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Henry Herman Leopold Adolph Brose
Papers 1909-1969

MSS 0089

Series 6 - Sydney. (1926-1960) 22.2 cm

General correspondence, news clippings, loose notes, loose photographic prints and photocopied documents.

Folder 1: Personal (1936-1960)

Includes: 2 postcards to Brose from Ms J. Marie Warnecke, 1936; black and white photograph inscribed on back 'Kenny' and 'from Ms J. Marie Warnecke'; news clipping in German regarding the death of Dr Hans Nobbe and typed English translation; handwritten notes and drawing inscribed 'Prof. Brose age 108'; handwritten notes regarding dates in Australian history and population increases; diary, 1937; menu from the Transatlantique French Line; letter to Brose from B. R. Holbeche; typed copy of entry for Brose in the English Who's Who, 1938; typed notes 'Analysis from Handwriting (22 November 1938)'; typed notes 'Biographical Note'; news cuttings regarding Brose; black and white photograph inscribed on back 'Broose'; letter to Brose from Ivor Thomas, 31 January 1947; biographical note and copies of correspondence regarding Brose; music programme, 1945; Institute of Physics, London, list of subscribers and students; letter in German to Brose from Edith Schneider, 11 August 1958; typed letters in German to Brose from ?, December 1959 and October 1960.

Folder 2: 1926 Visit and New Zealand

Includes: 2 black and white photographs, one inscribed on back ' 1926, In front of my digs: "Oriana"'; letter to Brose from Hugh R. Dennson (?), 11 July 1926; photocopy of news clippings regarding Brose, 1929; news clippings regarding Brose in Sydney and New Zealand, c. 1926.

Folder 3: 1935 Extension Lecture (1934-1935)

Includes: letter to Brose from Walter A Selle (?), 11 July 1934; letter to Brose from H. G. Horner, 26 June 1935; typed notes 'Sydney University Extension Board'; , 1935; black and white photograph and small black and white diagram; tickets to Henry Brose's extension lectures; summary of Brose's lecture 'The Secrets of Stratosphere', 16 August 1935; news clippings regarding Brose's lectures; handwritten notes 'New Trends in Science in England'; sketch of face.

Folder 4: Science (1946-1955)

Includes news clippings in English and in German, 1946 and 1955.

Folder 5: Society of Inventors (1938-1947)

Includes: information regarding the Society of Australian Inventors, c.1947; news clippings regarding the Society of Australian Inventors, 1946-1947; letterhead for the Society of Australian Inventors; handwritten notes; blueprints 'Core Moulds Standard Panels', 1938.

Folder 6: German and Swedish Newspaper Cuttings (1950s)

Includes handwritten notes and newspaper clippings in Swedish and German, c.1950s.

Folder 7: Medical, Cancer Research Committee (1936-1938)

Includes: letter to Brose from W. A. Selle (?), 23 December 1936; letter to O. U. Vonwiller, 18 August 1937; typed notes 'The Co-ordination of Cancer Research: A Memorandum' by Henry Brose and Ernest B. Jones; letter from G. O'Brian to H. Priestley, 28 March 1938; black and white photograph.

Folder 8: Medical, Cancer (c.1937-c.1947)

Includes: news clippings, correspondence, typed and handwritten notes regarding Henry Brose and cancer research and treatment.

Folder 9: Medical, Braund Case (1948)

Includes: news clipping 'Braund and Cancer' The Bulletin, 11 February 1948; news clipping 'Cancer expert explains John Braund's methods' The Sun, 6 February 1948; news clipping 'Cancer Expert is Named' The Sun, 2 February 1948.

Folder 10: Medical, Sundry Items (1932-1952)

Includes: Henry Brose's business cards; exercise book inscribed 'Henry L. Brose, Notes from Adel. Univ. Library Books'; typed letter to Professor Abel from C. K. Bliss, 27 December; 3 black and white photographs; brochure for 'Electro-Ster'; Brose's letterhead; typed letter to Woodward from Wolf, 30 September 1932; news clipping regarding various medical matters, 1946-1948; copy of New South Wales Poisons Act, 1952; typed and handwritten notes; copy of 'The Treatment of Cardiovascular-Renal Diseases with Vitamin E'; letter to Henry Brose from H. deB. Anderson, manager of the ethical division of Nicholas Proprietary Limited, 2 June 1944.

Folder 11: Medical, Bioglan Laboratories (1939-1947)

Includes: Bioglan Laboratories letterhead; news clipping 'Statement Given Glandular Pep' Daily Telegraph, 24 April; news clipping 'Glands in Sport'; Bioglan Laboratory brochure; typed reports and circular letters, 1939; letter to Brose from A. Menzies Sharpe, 1940 and 1945-1947; typed copies of letters to A. Menzies Sharpe.

Folder 12: Medical, Rucan Ltd (1949)

Includes: letter to Brose from the secretary of Rucon Limited, 6 October 1949; letters to Brose from John W. Greig, 17 November 1949 and 9 November 1949.

Folder 13: Medical, Draft of Book

Folder inscribed 'Dad's Book (on glands)', containing typed draft of book.

Folder 14: World War II and Internment

Includes: news clippings; black and white photographs; letter to Mrs Brose from H. G. Egremont, 29th October; typed copy of letter to Prime Minister Robert G. Menzies from Brose, 30 December 1940; letter to A. B. Kerrigan from W. B. Simpson, 24 December 1943; typed copy of order revoking detention order and imposing restriction to Henry Brose; handwritten draft of letter to the commandant of Internment Camp 1A from Brose, 6 January 1944; letter to Brose from ?, 8 March.

Folder 15: Medical Matters - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's handwritten notes and photocopies regarding Henry Brose and medical matters.

Folder 16: Extracts from Hamersley's Thesis - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's copy of extracts from Hugh Hammersley's MA Thesis 'Radiation Science and Australian Medicine, 1896-1940', 1984.

Folder 17: Non-medical Matters - John Jenkin's research material

Brief biographical note about Henry Brose and copies of correspondence about him, with handwritten annotations; John Jenkin's photocopies of correspondence regarding Henry Brose and non-medical matters in Sydney.

Folder 18: Vonwiller - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's photocopies of information and correspondence (1992-1995) regarding Brose and Oscar Vonwiller, including photocopy of Vonviller's entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Additional material received from John Jenkin December 2005.

Folder 19: Trikojus - John Jenkin's research material

John Jenkin's photocopies and handwritten notes regarding Victor Martin Trikojus. Also copies of volume 1 and volume 2 of The Papers of Victor Martin Trikojus (1902-1985), Australian Science Archives Project, 1987.

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