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Edwin Arthur Burtt (1892-1989)
Papers 1870-1991

MSS 1P B974p



This collection of papers of and relating to the American philosopher Edwin Arthur Burtt was presented to the Barr Smith Library in 1995 by Francis Moriarty.  They were copied from originals held in libraries and personal collections and were gathered in the course of Dr. Moriarty’s research for his thesis on Burtt’s philosophical writings.

For a biography of Burtt and critical assessment of his contributions to philosophy see Francis J. Moriarty The philosophy of E.A. Burtt: the metaphysical foundations for a world community (Ph.D. thesis, University of Adelaide, 1994) [09PH M8542]


Contents Listing

1.  Books and manuscripts

1.1 Typescript drafts of Philosophy: Yesterday, today and tomorrow [1979]. 5 bound volumes.
1.2 Typescript The cross of calvary n.d. 32p.
1.3 Photocopy of The human journey [Calcutta, 1981]; typescript of Prologue and chapter outline only
(undated, 16p.) together with newspaper article from Cornell Chronicle 11 November 1982 relating to
its publication.
1.4 Typescript Whither mankind? (‘Chapt.1 Man in Crisis'). n.d. 10p.
1.5 Miscellaneous unpublished articles/essays and notes.
[Should philosophy seek untruth? 13p.;
Military service and conscience. 4p.;
Spiritual growth. 2p.;
Transforming oneself. 4p.;
A new spiritual awakening? 4p.;
God. 4p.;
Spiritual life and the nuclear peril. 13p.;
[Critical question about the nuclear peril]. 2p.]

2.  Copies of published articles, book chapters and book reviews. 1921-1972.  40 items.

3.  Reviews of books and other writings by Burtt. 1960-1977 and undated.  10 items.

4.  Correspondence.  1919-1988.  2cm.
Includes some personal correspondence, some  correspondence with colleagues and some with publishers.  Scattered: actual dates represented are 1919-30, 1931, 1944, 1959, 1964, 1970 and 1982-88.

5.  Biographical information, copies of certificates and honours awarded.  1953-1990.  1 cm.
Photocopies of published biographical entries and profiles, typescript vitae, obituary notices, and miscellaneous family and genealogical information.  Also copy of bibliography of writings by Burtt prepared by E.M. Stainton, 1972 and list of Burtt papers held at Olin Library, Cornell University, compiled by Frank Moriarty, 1990.

6.  Articles collected by Frank Moriarty relating to Burtt.  1951-1991.  26 items.
Includes his incrimination by the House Un-American Activities Committee 1951, general articles on lectures,  honours etc. 1963-69 and undated, together with notes by Moriarty and correspondence 1990-91 with libraries regarding material.

7.  Photocopies of articles by others.  1870-82.  11 items.
Includes issues of The Humanist 1944-46 and articles/lectures by Tyndall, Koyre, Ducasse, Sriernotte and Reed photocopied by Moriarty from originals in Burtt’s study.

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