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Daisy Bates

MSS 572.994 B32t

Series 15 :  'Books and pamphlets which have been annotated'

(Box 9)

[1] Basedow The Australian Aboriginal
Anthropological Notes on Western Coastal Tribes of Northern Territory of South Australia.
Journal of the Government North-West Expedition
[2] Bleakley The Aboriginals and Half Castes of Central Australia and North Australia. Report, 1928.
[4] Bolam The Trans-Australian Wonderland
[5] Brockman Report on the Exploration of North-West Kimberley, 1901.
[6] Fraser, John The Aborigines of Australia: Their Ethnic Position and Relations
[7] Howitt Native Tribes of South-East Australia
[8] Kenyon, Justine The Aboriginal Word Book
[9] Lang, Andrew The Secret of the Totem
[10] Leach An Australian Bird Book
[11] Mathew, John Eaglehawk and Crow
[12] Mathews, R.H. Ethnological Notes on the Aboriginal Tribes of New South Wales and Victoria.
Some Aboriginal Tribes of Western Australia.
Australian Divisional Systems.
Native Tribes of Western Australia.
Phallic Rites and Initiation Ceremonies of South Australian Aborigines.
Divisions of the South Australian Aborigines.
[13] Neville, R.O. The Native question (from A.A.A.S. publication Science in Western Australia)
[14] Ord, Sir Henry The Natives of Western Australia
[15] Orr, M.A. Southern Stars, an Easy Guide to.
[16] Pitts, Herbert The Australian Aboriginal and the Christian Church
[17] Ramsay Smith The Aborigines of Australia
[18] Salvado and others Information respecting the Habits and Customs of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of W.A.
[19] Spencer, Sir Baldwin Guide to the Ethnological Collection in the National Museum of Victoria.
Presidential Address, A.A.A.S. January, 1921.
Bulletin of the Northern Territory, Bulletin no. 2, April, 1912.
Bulletin of the Northern Territory, Bulletin no. 7, July, 1913.
[20] Spencer & Gillen Native Tribes of Central Australia
Northern Tribes of Central Australia
[21] Thomas, N.W. Natives of Australia
[22] Unaipon, David The Australian Aborigines
[23] Worsnop The Aborigines of Australia
[24] "Yabaroo" Aborigines of N.W. Australia : a Vocabulary, etc.
[25] Charles Barrett & A.S. Kenyon Blackfellows of Australia
[26]   ? Ireland : Donegal
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