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Daisy Bates

MSS 572.994 B32t

Series 7 :  Myths and legends

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7.1   South-west Western Australia
1. Jutitch and Ngulak c.f. C.A. Legend - Giniga, Jamma and Kallaia
2. ....
3. The Moon and the Wild Cat
4. The Moon and the Frog and the Worm
5. Meeka and Yonggar
6. The Moon and the Sun
7. Moolard and the Sun's Daughter
8. The Moon and Sun
9. The Mulgarguttuk and the Sun's Daughter
10. How Death came to the Murray River Yungar
11. Norn, Yaggain and Went
12. How the Sea Came
13. How the Water came to Nyeerrgoo (2 versions)
14. The Two Brothers and the Spirit Woman
15. Woggal, the Serpent Healer
16. The Men and the Wicked Spirit
17. The Two Brothers and the Janga
18. The Kaanya of Birungan
19. How the Sparrowhawk and Pigeon got the Fire (4 versions)
20. How Fire Came to the Bibbulmun
21. The Woggal and the Mischievous Boys
22. Vega, Altair and Delphinus (Stellar myth)
23. How the Emu and Brush Kangaroo changed skins
24. Wagtail and Robin and the Big Dwerda
25. Eaglehawk and Crow (3 versions)
26. Eaglehawk and White Cockatoo
27. Sergeant Ant and Little Black Lizard (2 versions)
28. Waddarngur and Minnigit
29. The Story of the Two Sorcerers
30. The Ngwarra and the Norna
31. The  Bojjerding woggal (magic snake).
32. The Karbomunup woggal.
33. Where the dead Bibbulmun go
34. Warringan's revenge
35. The story of Banjil
36. The janga and the yungar (spirits of returned dead and man)
37. Bwaill koolongur (Children's rock)
38. The janga and the yungar.
39. The kerrgainbi janga
40. How a yungar became bulyaguttuk.
41. Bibbulmun spirits
42. The story of Boonderung.
43. The dolya (fog) & boordinya (a Jenga bushman) - Basse district.
44. A. The two dolya and the boordinya (The spirits of the fog and the spirit being).
      B. The dolya and the boordinya - Vasse version.
      C. The dolya and the boordinya - Bunbury district.
45. Magic. 6p.
46. Poison bones. 2p.
47. Bone pointing magic 7p.
48. Where babies come from
49. Winaitch (Forbidden)
50. Mythical woggal (carpet snake). Ghosts, etc.
51. Miscellaneous beliefs. 6p. (incl. Weld Range ochre mine)
52. The Winnaitch hill at Claremont (W.A.)
53. The janga and the yungar
54. Wilgee Mine
55. Jooarree or dhooarree - Wilgee - Rottnest.
56. "The legends of the southern districts..." (short introduction)
57. A Bibbulmun marathon: the rise of a totem. (see also published newspaper articles)
58. The crow and the eaglehawk - Guildford version.
59. The Wej (emu) Goomal and Jooteetch (native cat)
60. The Sergeant Ant and the Lizard
61. The Ant and the Lizard - Swan district.
62. The magpie and the long iguana
63. The bugle crane; the two dolya and the boordinya
64. The ngoonda-woorda (brothers) - Bunbury
65. Wordung, walja and kweenda - Murray district
66. How the nungar (natives) got fire
67. Wommulyu, Irdabilyi and Karder
68. Jitti jitti and Wej (wagtail and emu) + 8p. of various beliefs
69. Myths told by Yaburgurt

7.2   North-west Western Australia
1. Lengo and Mandabullabulla
2. Tchallingmer and Lengo
3. Mooral and marjali (seagulls)
4. The Kabboowallee (cannibal)
5. How Kooljoowan got his red legs
6. The bad boys and the elders
7. The story of Joord Joord - missing, but a copy is held in 20 below.
8. How the Broome natives got Fire
9. How Wanberr got his red legs and Tchallingmer his ugly walk
10. The Ngarri Jandu and the Two Nimmamoo
11. The Moolguroorung and Banning-booroo
12. Eaglehawk, Wagtail and Pigeon
13. Langoor and Jalbu
14. The Greedy Jandu (two versions)
15. Tchambur and Nalja (two versions)
16. The Geerrgeerr and Jooga Jooga
17. Woolgardain and Koolarding
18. Winnini and Kalbain
19. The Meat Hunting Jandu
20. Collection of Beliefs
21. Simplified versions.  Typescript.
22. Manda-bula-bula 1p. (2 copies)
23. How the pelican got his boomerang bill 3p.
24. Mooral and Marjali. 2p. + copy 2 of p.2
25. Mooral and Marjali - another version. 2p. + copy 2 of p.1
26. The Kabboowallee. 2p.
27. Kooljoowan 2p.
28. Wiringi, the bad boy. 3p.
29. Joord-Joord, the lazy shag. 2p.
30. How fire came to the Broome people. 1p.
31. Corroboree of the pelican and the crane. 2p. + copy 2 of p.1
32. The spirit woman and the two boys. 3p.
33. The locust and the carpet snake. 1p.
34. How the opossum got his beautiful soft fur. 1p.
35. The greedy woman. 1p.
36. Tchanbur and Nalja. 2p.
37. Geerr-Geerr and Jooga-Jooga. 1p.
38. The whip-snake and the mangrove snake. 1p.
39. Why the emu cannot fly; Women should not do men's work. 1p.
40. Meerijal, the moon. 1p.
41. A story of the Southern Cross. 2p. + copy 2 of p.2.
42. Kneeling stones of Nullagine, and Spirit children of De Grey River. 1p.

7.3a   Central Australia, Ooldea, Eucla
1. Aboriginal stellar myths
2. Legend of the two brothers
3. The constellation Orion
4. Mingari, the mountain devil
5. Giniga, Jamma and Kallia. (Twilight Cove)
6. The yog who would not share her fire. (Near Twilight Cove)
7. The sparrowhawk and pigeon - a Dralyinya legend (Balladonia)
8. Moolanu the fire-stealer. (Bight Head)
9. The legend of Warrdarrgana Gabbi  (Boundary Dam)
10. The legend of Ooldea Water
11. Beelarl, the sooty bell magpie
12. The ngannamurra (mallee hen)
13. The legend of the bell bird (barridan)
14. Central Australian astronomy
15. Mingari
16. Other notes and fragments of myths re Mingari.  1p.
17. 1. Aboriginal stellar myths
      a) The Legend of the Two Brothers  (Willilambi)
      b) The Story of Nyeeruna (Orion)  (2 accounts)
      2. Giniga, Jamma and Kallia  (Twilight Cove)
      3. The Yog who sould not share her fire  (near Twilight Cove)
      4. Moolanu the Fire Stealer  (Bight Head)
      5. The Legend of Warrdarrgani Gabbi (Boundary Dam)
      Dhau-i of Warrdarrgani
      6. The Legend of Ooldea Water
Collection of Ooldea myths (fragments)
Collection of Eucla myths

7.3b   Eucla myths
1. Crow and white cockatoo
3. Yugarilya
4. Story of Kundili
6. Two Brothers
7. Yuria Water (confused story)
8. Yugarilya (see item 3 above)
    Story of Barradin (bellbirds)
9. Story of Ngannamurra (Mallee Hen)
10. Juin juin Song
      Beelarl (Magpie)
12. Rainmaking
13. How the Kangaroo's Eyes were Opened (2 versions)
16. How Kalingur and Melmel found Fire
18. How Kalingur and Melmel found Fire (another version)
19. Yagin the Moon
20. Mulba and Mining (Ilgamba)
21. Wilu the Curlew
22. Manarn and the Two Mulba
23. Manarn and the Two Mulba (another version)    
24. Short myths -
      Jiringia and his Dogs
      Yagain the Moon
25. Myths about food restrictions
26. Yaggin the Moon and Mannarn the Mopoke
27. How Baduwudha killed the Yarda
28. Mythical names of stars
29. Jirawea and his dogs (3 versions)
33. Turkey and the kala (fire)
34. Wallainyoo (Vega) (2 versions)
36. Waljawoordoo (eaglehawk)
37. Songs and myths relating to them
39. Tying the dog
40-44. Sundry - more fragments



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