Manangism in Borneo”
Pringle, R (1970) “Rajahs and Rebels: The Iban of Sarawak under Brooke Rule, 1841-1941”

Box 49
Richards, A (1972) “Iban Augury”
Roth, HL (1896) “The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo”
Rousseau, J (1980) “Iban Inequality”
        “The Baluy Area”
Sandin, B (1961) “The Westward Migration of the Sea Dayaks”
        (1961) “Ganai Antu: Sea Dayak Feast of the Departed Spirits”
        (1963) “Garong Baskets”
        (1966) “Iban Hero Dreams and Apparitions”
        (1967) “Apai Salui Sleeps with a Corpse”
        (1969) “Five Mythological Stories of the Iban”
        (1969) “Two Origins of Iban Burial Custom”
        (1970) “Iban Leaders”
        (1976) “Beti ‘Brauh Ngumbang’ of Skrang”
        (1978) “The Pelian Bejereki: Iban Rite of Spiritually Fencing and Expectant Mother”
        (1983) “Mythological Origins of Iban Shamanism”
        (1966) “A Saribas Eban Death Dirge”
        (nd) “Sengalang Burong”
Sather, C (1978) “Iban Folk Mycology”
        (1980) “Symbolic Elements in Saribas Iban Rites of Padi Storage”
        (1992) “The Rites of Manggol: Work and Ritual in Paku Iban Agriculture”
        (1978) “The Malevolent Kokur: Iban Concepts of Sexual Peril and the Dangers of Child Birth”
        (1981) “Origin of the Iban Comic Hero Apai Aloi: A Saribas Saga Version”
        (1981) “Benedict Sandin, 1918-1982: A Biographical Memoir”
        (1985) “Iban Agricultural Augury”
        (1985) “Meri ‘Anak Mandi’: The Ritual First Bathing of Infants”
        (19??) “Shaman and Food: representations of the Shaman in Iban Comic Fables”
        (1990) “’All Threads are Whites’: Iban Egalitarianism Reconsidered”
        (1991) “Posts, Hearths, and Thresholds: The Iban Longhouse as a Ritual Structure”
        “Pelian Texts”
        “Transformations of House and Person in Iban Funerary Ritual”
Schmidt, K “Correspondence, Assessment Sheets & reprints”
        “Folic Psychiatry in Sarawak: A Tentative System of Psychiatry of the Iban”
        (1961) “Management of Schizophrenia in Sarawak mental Hospital, 1959”
        (1965) “Communication Problems with Psychiatric Patients in the Multilingual Society of Sarawak”
        (1967) “Some Concepts of Mental Illness of the Murat of Sarawak”
Scheider, WM (1985) “A Selako Household Festival”
Seymour, JM (1977) “Urbanization, Schooling and Psychocultural Adaptation: Iban Students of
        Sarawak Malaysia”
Sutlive, VH Jr (1977) “The Many Faces of Kumang: Iban Women in Fiction and Fact”
        (1983) “The Conversion of a Missionary”
        (19??) “The Medium is the Message”
        (1976) “The Iban Manang: An Alternative Route to Normality”
Vchibori, M (1984) “The Enshrinement of the Dead Among the Iban”
Vayda, AP (1975) “Headhunting Near and Far: Antecedents and Effects of Coastal Raiding”

Box 50
Appell, GN (1976) “Social Science Research in Sarawak”
        (1987) “The Ecological and Social Consequences of Conversion to Christianity Among The Rungus                 Dusun of Sabah, Malaysia”
Chiu, TL et al (1972) “A Clinical and Survey Study of Latah in Sarawak, Malaysia”
Hashim, b AwangAH (1985) “Supernatural Elements in the Traditional Melanau” Concepts of Illness Causations: A Preliminary Observation”
Jumah, G (19590 “Melanau Healing”
King, B (1978) “Essays onBorneo Societies”
Miles, D (1966) “Shamanism and the Conversion of Ngadju Dayaks”
Metcalf, PA (1977) “The Passing of Folic Religions in Central North Borneo”
Patterson, LD (1984) “Bidayuh (Land Dayak) Labor Exchange”
Runciman, S (1960) “The White Rajahs”
Schneider, WM (1978) “The Selako Dayak”

Bibliography Malay Culture/Borneo/Sarawak ABN 1980-1991
Atkinson (1989) “The Art and Politics of Wana Shamanship”
Atkinson, JM (1984) “Wrapped Words”
Chen, PCY (1981) “Traditional and Modern Medicine in Malaysia”
Colson, A (1971) “The Prevention of Illness in a Malay Village: An Analysis of Concepts and Behaviour”
Endicott, K (1979) “Batak Negrito Religion”
Heggenhougen, HK (1980) “The Utilization of Traditional Medicine: A Malaysian Example”
Howell, S (1984) “Society and Cosmos: Chewong of Peninsular Malaysia”
Karim, W-JB (1981) “Ma’Betisek Concepts of Living Things”
Kinzie, JD et al (1974) “Community Psychiatry in Malaysia”
        (1976) “native Healers in Malaysia”
Krahl, W (1982) “Reintegration of Chronic Mental Patients into the Malaysian Community” International Journal of Social Psychiatry 28,1:15-19
Kusumanto Setyonegoro (19??) “Latah in Java”
Laderman, C (1987) “Destructive Heat and Cooling Prayers: Malay Humoralism in Pregnancy, Childbirth and         the Postpartum Period”
Roff, WR (1974) “Kelantan: Religion, Society and Politics in a Malay State”
Sheppard, M (1972) “Taman Indera, A Royal Pleasure Ground: Manaly Decorative Arts and Pastimes”
Simons, RC (1980) “The Resolution of the Latah Paradox”
Wagner, N & Tan, E (1971) “Psychological Problems and Treatment in Malaysia”
Wallace, AR (1890) “The Malay Archipelago”
Winzeler, R (1984) “The Study of Malayan Latah”

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