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Henry Herman Leopold Adolph Brose
Papers 1909-1969

MSS 0089

Series 4 - World War I and Internment. (1915-1965) 5.9 cm.

General correspondence, news clippings, books, journals, loose photographic prints, loose notes and photocopied documents.

Folder 1: World War I and Internment

Includes: black and white photographs; correspondence in German with typed English translations; handwritten book inscribed 'Lieder etc', including songs of well-known authors, mostly from the 19th century; publication In Ruhleben Camp 27 June 1915; news clippings; folder inscribed 'Ruhleben file', containing books Reihenlerer and Absolute oder rekative Bewegung? and 4 news clippings in German.

Folder 2: Ruhleben - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's photocopies from:

Ketchum, J. Davidson. Ruhleben: A Prison Camp Society. Canada: University of Toronto Press, 1965;

Cohen, Israel. The Ruhleben Prison Camp: A Record of Nineteen Months' Internment. London: Methuen & Co Ltd, 1917.

Folder 3: Internment - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's photocopies, news clippings, handwritten notes and correspondence relating to internment in Germany during World War I.

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