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Dion Boucicault 
Illuminated address 1896

MSS 792.028092 B755i


Dion Boucicault Jr. (Born Darley George Boucicault) was an actor and stage director. He began his career as a stage actor performing in plays managed by his father, Dion Boucicault. In 1885 he came to Australia with his father, he chose to remain here, eventually entering in a partnership with Robert Brough, their company The Brough and Boucicault Comedy Company took up management of Her Majesty’s Opera House, Melbourne in 1886.

Experienced in both producing and acting, he returned to London in 1896 to continue performing, being able to take on almost any role he chose. In 1901 he married fellow actor, Irene Vanbrugh.


1 illuminated address, presented on April 2 1896

The address is bound in brown leather with navy and red leather inlays and gold tooling. One the front centre is embossed in gold “To Dion G. Boucicault. April, 2nd 1896”

The inside consists of a light brown silk doublure with Dion’s initials painted on the left. The right side is hand drawn and painted borders of flowers with 17 signatures.

The address was created by McCarron, Bird & Co. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The address reads:

To Dion G. Boucicault Esq. Melbourne.

"Dear Sir, We out of the large number of those who have the pleasure to be your friends in Victoria, have found opportunity, notwithstanding your early departure hence, to make some expression of our disposition towards you on bidding you regretfully Good-bye.

You have been for the last 10 years, under the observation of the public generally and in friendly association with us personally, and we think it not unfitting to say to you, and that you should know that everyone of our community, as we believe, regards you as an honourable kindly and loyal gentleman who has made himself beloved on every hand.

As an Actor your excellence has won our lasting admiration and your loss to us will be a source of a no less abiding regret. As a provider of theatrical entertainment for the public your conception of your duty has been eminently high-minded and tasteful and your methods in carrying it into effect have always considered your patrons to the utmost.

We wish you in all heartiness and sincerity the greatest measure of happiness and prosperity in your future career and we hope that when you are in the midst of your many friends elsewhere you will remember that you have here a multitude no less affectionate and well wishing and who count it by no means the least of their hopes that that fact and good fortune may bring you to these shores and to them again.

On behalf of the subscribers, we are, Dear Mr. Boucicault, Sincerely yours."

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