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Black, Eustace Couper (1886-1971)
Black, Roger Foster (1923-2008)
Notebooks of Professor Bragg’s Physics lectures (1906)
Notebooks of Chemistry I lectures (1941)

MSS 0155

Biographical Note

Dr. Eustace Couper Black was the son of John McConnell Black, author of Flora of South Australia (1922-1929). He graduated in medicine at the University of Adelaide in 1910 and subsequently travelled to the United Kingdom where he worked as a medical practitioner. When World War I was declared, he enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps and later served in France and East Africa. He married Julia Dixon in England during the war and returned with her to Adelaide in 1920. He was subsequently employed as a lecturer at the University of Adelaide and anaesthetist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Adelaide Children's Hospital.

Black participated in the Board for Anthropological Research expeditions in 1936, 1937 and 1939, assisting with the recording of anthropometric data and blood testing. During subsequent decades, Black recorded numerous Australian Aboriginal sites and carried out detailed surveys of Aboriginal scarred trees. Black suffered a stroke early in 1971 and died later that year.
(Black's collection of field notebooks and other archaeological and anthropological materials is held by the SA Museum.  Biography adapted from the SA Museum website.)


Roger Foster Black was born in Spalding, South Australia to Eustace and Julia Black and was schooled in Adelaide at St Peter’s College. He trained during the war years as an electrical engineer for the Royal Australian Air Force. After the war, he began a Science degree at the University of Adelaide which was completed at Sydney University where he majored in Botany, undertook Honours and also completed a Ph.D. in the uptake of salt by saltbush. Roger was then employed for a time in the mid 1950s by CSIRO at Griffith, before moving to Queensland in 1959 to work with the Department of Primary Industry. He shifted to Western Australia in the early 1970s where he worked for many years in the rehabilitation of mining sites.  He returned to Adelaide in 2003, working as a volunteer at the State Herbarium from October 2004 until shortly before his death.
 (Adapted from the ASBS Newsletter obituary, No. 136, September 2008)

These notebooks were donated to the Library in 2011 by Penny Black Tiong.


Contents Listing

Series 1:  Eustace C. Black. Notebooks of Professor Bragg’s lectures at the University of Adelaide 1906. 2 notebooks (4 cm.)

Notebooks record lectures by Professor William Henry Bragg attended by Eustace C. Black for first year Physics in 1906. Each lecture is illustrated with coloured diagrams. Topics covered include:

Notebook 1: Measurement, specific gravity, hydrostatics, gases, barometers, pumps, molecular forces, mechanics, parallelogram of forces, parallel forces, levers, centre of gravity, energy, pulleys, inclined planes, means of increasing power, machines, friction, lubrication, balances, elasticity, bending of beams, Newton’s law of force, gravity, magnetism, electricity, electrical machines, potential, Leyden jar, current electricity, galvanometer, resistance, batteries, primary cells, secondary cells.

Notebook 2: Electric batteries, electrolysis, electric currents, solenoid, induction coil, telegraph, telephone, electricity, radio-activity, heat, thermometry, thermometer, effect of heat on solids, expansion of gases, amount of heat, specific heat, latent heat, conditions of changes f state, vapour pressure, boiling or evaporation, conduction of heat; radiation, light and heat waves; light, refraction of light, lenses, wave motion; light, spectrum; spectroscope, theory of colour, polarisation, sound, music, fundamental and overtones, manometric flame [End of the course of lectures for first year physics]
Enclosed with Notebook 2 are: examination papers for Physics 1st term, Anatomy 2nd term, Chemistry 2nd term; and loose notes on biogenesis and other biology topics.


Series 2:  Roger Foster Black. Notebooks of Chemistry I lectures, University of Adelaide 1941.
2 notebooks (2 cm.)

Notebook 1: Chemistry lecture notes, with diagrams.
Notebook 2: Practical chemistry (notes and diagrams of experiments)


Cheryl Hoskin
March 2012

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