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Daisy Bates

MSS 572.994 B32t

Series 12 :  Manuscript of 'Native tribes of Western Australia'

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Section I : Origin (Box 3)

1.    Origin of Australian Race.  Early version.
1a.  Origin of Two Primary Classes
1b.  Additional article on Origin of Aborigines
2.    Origin of Australian Race.  Later version.
3.    A collection of supplementary notes on the Origin of Aborigines (all subject to revision).

Section II : Geographical distribution and general geographical notes (Box 3)

1.    Tribal organisation and geographical distribution of Western Australia.  (Rough copy of 1899-1911).
2a.  Geographical distribution of the northern and southern groups of Western Australia.
2b.  Geographical distribution of the groups of the Gascoyne and surrounding area.  (Cornally's information)
2c.  Geographical distribution, early notes, mainly concerning the Southern portion of Western Australia.
3a.  Waterholes, geographical notes, of the Eucla and central areas.
3b.  Waterholes, etc. of Ooldea district.
3c. i.  Names of places on the Murchison, Mt. Sir Samuel, Lake Way, etc. (obtained mainly at Rottnest Island Prison, 1911-12.)
3c. ii. Geographical distribution of the Upper Murchison Tribes, giving waterholes, camping places, trade routes, etc.
3c. iii. Geographical notes, Peak Hill district.
3d. i.  South Western subdivisions
3d. ii. Additional South Western information; various geographical notes, giving names of places, routes, etc.
3e.    Names of places, etc. North Western area.

Section III : Social organisation (general) (Box 4)

1.    General description of social organisation, northern and southern Western Australia.
1a.  Collection of notes taken from material in 1.; also article on Aboriginal marriage laws and the white man. Includes comments by Andrew Lang and others.

2.    Genealogies of Western Australian natives.
2a.   Southern W.A., Book I.
2b.   Southern W.A., Book II.
2c.   Southwest W.A.
2d.   Additional S. & S.W.
2e.   Geraldton to Gingin
2f.    Eucla, Eyre, Israelite Bay
2g.   Peak Hill, Upper Gascoyne, Book I.
2h.   Peak Hill, Book II.
2j.    Peak Hill, Lake Way, Book III.
2k.   Peak Hill, Book IV.
2l.    Meekatharra, Mt. Magnet
2m.  Eastern Goldfields and Murchison
2n.   Northern W.A.
2o.   Gascoyne, etc.

3a.   Article on social organisation of some tribes of W.A. (Read at A.A.A.S. 1913)
3b.    Paper on Social organisation (A.A.A.S.)
3c.    Rough notes on similar subject, dealing with the various tribes of W.A.

4.   Additional notes (marriage laws and social organisation)
4a. i.  S.W. (Guildford)
     ii. S.W. (Yaburgurt's information)
     iii.S.W.  Questions and Answers : Jubytch, informant.   (Early MSS.)

4b. Southern W.A., Eastern Goldfields, etc.

4c. i.  Distribution of Class divisions in W.A.
            Class Divisions - early MSS.
            Class Divisions - S.W.

4d. Social Organisation - Murchison

4e. i.  Social Organisation - mainly Eucla district.
     ii.  Marriage Laws - Eucla district.

4f. i.  Table of Descent, Northern Tribes
    ii.  Marriage Laws, Ashburton and more northerly districts.

4g.  Ooldea

4h.  Sundry Notes, portions of lectures, etc.

4j. i.  Class Divisions, Marriage Laws - Hall's Creek
    ii.  Class Divisions, Marriage Laws - Turkey Creek.

4k.  Wanbojee's and Bardil's information.

4l.  Paper read before Glasgow Medical Congress, on Marriage Laws.

4m.  Notes on Social Organisation, general information.

4n.  Marriage Laws, etc. (Early manuscript from various sources)

4o.  Aboriginal Class Divisions in W.A. (article)

5.  Relationship Terms
5a.  Eucla district

5b.  Ooldea district

5c.  Southern Cross

5d.  Southern districts

5e.  S.W. district

5f. i.  Murchison
    ii.  Barduwonga Tribe
   iii.  Lawlers, etc.
   iv.  Peak Hill district (information obtained from Dorre Island)

5g.  Gascoyne, etc.

5h.  Nyamel, Mardathoonera.

5j.  i.  N.W. district (Broome, etc.)
     ii.  Turkey Creek
    iii.  Hall's Creek

5k.  Adelaide Tribe.

6.  Section on Birth, etc.
6a.  Sex History of Australian Natives

6b.  Further Enquiries into Sex Life of Natives

6c.  Birth, Children, Betrothals, Physical Features, of Murchison Tribes.

6d.  Sundry Notes on Birth, etc.

Section IV : Initiation Ceremonies (Box 4)

See Special list Series 12 section IV Part 1

1.  South and Southwestern Western Australia 2a.  Broome District

2b.  Additional notes of the Broome district, Sunday Island, Kimberley, etc.

3a.  Additional N.W. information (Billingee, informant)
3b.  Additional N.W. information.

4a.  Murchison district.
4b.  Initiation of Women.
4c.  Nose Piercing
4d.  Additional Initiation Information

5a.  Eucla and Ooldea items.
5b.  Eucla and Ooldea items.

Section V : Totems (Box 4)

Various items - Southern, S.W., Murray district :-

1a.  Southern W.A.
1b.  i.  Totemism of Southwestern Aborigines
      ii.  Southwestern Totems
1c.  South and Southwestern districts.
1d.  Totems of Murray District (Yaburgurt's information)
1e.  Names derived from totems.

2a.  Introductory
2b.  Totems of S. and S.W. (chapter)

3a.  Eucla and Balladonia
3b.  Notes from the Eucla district.

4a.  Totems of Murchison district.
4b.  Additional Notes of the Murchison district.

5a.  Totemic System - Northwest W.A.
5b.  Northern Totems - Cornally's information.

6a.  Ooldea Totems.
6b.  Additional Notes - various districts of W.A.
6c.  Aboriginal Totemic Objects, Sacred and Secret.

7.  Totem Boards and Magic Stones : their significance.

Section VI : Religious Beliefs, Superstitions (Box 5)
See Special list Series 12 section VI part 1
See Special list Series 12 Section VI part 2

1.  Chapter on Religions, Superstitions
2.  Magic, Superstitions
3a.  Additional notes - Beliefs, Magic, etc.  (various districts)
See Special list Series 12 Section VI part 3a
3b.  Magic, Murchison tribes
3c.  Poison Bones and Bone Pointing Magic.

Section VII : Myths and Legends (Box 5)

1a. Legends of Southwestern Western Australia.

1.  Introduction (original in Chapter VII, p. 51)
3.  Wej, Goomal and Jooteetch (Emu, Opossum and Native Cat)
4.  The Moon and Eaglehawk
5.  The Moon and the Wild Cat
     The Moon, the Frog and the Worm
6.  The Mulgarguttuk and the Sun's Daughter
9.  How Death Came to the Murray River Yungar
10. Swan district version of above
11. Norn, Yaggain and Went (Snake, Turtle and Bandicoot)
13. How the Water Came to Nyeerrgoo
17. (second version)
19. Woggal, the Serpent Healer
22. The Men and the Wicked Spirit
23. The Two Brothers and the Janga (spirits)
24. The Two Brothers
25. The Kaanya of Birungan
28. How the Natives Obtained Fire
      1)  How the Sparrowhawk and Pigeon got the Fire
29.  2)  Cape Grafton
30.  3)  Moon, Pigeon and Sparrowhawk (Murray district)
31.  4)  Wagin district version
32.  5)  Swan and Gingin district version
33.  7)  Wordung, Walja and Kweenda (Murray district)
34.  8)  Bunbury and Vasse version
38.  The Woggal and the Mischievous Boys (Legend of Dowingerup Water)
41.  Vega, Altair and Delphinus (stellar myth)
44.  How the Emu and Brush Exchanged Skins
45.  Wagtail and Robin (Ngittungit and Koobijet) and the Big Dwerda (Dogs)
48.  The Story of the Spirit Dogs
49.  Eaglehawk and Crow
      1)  York version
50. 2)  Murray version
51. 3)  Guildford version
52.  Eaglehawk and White Cockatoo (Swan district)
54.  Sergeant Ant and Little Black Lizard
     1)  Vasse version
55. 2)  Capel version
56. 3)  Another S.W. version
57. 4)  Swan version
58.  Waddarngur and Minnigit
59.  The Story of the Two Sorcerers (Dannee and Mijjooroo)
60.  The Ngwarra and Norna
61.  The Magpie and the Long Iguana
62.  The Bugle Crane
       The Two Dolya and Boordinya.
63.      (Vasse version)

1b. Additional S.W. Legends (told by Yaburgurt - Murray district)

1.  Eaglehawk, Crow and other birds that were men in olden times.
2.  Woggal
     Winnaitch or forbidden places
3.  More stories of the Woggal
4.  How Kallil killed the babies
5. Various superstitions
6.  The Story of Doongunit, a sorcerer

1c. Myths and Legends of Southern W.A.

1.  Introduction (original from Chapter VII, p. 43)
2.  Miak the Moon
3.  How the Nunga got Fire
4.  Meeka and Yonggar (Moon and Kangaroo)
5.  Wommulyu, Irdabilyi and Karder (Stellar myth)
7.  Various superstitions
9.  How the Sea Came (Jitti-jitti and the invaders)
10.  Jutitch and Ngulak (Native Cat and Cockatoos)
11.    Southern Cross version
12.  The Two Brothers and the Spirit Woman
15.  Jitti-jitti and Wej (Wagtail and Emu)
16.  Walitch and Wordung (Katanning version)
17.  The Ngulak (Cockatoos)
18.  Mulgar the Thunder
19.  More Southern Superstitions
21.  The Mammara (pygmies)
22.  How the Southern Natives got the Fire
23.  Tales of the Woggal (Carpet snake)

2. Myths and Legends - Northerwestern W.A.

1.   Introduction (From Chapter VII, p. 36)
4.   Lengo and Mandabullabulla
5.   Tchallingmer and Lengo
8.   Mooral and Marjali (seagulls)
10.  The Kabboowallee (cannibal)
12.  How Kooljoowan got his Red Legs
14.  The Bad Boys and the Elders
17.  The Story of Joord Joord (northern stag)
18.  How the Broome Natives got Fire
19.  How Wanberr got his Red Legs and Tchallingmer his Ugly Walk
21.  The Ngarri Jandu and the Two Nimmamoo (The Spirit Woman and the Two Boys)
24.  The Moolguroorung and Banning-booroo (Locust and Carpet Snake)
25.  Eaglehawk, Wagtail and Pigeon
28.  Langoor and Jalbu (Opossum and Native Cat)
30.  The Greedy Jandu (2 versions)
33.  Tchanbur and Nalja (2 versions)
36.  The Geerrgeerr and Jooga jooga (sparrowhawk and pigeons)
37.  Woolgardaln and Koolarding (Whipsnake and Mangrove Snake)
38.  Winnini and Kalbain (Emu and Pigeon) (2 versions)
40.  The Meat-Hunting Jandu
41.  NGARGALULA  (spirit babies)
     a) First article
45. b) Second article
50. c) Third article
51. d) The Queer Fish and the Queer Baby
53. e) Leeberr, a Great Sorcerer
58. f) The Story of Wandagarra
61.  The Stone Figures at Nullagine
62.  Roebourne stories - origin of the blackfellows
                               the Moon
63.                           the hawk and the babies
64.  The Parr'janing (kangaroo)
65.  The Woolgardain and Banningbooroo
66.  A Story of the Moon

3a.  Myths and Legends - Central Australia.

1.   Aboriginal Stellar Myths
5.   a) The Legend of the Two Brothers (Willilambi)
10. b) The Story of Orion (Nyeeruna)
14.  Mingari the Mountain Devil
16.  Giniga, Jamma and Kallia (Twilight Cove)
21.  The Yog Who would not Share her Fire (near (Twilight Cove)
22.  The Sparrowhawk and Pigeon (Balladonia)
24.  Moolanu the Fire Stealer (Bight Head)
25.  The Legend of Warrdarrgani Gabbi (Boundary Dam)
28.  The Legend of Ooldea Water
41.  Beelarl, the Sooty Bell Magpie
42.  The Ngannamurra (mallee hen)
43.  The Legend of the Bell-bird
44.  C.A. Astronomy
45.  Mingari (see also p. 14)

3b.  Eucla Myths.

1.   Crow and white cockatoo
3.   Yugarilya
4.   Story of Kundili
6.   Two Brothers
7.   Yuria Water (confused story)
8.   Yugarilya (see above, p. 3)
      Story of Barradin (bellbirds)
9.   Story of Ngannamurra (Mallee Hen)
10.  Juin juin Song
      Beelarl (Magpie)
12.  Rainmaking
13.  How the Kangaroo's Eyes were Opened (2 versions)
16.  How Kalingur and Melmel found Fire
18.  (Another version)
19.  Yagin the Moon
20.  Mulba and Mining (Ilgamba)
21.  Wilu the Curlew
22.  Manarn and the Two Mulba
23.  (Another version)
24.  Short Myths - Jiringia and his Dogs; Yagain the Moon; various.
25.  Myths about food restrictions
26.  Yaggin the Moon and Mannarn the Mopoke
27.  How Baduwudha Killed the Yarda
28.  Mythical Names of Stars
29.  Jirawea and his Dogs (3 versions)
33.  Turkey and the kala (fire)
34.  Wallainyoo (Vega)  (2 versions)
36.  Waljawoordoo (eaglehawk)
37.  Songs and myths relating to them
39.  Tying the Dog
40.  Sundry - more fragments

3c.  Fragments of Myths and Legends - Ooldea district.

4.  Magic, Myths, Legends - Murchison tribes. 2 copies.

4a.  Myths of the Nyamel tribe.

Section VIII : Native Food (Box 5)

1.    Chapter on food, Western Australia, how prepared, obtained, etc.
1a.  A collection of sundry notes from early manuscript on Native Food.
1b.  A similar collection of sundry notes.
2a.  Food - Ooldea and Central Australia,
2b.  Food - Notes from the Eucla district.
2c.  Food, its distribution, restriction, etc. Murchison district.
2d.  Additional notes from various districts of Western Australia.
2e.  Murderer's Slippers (C.A.)

Section IX : Weapons, Arts, Crafts (Box 5)

1.   Native Art
1a.  Carvings and Paintings. Early manuscript, part of which is contained in later version.
2.   Aboriginal Art (rough drafts)
3.   Weapons, etc.
4a.  Weapons, Ornaments, etc.  Eucla district.
4b.  Weapons, Ornaments, etc. Broome district, Ooldea district.
4c.  Weapons, Ornaments, Magic Bones, etc. Murchison.
4d.  Weapons, Ornaments (Sundry Notes from various districts).
5.    Native huts and shelters.
6.    Stone Implements, Weapons, etc. of W.A.; a collection of early notes, with reference to early writers on the subject.
7.    Dress, Body Painting, etc. (mainly extracts)

Section X : Diseases, Remedies, Death and Burial (Box 6)

1a.    Death and Burial, Western Australia.
1a.i.  Death and Burial (early manuscript, the subject matter of which is contained in 1a.)
1b.    Burial Customs, Southern W.A.
1c.    Burial Customs, Murchison area.
1d.    Additional Notes, various districts; also Premature Burial.
1e.i.   An Aboriginal Burial Ceremony, Ooldea district.
1e.ii.  Burial Rites - Ooldea.

2a.    Diseases, Remedies.
2a.i.  Early manuscipt on above subject.
2b.    Aboriginal Hygiene
2c.    Diseases, Remedies, Early information of various districts.
2d.    Diseases, etc.  Central Australia.

Section XI : Songs, Dances, etc.  (Box 6)

1a.     Songs and Dances, Western Australia
1b.i.   Series of Ceremonies, Eucla district
1b.ii.  Ngardian or Yingan, Eucla district
1b.iii. Additional Songs and Corroborees, Eucla district
1b.iv. Ceremonies, Corroborees, Songs, Ooldea district
1c.    Corroborees and Songs, Murchison district
1d.    Corroborees and Songs, Broome and N.W. area.
1e.    Corroborees, etc. Early manuscript. From various sources.
2.      Joobaitch's information (Perth district).
3a.i.   Native songs (early manuscript). Vasse, Perth,Gingin.
3a.ii.  Additional Collection of Songs
4.      Games, Amusements
5.      Smoke Signalling and Sign Language.

Section XII : Language : Grammar and Vocabularies (Boxes 7-8)
See Special list Series 12 Section XII

1.  Outline of Grammar.

2.  Vocabularies.  (Note: The vocabularies also contain answers to a questionnaire on various topics.)

A.  Eucla District
B.  Southwestern District
C.  Norseman, Southern Cross, Eastern Goldfields
D.  Roebourne, Gascoyne, Ashburton, De Grey
E.   Northwestern District
F.   Murchison District
G.  Central Districts, Ooldea, etc.
Item no. 4 Native vocabulary compiled by Minbunga and Minjia (Lucy)      of Yuria is also available electronically.
H.  Sundry
    1.  Native vocabulary / Ilaurainya or Udnia of Alice Springs, Arunta tribe, S.A. 
    2.  Native vocabulary / Burangani (Queensland Tommy) of Burketown
    3.  Native vocabulary / Ngunaipon, poor fellow
    4.  Native vocabulary of Yampi Sound and Obagooma

3.   Notes on grammar, vocabulary etc. Additional sundry notes. Various districts of W.A. 

4.  A few notes on South Western Australian dialects (published in Journal of R.A.I.)

5.  Language - [Early Notes, mainly extracts, found incorrect by later investigations]  59p. ms.
"Personal investigation nullifies this ms."

Section XIII : General Notes on the Aborigines (Box 8)

1.    Notebook containing extracts from various authors on aborigines (a book of reference to authors consulted by D.A.B. with extracts made by D.M.B. and notes added). Early MSS.

2.    First Meeting with W.A. Aborigines. Earliest records of W.A. Aborigines, extracted from Official Papers, etc.

3.    Native Traits, Characteristics.  (Largely extracts from early writers)

4.    Native Customs, Laws, etc. (Largely extracts from early writers)

5.  [missing?]

6.    The Passing of the Natives, Causes of their Extinction, etc.
   a.  The Passing of the Australian Native : The Ooldea Group.
   b.  The Passing of the Australian Native : The Wanmaring group (Head of Great Australian Bight : Ilgamba.)
   c.  Dhaui of Warrdarrgana (Boundary Dam)
   d.  Notes on Conference re Aborigines.
   e.  Australian natives and advancing civilisation.
   f. & g.  Further notes on Treatment of Aborigines and contributing factors to their extinction.

7.   Suggestions for the Betterment of the Aborigines. (Paper submitted to Prime Ministers, and revised 1939.)

8b.   Efforts towards Civilising and Christianising the Aborigines of Australia (rough summary - given to Lord Northcote 1900 or 1901).

8c.   Efforts towards Civisation and Christianisation of Aborigines (published in pamphlet form)

9. [Names, illustrations and sources etc] p. 52-73 only.

10.  MSS. of Ethnological Paper read at R.G.S. Melbourne, 1905 (see newspaper article West Australian April 1906)

11.  The Story of Jinnawillie. Plus second incomplete copy.

12.  The Aborigines : Their Homogeneity

13.  The West Coast Aborigines.

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