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Brissenden, Alan
Collection of Ballads and other music, 1911-

MSS 784.4 C697

Most of the items in this collection were formerly owned by A. P. and N. A. Brissenden (née Rogers).


  1. Because. Words by Edward Teschemacher, music by Guy D’Hardelot
  2. Bells of St. Mary’s. Words by Douglas Furber, music by A. Emmett Adams
  3. Bless this House. Words by Helen Taylor, music by May H. Brake
  4. Break o’day. Words by P. J. O’Reilly, music by Wilfrid Sanderson
  5. A Brown Bird Singing. Words by Royden Barrie, music by Haydn Wood (2 copies)
  6. Butterfly Wings. Words by Marie Seton, music by Montague F. Phillips
  7. Come to the Fair. Words by Helen Taylor, music by Easthope Martin
  8. Down the Vale. Words by Gunby Hadath, music by Frank L. Moir
  9. Examinations of the Associated Board of The Royal Academy and The Royal College of Music (school)
    1. Higher division List C (1906)
    2. Higher division list A (1907)
    3. Higher division list B (1908)         
  10. First Rose of Summer. Words by George Grossmith and P. C. Woodhouse, music by Kern Jerome
  11. Flight of Ages. Words by Frederic E. Weatherly, music by Frederick Bevan
  12. Friend o’mine. Words by Frederic E. Weatherly, music by Wilfrid Sanderson
  13. Good Company. Words by Charles Mackay, music by Stephen Adams (1911)
  14. Here’s to Love. Words by Arthur Wimperis, music by Paul A. Rubens
  15. The Holy City. Words Frederic E. Weatherly, music by Stephen Adams
  16. Home, little Maori, Home. Words and music by Alfred Hill
  17. Humming. Words by Louis Brean and Ray Henderson
  18. I’ll Sing to You. Words by Edward Lockton, music by Jack Thompson
  19. I’ll Walk Beside You. Words by Edward Lockton, music by Alan Murray
  20. Lieder ohne Worte, op. 19, nos. 1-6. Music by Mendelssohn-Baretholdy
  21. The Little Domozel. Words by Frederic E. Weatherly, music by Ivor Novello
  22. Love Will Find A Way. Words by Graham Harry, music by Harold Fraser-Simson
  23. Love’s Old Sweet Song. Words by G. Clifton Bingham, music by J. L. Molloy
  24. Mate o’mine. Words by Leslie Cooke, music by Percy Elliott
  25. Morceaux Caracteristiques. Music by Gerald Lane
  26. My Dear Soul. Words by May Byron, music by Wilfrid Sanderson
  27. My Old Shako. Words by Francis Barron, music by H. Trotère
  28. My Prayer. Words by P. J. O’Reilly, music by. W. H. Squire
  29. A Paradise for Two. Words by Clifford and Valentine Harris, music by Jas. W. Tate
  30. Parted. Words by Frederick E. Weatherly, music by F. Paolo Tosti. (2 copies)
  31. Prelude in C sharp minor. Music by Sergei Rachmaninoff
  32. Rose of My Heart. Words by D. Eardley-Wilmont, music by Herman Löhr (1911)
  33. The Scarecrow. Words by Michael Franklin, music by E. T. Davies
  34. Sonato in G, op. 49, no. 2. Music by Beethoven
  35. The Sunshine of Your Smile. Words by Leonard Cooke, music by Lilian Ray
  36. Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight. Words by Harold G. Frost, music by F. Henri Klickmann
  37. Trooper Johnny Ludlow. Words by Francis Barron, music by Gordon Temple
  38. Two Eastern Songs
    1. Before the Dawn. Words by Hope Laurence, music by Agnes Mary
    2. Salaam. Words by Anon, music by Agnes Mary Lang.
  39. The Valley Where Wishes Come True. Words by Edith Featherley, music by Leslie Elliott.
  40. Viking Song. Words by David McKee Wright, music by Mirrie Hill.
  41. When I Grow too Old to Dream. Words by Hammerstein II, music by Sigmund Romberg.
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