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Dr. Alan Brissenden
Papers, 1968-2020

MSS 92 B8583p

Contents Listing

Series 1. Papers relating to children's television programming 1973-78

1.1 Paper by A. Brissenden & E. Brissenden.  Television programmes for children in Britain.  25, 2 leaves.
1.2 Summary of above.  2 leaves.
1.3 Letter. Winter, A.J. 14th October 1975.  1 leaf.
1.4 BBC Television programmes for children under 5.  5, [6] leaves.
1.5 BBC Television children's programmes.  9 leaves.
1.6 List of stories.  1 leaves.
1.7 "John Craven's newround" article for the EBU review.
1.8 Article from The Stage and Television Today, July 25th 1974.
1.9 Article for Variety, January 8th 1975.  1st 2 pg. only.
1.10 Jackanory.  7 leaves.
1.11 Jackanory (List of stories).  9 leaves.
1.12 Blue Peter.  26p.

ATAC Newsletter (The Australian Childrens' Television Action Committee.) Oct. 1974-   (No. 3-   ) - imperfect.


Publications : K. Tindall and D. Reid Television's Children (1975); K. Tindall, D. Reid and N. Goodwin Television : Twentieth century cyclops (1977); ditto Television : your world (1977); Children as viewers and listeners : a study by the BBC (May 1974); R. Curnow Australian Broadcasting Index 1900-1942 (1976); H. Mayer and S. Pantzer Media Policies of Australian Political Parties (1976); Public Opinion of the ABC : results of a survey (May 1973); F. Emery and M. Emery A choice of futures : to enlighten or inform (1975).


Senate. Standing Committee on Education, Science and the Arts.

2nd Progress Report on 'All aspects of television and broadcasting...'  Aug. 1973.


Parliamentary Debates : Hansard 6-10 Dec. 1976 (on Broadcasting and Television Amendment Bill).


Senate. Standing Committee on Education and the Arts. Impact of television on children. 4 August 1977.


Ditto. Children and Television : Inquiry into the impact of television on the development and learning behaviour of children.  1978.

Series 2. 'Access to Rare Books': [paper given at the Library Association of Australia 22nd Bienniel Conference 1982]

"Access to Rare Books" : [paper given at the Library Association of Australia 22nd Biennial Conference 1982].

Series 3. Papers relating to the Arts Council of Australia 1968-76

[Dr Brissenden was Chairman and Vice-President of the SA Division of the Council (subsequently the Arts Council of South Australia) from 1972 to 75]

Arts Council of Australia (S.A. Division). Executive Committee notes (12 May 1971-29 May 1972) 1v.  (MS)
Volume includes drafts of submission for subsidies for 1971/72.
Arts Council of Australia (S.A. Division) Inc. Annual report and financial statement 1968-71.  4v. (printed)
The first 25 years: a study of the Arts Council of Australia.  (1968)  1v. printed.
[The Arts Council was founded in May 1948 as the Federal Arts Council of Australia.]
Arts Council of Australia (N.S.W. Division). The future of the Arts Council : a statement of policy adopted by the State Executive. 12 Aug. 1972.  1v. (printed)
Letter from R. Clarke, General Manager of the Arts Council of S.A., inviting Brissenden to the Annual Dinner in May 1988, with draft reply by Brissenden. 19 April 1988.  2pp.
(The dinner succeeded the 23rd AGM of the Council at which the Regional Cultural Council was established, taking over many of the former functions of the Council.)

Series 4. Papers relating to the Committee for the Performing Arts and associated bodies.  1970-92.  30cm.

Committee for the Performing Arts.  Minutes, agendas, correspondence and related papers.  1970-92.  30cm.

[Includes papers of the Place of Theatre in the University Drama Sub-Committee 1973; the Committee of Review into the Performing Arts/Performing Arts Training Review 1990; on co-operation in drama teaching between The University of Adelaide and Flinders University 1989-91; merger with SACAE Drama Department 1990-91; proposed TheatreInstitute/SA Association for Studies in the Performing Arts 1988; and Centre for the (Study of the) Performing Arts, 1986-88].

Series 5. Papers relating to the Early Imprints Project (especially EIP South Australia).  1976-1988.  80 cm.

5.1 Correspondence  1976-1988.  15cm.
[Including separate files of correspondence with each State Committee and with New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States; with ESTC personnel at the British Library and the North American editor (Prof. H.L. Snyder); and the Humanities Research Centre (Dr J.C. Eade) [Box 1]
5.2 Minutes of EIP Executive Committee (1979-87), S.A. State  Committee (1979-81) and administrative correspondence and reports (appointment of research assistants, funding, project methodology, publicity, sources, publication, equipment and transfer of entries to machine readable format).  1979-88.  30cm.
[Boxes 2-3]



EIPSA final entries and corrections (bromides and copy).  30cm.
[Boxes 4-5]

Draft introduction and essays for a projected publication: “Early Printed Books in South Australia: A catalogue of books and other material printed before 1801, recorded by the Early Imprints Project of South Australia” / edited by Alan Brissenden; compiled by Cheryl Hoskin. Includes Preface and essays on The Early Imprints Project in South Australia; Early Printed Books in South Australia: The EIPS Catalogue; Early Imprints in the Universities and Colleges of South Australia / Colin Horne; Early Imprints in Lutheran and German Collections / Rev. Dr M.E. Schild; Early Imprints in Some Non-Academic Libraries / Valmai Hankel.

See also Early Imprints Project. Brochures, posters, catalogues ... MSS 094 E12b

Series 6. Conferences

6.1 Shakespeare conferences

International Shakespeare Association
• Shakespeare's Australian Travels: Paper delivered at the 5th International Shakespeare Association Congress, Tokyo, August 1991.  17p.
• 19th, Birmingham, 1980 ‘Shakespeare’s characterization”: report
• 24th, Birmingham, 1992 “Shakespeare and sexuality”: report, programme and seminar reports

World Shakespeare Congress
• 5th, Tokyo, 1991 “Shakespeare and cultural traditions”: programme; “Shakespeare, an exhibition of books and other materials …” catalogue; “Shakespeare in Japan: one hundred years of reception and transformation” (Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, 1991) exhibition catalogue; Alan Brissenden correspondence re attendance and paper for 1991 congress
• 6th, Los Angeles, 1996 “Shakespeare and the twentieth century” programme; Biltmore Hotel brochure; associated events including gala performance “Shakespeare goes Hollywood”
• 8th, Brisbane, 2006 programme; also a copy of A Slap-Up Treat: travelling Shakespeare in Australia: exhibition catalogue, Tony Gould Gallery.

Australian & New Zealand Shakespeare Association Conference
• 1st, 1990 copy of paper “The Shakespeare cycle of the Theatre du Soleil” / Adrian Kiernander and associated correspondence
• 2nd, University of Adelaide, 1992 “Shakespeare outside England” programme, delegates list, dinner menu etc
• 3rd, University of WA, 1994 “Readers, audiences,players” abstracts, programme
• 4th, University of NSW, 1996 ‘Shakespeare: perspectives on performance” programme, handouts
5th, 1998, “Material Shakespeare” University of Queensland, programme
6th, 2000, “Dislocating Shakespeare: Limits, Crossings, Discoveries”, Auckland
7th, University of Tasmania, 2002 "Looking Before and After ..." Program & Abstracts; Dedication to Tim Mares / Alan Brissenden; introduction to Alan Brissenden by Charles Edelman
See also Alan Brissenden Posters collection

Performing Arts Conference , Adelaide Festival Centre, 5 May 1999. Paper: Researching Shakespeare in Australia / Alan Brissenden

Australian & New Zealand Shakespeare Association correspondence 1990-2002

International Shakespeare Association 8th World Congress, Brisbane 2006. Paper: Dancing Shakespeare in Australia / Alan Brissenden; associated correspondence with Lar Lubovitch and Monica Mason

6.2 Other conferences

David Nichol Smith Memorial Seminar in Eighteenth Century Studies
• 2nd, Canberra, 1970: conference folder containing programme, dinner menu, brochures, delegate list etc
• 5th, Canberra, 1980: advance brochure

AULLA (Australasian Universities Language & Literature Association)
• University of Otago, 1972: conference folder containing programme, abstracts, list of delegates, correspondence etc

Humanities Research Centre (HRC)
• Shakespeare and Jonson Conference, 1979: programme, dinner menu, abstracts, conference attendees, ms notes
• Frank Kermode Seminar: History and Value, 1988: folder containing programme, biography of Kermode, list of participants, ms notes
• Conference on editing texts, 1984: programme, list of participants, handouts, Brissenden correspondence with Virginia Blain re publication of paper

ANZAMRS (Australian & NZ Association for Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
• 12th, University of WA, 1985: programme/abstracts, list of participants
• 13th, University of Melbourne, 1986: programme/abstracts; programme for “La Romanesca: the wild nightingale: French and Italian music of the Middle Ages”

ASAL (Association for the Study of Australian Literature)
• Adelaide, 1995: programme/abstracts, list of delegates

Series 7. Papers relating to dance in Australia.  1979-85.  25 cm.

7.1 [Statistical and financial returns of teachers for the S.A. Ballet Company.  1979. * 15cm.
* these were received from Arthur Gilligan, Administrator of the S.A. Ballet Company, "which was primarly a teaching institution from 1976 to 1981, when it ceased to function".

7.2 Photocopies of newspaper articles on dance (in Australia), 1980-82, 1985.  10cm.]
See also Keith Glennon - Dance in Australia

7.3 The Australian Ballet. Media kits and press releases 2002, 2004-6. Includes obituaries of Ross Stretton, and media kits for George Balanchine (2004), Music Movement Magic (2005) and Revolutions [Ballets Russes in Australia] (2006)

7.4 Obituary of Kristian Frederikson by Alan Brissenden, and photocopied research material and ms notes

7.5 Photocopied source materials (articles, newspaper clippings etc) compiled for the entry on Garry Stewart for 50 Contemporary Choreographers (Routledge, to be published April 2010) 2 cm.

See also Australian Dances files, MSS 792.80994/B859a

Series 8. Shakespeare and the dance.  7 cm.

Draft and proof copies of Shakespeare and the dance. [1981] and associated correspondence

Series 9. Papers relating to the Friends of the Adelaide Festival Inc.
Management Committee.  1994-1996.  4 cm.

 Minutes, agenda papers, correspondence, newsletters and memoranda.
October 1994-December1996, May 1997. 

Series 10. Papers relating to the Adelaide Festival Board of Governors.

Minutes, agenda papers, reports, memoranda, correspondence and articles. 
October 1993-September 1994.  5 cm.

Series 11. Notes and theses as a University undergraduate and postgraduate 1951-53 and 1962.  15 cm.

Comprising lecture notes as an undergraduate and Honours student , University of Sydney (English and Bibliography) 1951-53; Honours thesis “The originality of Robert Greene” 1953; D.Phil. thesis ‘Sexual themes in Jacobean drama” 1962

Series 12. Lecture notes and source materials.  18 cm.

Lecture notes and source material as a University lecturer, University of Adelaide (including on bibliography and printing) and scripts for radio broadcasts on drama (c1964-65) 1964-94. Also lectures / talks on As You Like It (1992); Spectacle in the Duchess of Malfi, and Shakespeare’s Australian Travels (on Allan Wilkie 20 cm.

Series 13. Correspondence 1967-93.  18 cm.

Including correspondence re the Studies in Tudor and Stuart Literature series 1967-76 (and its funding), and the anthology Lawson’s Australia 1970-75; re study leave 1968-92; as Visiting Lecturer to the University of Tasmania and University of Western Australia 1980 and 1981; and promotion to Reader 1979-82. With additional folder of general correspondence 1988-93

Series 14. University of Adelaide / Dept. of English 1965-88.  15 cm.

Papers relating to Departmental and University matters 1965-88.
Including English Dept Review 1987 [EMBARGOED UNTIL 2014]; review of position of Departmental research Assistant 1988; letters re position of Special Collections Librarian 1984; and programmes of performances by the Adelaide University Literary Society and Madrigal Society 1965-66, 1980 and undated

Series 15. [Papers on the arts in South Australia] 1979-81

Comprising files on Culture and the State (arts funding in South Australia) 1979, History of Culture in Australia seminar 1981, and contribution by Brissenden on dance to the publication From Colonel Light into the Footlights.

Series 16. Writers Week

Papers re Writers Week 1994.  5 cm.

Series 17. Helen Darville (Demidenko)

Papers re Helen Darville (Demidenko) controversy 1995.
Correspondence, newspaper cuttings, articles. Oversize item.

Series 18. Review of Tertiary Music Education & Training in SA 1999

Papers related to the response to the Review of Tertiary Music Education & Training in SA 1999 (1999-2000)
Comprising correspondence with the Premier, John Olsen; the Minister for the Arts, Minister for Education and Children’s Services; letters to the editor (various authors); newspaper articles; responses from the Elder Conservatorium; letters of response from the Musicological Society of Australia (SA Chapter), Lewis Wickes, F.H. Mares, the Hon. Justice John Perry; copy of The Review of Tertiary Music Education

Series 19. Correspondence and papers 1994-2001 related to Alan Brissenden’s World Shakespeare Bibliography  4 cm.

Comprises correspondence, photocopied reviews, company prospectus, and selected programmes, including
Bell Shakespeare Co.
Belvoir St Theatre
Darwin Theatre Co.
Elston Hocking & Woods
Frank Productions
La Boite Theatre
Melbourne Theatre Co.
Queensland Ballet
Queensland Theatre Co.
Southern Highlands Institute for Performing Arts
State Opera of SA
Sydney Theatre Co.
University of Adelaide Theatre Guild
Western Australian Opera
Plus assorted reviews

Series 20. Research papers for the Oxford Shakespeare As You Like It (Oxford: Clarendon Pr., 1993)  18 cm.

20.1 Correspondence between Alan Brissenden and Oxford University Press and others re publication 1987-1994
20.2 Draft introduction, notes and illustrations with annotations by Stanley Wells (editor) and Alan Brissenden; second copy of notes with Wells’ comments and corrections; draft notes with annotations and comments by F.H. Mares and Robin Eaden
20.3 Brissenden’s research notes for footnotes, textual references etc
20.4 Ms notes on miscellaneous subjects eg Robin Hood
20.5 Texts (photocopies)
 Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 1957 working copy
 National Theatre 1979 prompt copy
 As You Like It Rowe edn – annotated
 Love in a Forest: a comedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal … by Mr Johnson (London, 1723)
 Assorted extracts from printed editions
20.6 Illustrations: photographs, photocopies of and correspondence re illustrations used in As You Like It, and other potential illustrations
20.7 Bibliographies, bibliographical notes, book reviews (photocopies)
20.8 reprints of scholarly articles
20.9 Stage history: reviews, actors accounts 1789-1991, in rough chronological order

Series 21. Newspaper clippings 1946-2000.  6 cm.

Newspaper clippings 1946-2000 on dance, art, drama, Shakespeare etc.
Plus oversize folder

Series 22. Menus.  30 cm.

Menus collected by Alan Brissenden 1938-2004. Includes menus from cruise ships and airline and train travel, and menus from England, Europe, United States, New Zealand and Australia.  Also wine labels collected 1970-74.
Other menus collected by Alan Brissenden up to 2009 were donated to the State Library of SA.

Series 23. Theatre models

Globe Theatre

Model of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, wood and paper, constructed by E.J.S. (Stage Manager of the Oxford University Theatre, Beaumont St., Oxford.) Wood and paper. 24x34x34 cm, in case 27x37x38 cm. Presented to Alan Brissenden by Elizabeth Sweeting.

Pollock's Original Victorian Theatre (Toy Theatre)

Coloured Toy Theatre made from the original designs, complete with all modern fittings, scenes and characters for the famous play of Aladdin. Produced by Bejamin Pollock Ltd. London. Theatre model. Wood and paper. 37x30x34 (Housed in Collections Room) Cardboard storage box 3x38x6. Includes paper cut-outs of cast, lighting kit, paper backdrops and scenes, and play-script. (Housed with MSS)

Series 24. Biographical

Transcript / synopsis and correspondence for oral history interviews with Alan Brissenden for the National Library of Australia
- by Hazel De Burg 28/10/1966
- by James Waites 5/10/2004

Corrected transcript of oral history interview with Alan Brissenden for the University of Adelaide Archives 8/2/2013

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