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Daisy Bates

MSS 572.994 B32t

Series 16 :  Articles contributed [by Bates] to science magazines, journals and other papers.

(Box 9)

The Journal of the Department of Agriculture, W.A.
Possibilities of Tropical Agriculture in the Nor'West
A Rabbit Drive in Riverina, N.S.W.
The Brands Act of W.A.

July, 1901
February, 1903
March, 1903
Cassier's Magazine
Water for the Goldfields of Western Australia
August, 1903.
Public Works
The Trans-Australian Railway

June 15, 1904.
The Victorian Geographical Journal
1.  Notes on the Topography of the Northern Portion of Western Australia
2.  The Marriage Laws and Some Customs of the Western Australian Aborigines
Science of Man
Fossil Remains
Fanny Balbuk-Yooreel
Appointment of Native Protector
Measles in Camp

Aboriginal Names of Places

April, 1907
March 1, 1911
September, 1911
January, 1912
June, 1913
November, 1913
November, 1913
Report of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science
Social Organisation of Some Western Australian Tribes
Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia
Aborigines of the West Coast of South Australia, Vocabularies and Ethnographical Notes
Journal of British Astronomical Association
Australian Aboriginal Stellar Myths
Revue d'Ethnographie, Paris
Observations sur les pierres taillees de la region d'Ooldea (South Austr.)
Tribus du Sud-Ouest de l'Australie
Organisation sociale des Biroungoumat et Djouamat

No. 14, 1923
No. 15, 1923
No. 21, 1924
The Imperial Colonist
British Pioneers and Australia
February, 1924
Review of Reviews
The Aborigines of Australia

February, 1929
Adelina - Half Caste
The Adventures of Ngilgian

August, 1923
November, 1923
The Australian
Policeman Jubaitch
May, 1923
Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Extract from article on Pleiades
May, 1923
Records of the Australian Museum
An Aboriginal Magical Plate
February, 1925
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