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Henry Herman Leopold Adolph Brose
Papers 1909-1969

MSS 0089

Series 5 - Nottingham. (1925-1935) 19.7 cm

General correspondence, news clippings, loose notes, photographs and photocopies.

Folder 1: Personal (1925-1935)

Includes: letter to Brose from H. A. S. Wortley, 31 October 1935; letter to Brose from W. Schweizer, 8 October 1932, and typed transcription; reprint of article 'Mathematics and Psychology' by H. T. H. Piaggio Mathematics Gazette, February 1933, inscribed on front 'With the author's compliments'; business card of Dr. jur. Hans Rehmke, Hamburg; 3 black and white postcards with writing in German; letter to Brose from H. Rehmke, 6 November 1929; 2 letters to Brose in German, 1932 and 1934; black and white photograph inscribed on back 'Einstein Tower, Potsdam, Germany - Brose at desk?'; biographical note and copies of correspondence regarding Brose, 1925, 1933 and 1934; copy of letter from C. S. Sherrington, 25 December 1925; Henry Brose's application for the position of Professor of Physics at University College, Nottingham, 26 November 1925; typed copy of letter from H. J. White regarding Brose, 7 December 1933; news clippings regarding Brose' appointment in Nottingham; lists of staff; Brose's business cards and letterhead; black and white print labelled 'The College from the south east'; news clipping 'Australian Scientists in Great Britain' by Brose, n.d.; news clippings; letter to Brose from Lilian Baylis, 29 October 1929; letter to Brose from Ivor Thomas, 26 January 1933; news clipping, 7 April 1933; letter in German from Paul Gütermann, 23 January 1934; news clipping in German; typed and handwritten German notes titled 'Goethe'; black and white photograph.

Folder 2: Physics (1932-1934)

Includes: loose notes regarding Einstein, Sommerfeld, Rutherford and Ruhleben; information and news clippings regarding visits to the Physics Department of the University College of Nottingham in 1932 and 1933; reprint of T. V. Starkey's article 'Condensation of Thin Metallic Films: some Reflecting Observations' from the Philosophical Magazine, August 1934; typed copy of 'The Theory of Time - Perspective' by R. J. Tillyard; correspondence, loose handwritten notes and news clippings about physics.

Folder 3: Public Lectures (1927-1933)

Includes: news clippings regarding Henry Brose's public lectures, 1931-1933; University College Nottingham's Syllabus of Public Lectures, Autumn Term, 1927 and 1932; letter to Brose from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Station Director.

Folder 4: Einstein (1930)

Includes: 2 black and white photographs of Brose and Einstein; information about Einstein's lecture at University College Nottingham, 6 June 1930; news clippings about Einstein, his visit to Nottingham and his theory of relativity, in English and German.

Folder 5: "Medical" (1931-1933)

Includes: news clippings in English and German regarding cancer treatment; letter to Brose, 1 August 1933; 1 page handwritten notes.

Folder 6: Music (1930-1931)

Includes: Programme from a violin and piano recital, 19 February 1931; news clippings about music in Nottingham; programme from a ballad and folk song recital, 20 May 1930; correspondence regarding concerts, 1930.

Folder 7: General von Lettow-Vorbeck and German relationships (1929-1930)

Includes: Information about 'Porza'; news clipping in German 'Porza', 14 February 1930; news clipping in German 'War dieses Nachtspiel nötig?', n.d. correspondence in handwritten German and typed English translations, von Lettow to Brose, 1929; news clippings about General von Lettow-Vorbeck's visit to Nottingham; typed notes 'Technical Education in Germany'.

Folder 8: Astronomy, Upper Atmosphere (1931-1934)

Includes: news clippings regarding Dorothy Fisk's book Exploring the Upper Atmosphere, 1934; news clippings regarding interest in astronomy and the upper atmosphere in Nottingham, 1931-1932; handwritten notes on telescopes; typed notes 'The Analysis of Starlight'.

Folder 9: Photographs

Cardboard folder inscribed 'Camera Portraits, Walter Millis Ltd, 38 Long Row Nottingham', containing 7 loose black and white photographs, one inscribed 'Behind me in M. Huntsman, the first Lord Mayer of Nottingham', another inscribed 'from Ms J. Marie Warnecke'; 4 mounted black and white photographs.

Folder 10: Chemistry text

Book covered in brown paper, inscribed 'College Organic Chemistry', includes annotations in pencil and pen.

Folder 11: Nottingham - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's photocopies and handwritten notes regarding Henry Brose's application for the position of professor of physics at University College, Nottingham, and his employment there.

Folder 12: Dorothy Fisk - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's handwritten notes and photocopies of publications by Dorothy Fisk.

Folder 13: Nottingham Resignation - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's handwritten notes and photocopies regarding Henry Brose's resignation from University College, Nottingham.

Folder 14: Compton and Oliphant - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's correspondence with Bob Compton and Mark Oliphant, articles by Bob Compton and handwritten notes.

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