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Daisy Bates

MSS 572.994 B32t

Series 17 :  Articles contributed to children's newspapers.

(Box 10)

As published in The children's newspaper, My magazine and Arthur Mee's 1000 heroes.

The children's newspaper    
The little group of blackfellows... 12 November 1921 Typescript
The stone age man coming on 24 December 1927 Typescript
Men appear out of the stone age 31 March 1928 Typescript
A creature of the great plain 12 May 1928 Typescript
On the fringe of a civilised world 9 June 1928 Typescript
The chase of thirty wild men 8 September 1928 Typescript
Russian Jack 15 September 1928 Typescript
News from the fringe of civilisation 2 March 1929 Clipping
Heroes of a backward race 10 June 1929 Clipping
The first train to Alice Springs 3 August 1929 Clipping
Australia 100 years ago: the beginnings of Perth 14 September 1929 Typescript
Amazing journey of a mother and her boy 21 December 1929 Clipping &
Life in lonely Australia, waiting for rain 20 September 1930 Typescript
Love of England 25 April 1931 Typescript
Mountains like men walking 10 July 1931 Typescript
The incredible journey: a little bird from Siberia 13 February 1932 Typescript
A sad little sight: the cannibals arrive 10 September 1932 Typescript
The blind burrower, arru-jarru-ju 22 October 1932 Typescript
The magic bones 9 September 1933 Typescript
Our lady of the wilds 4 November 1933 Typescript
C.N.'s C.B.E., Commander Daisy Bates of the Empire 20 January 1934 Clipping
Lizards on the editor's table 3 March 1934 Typescript
Now there are seven 19 May 1934 Typescript
A whiteman among the blackfellow 1 September 1934 Typescript
Waiting for the king's son 13 October 1934 Typescript &
clipping (photo)
Duke of Gloucester's pockets full of sweets... 8 December 1934 Typescript
Daisy Bates finds new friends 19 March 1938 Typescript
Daisy Bates in the darkened tent 18 March 1939 Clipping
Just a Cockney soldier 22 April 1939 Clipping
A trail of glory Undated Typescript
A cannibal's conscience Undated Typescript
A woman alone: 6 years of great drought Undated Typescript
Children in the stone age Undated Typescript
Goodbye to her lonely world: Mrs. Bates leaves her tent Undated Typescript
Brave and happy folk: a German colony in the British Empire Undated Typescript
Daisy Bates pitches her tent again Undated Typescript

My magazine    
What a romantic Empire it is November 1926 Typescript
How the crane got his red legs March 1927 Typescript
The white lady of the black world May 1927 Clipping
The amazing case of Australia 1929, no. 228 Whole issue
The aborigines and their ways March 1929 Typescript
The roaming wild folk in the heart of Australia Apirl 1929 Typescript
The pioneers of the Australian wilds November 1929 Typescript
An old man's memory in the heart of a continent June 1930 Typescript &
The aeroplane and the cannibal pass by July 1930 Clipping
Spectator of a vanishing race Christmas 1932 Typescript

Arthur Mee's 1,000 heroes    
These two walked a thousand miles p. 645 Typescript
Mrs. Daisy Bates: she sits on the edge of civilization p. 1123-1126 Issue no. 24
Their tales will live when their race is dead p. 1807-1810 Issue no. 38
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