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Brian and Lynne Chatterton

MSS 0028

Biographical Note

Brian Chatterton was born in Calcutta, India, October 8, 1941.  He was educated at Montessori Kindergarten, Nanital, India, and Wilderness C.E.G.S. Medindie, S.A., then St Peter’s College, Adelaide in both primary and secondary school (final year 1957).  After a year spent in India, and one year working on a farm in the U.K., he was admitted to Reading University (Faculty of Agriculture) in 1959.  He graduated in 1963 and returned to Australia to take over the family property “Riverside” at Lyndoch.  He became the owner of “Riverside” in 1966 and spent the next seven years fully employed in farming.

His family has a long history of involvement in South Australian politics.  Sir Charles Hervey Bagot (great-great grandfather) was first appointed and later elected to the first Legislative Council; Sir Henry Ayers (great-great grandfather) was Premier and later President of the Legislative Council; Edwin Barrett (great grandfather) was a Member for the House of Assembly.

Brian Chatterton’s own interest in politics began when he became President of the Williamstown branch of the A.L.P.  He stood for the state seat of Angas in 1967 and was defeated.  He then stood for the Federal seat of Wakefield in 1969 and was defeated.  He then stood for the state seat of Light which was created under the Steele Hall redistribution.  In the election of 1971 he came close to winning this seat with the largest vote gained to date by the Labor Party but was defeated.  In 1973 he was elected to the Legislative Council representing Midland for the A.L.P.  In 1975 that seat was abolished under the provisions of the reform of the Legislative Council.  Under the new provisions, he became no. 1 on the Labor Party Legislative Team list for that sequence of elections and maintained that position until his resignation from Parliament on 1 February 1987.

He was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries in the Dunstan Government in 1975 and held those portfolios until the defeat of the Corcoran Government in 1979.  During the period of the Labor Opposition, he became Shadow Minister for these portfolios and was re-elected to the substantive position in November 1982 when the Bannon Government gained power.  He resigned his portfolios on 21 April 1983.

Following his resignation from Parliament, he became a consultant for medic farming systems in dryland farming zones.

Since 1987 he has been consultant to the Food and Agricultural Organization, Rome; the International Fund for Agriculture (a United Nations development organization based in Rome); the Arab Centre for Studies of Arid Drylands (based in Syria); and the Institut Technique des Grands Cultures (Ministry of Agriculture Research Centre for broadacre farming, Algeria).  He is also counsellor for research into pastures in dryland zones for the International Foundation for Science, Sweden.

He has written a publication for the F.A.O. and produced, also for the F.A.O., a series of audio-visual training kits (in French, Arabic and English), all on medic pastures.

In 1996 Brian and Lynne Chatterton's book, Sustainable dryland farming. Combining farmer innovation and medic pasture in a Mediterranean climate, was published by Cambridge University Press.  A tribute to South Australia, its farmers and its farming system, the book remains highly influential in attempts to change from industrial farming, common in the Northern Hemisphere, to a sustainable and low carbon system used for over a century in South Australia, and developed by South Australian farmers.  It provides a detailed account of the various projects sponsored by the South Australia government in the 1970s which transferred the knowledge of this farming system to the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.  These projects were were successful and were only reined in by the Australian government’s policy of focussing aid on the Pacific area rather than the WANA region.  Nonetheless, Brian and his wife, Lynne, were engaged as consultants for many years by countries concerned, and more recently were consulted by the Iranian government to advise on their water management and farming system management. Together, they have participated in international conferences on water and farming, carried out inspections of farms and provided arguments against the adoption of a water market similar to that adopted in Australia.  The Chatterton's published papers demonstrate their substantial experience in this field.

In 2003 Pulcini Press published Brian's memoir, Roosters and Feather Dusters, offering a glimpse into Chatterton's twenty-year political career, particularly as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests in the pro-active Government of Don Dunstan in the 1970s.  More recently, Pulcini Press also published Brian's An Indian memoir (2020).

Lynne Chatterton
(nee Gore, former married name Kathlynne Arnold), was born in Barmera in 1934, and attended Barmera Primary School, St Joseph’s Convent, and Glossop High School.  She graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1976 with a B.A. in Political Science and History, and was awarded an Honours Degree in Political Science (11A) in 1985.

In 1952 Lynne married Frank Brian Arnold, whom she divorced in 1972.  During the period 1952-1968 she was a partner in a vineyard, vegetable and fruit property at Cobdogla, and was very active in grower organisations, adult education, and community activities.  She worked as a scriptwriter and broadcaster for the Australian Broadcasting Commission from 1964 to 1967, and 1969 until 1975; then on occasional programmes on arts, education, current affairs, science, agriculture and literature from 1984 to 1989.  She was also employed as a Research Assistant in the History Department, Flinders University, from 1969 to 1975.

In 1975, she was appointed as Research Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, Brian Chatterton, and then briefly to the Minister for Environment (Simmons) in 1977, upon her marriage to Brian.  She then moved to the Premier’s Department as Advisor on Rural Policy to Premier Dunstan, also in 1977.  She remained in this position during the Corcoran Government of 1979, before working unpaid for the ALP Opposition as Research Assistant from 1979 to 1982.  On the return of the Labor Party to office in 1982, and the re-appointment of Brian Chatterton to the Agriculture portfolio, she was refused access to appointment because of her position as the wife of a Minister.

From 1982, Lynne Chatterton worked as Adelaide correspondent for the Australian Financial Review, and worked as a journalist and writer, contributing to international journals on the subject of medic management in dryland zones, as well as the role of rural women in Australia, and other rural matters. She also acted as a consultant on medic farming systems in dryland zones, particularly on training and communication aspects, and in 1996 produced the Sustainable dryland farming... book with Brian.

Together, they developed a particular interest in contributing Australian expertise to the problems of dryland farming in other countries, and were instrumental in developing government initiatives in the transfer of this agricultural technology.  Between 1975 and 1979 they organised projects, exchange visits and seminars, and themselves undertook an extensive tour of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco (1979), and promoted the first International Congress on Dryland Farming, held in Adelaide in 1980. While out of office between 1979 and 1982, Brian continued with Lynne their studies and interest in the area, preparing a number of papers on the subject, and applied in 1982 (jointly with Dr Robert Springborg) for an ARGS Grant to undertake further research.

Lynne's success as a author continued with the publication of her 2010 book, From the ground up, home cooking without fear.  Now more relevant than ever, it educates readers about the origins of food.  It documents how sheep, wheat and olives, amongst others, are farmed, and describes what happens to food when it is overwhelmed by processing and the harm that this does to health and the environment.  It includes recipes from various countries she has visited, as well as those she cooks at home. In 2001 Pulcini Press also published Lynne's memoir, Red Herrings, which documents her life as she progressed from a small outback town in Australia, where she grew vines and oranges, to a small farm near a very small village in Umbria, Italy, where she and her husband Brian now live and produce olive oil.

The papers comprising this collection were transferred to the Library by Mr and Mrs Chatterton in 1989.  The papers had been much disturbed prior to receipt and, despite attempts to reconstruct original order, the present arrangement remains essentially an artificial one.   It has not been possible to distinguish which official papers were received by Lynne Chatterton (in her capacity as Research Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture and as Rural Adviser) as against those received and generated by the Office of the Minister, and all official material has been listed as the papers of Brian Chatterton as Minister.

See Correspondence file for further information.

Contents Listing

Series 1:  Papers of Brian Chatterton as Minister of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries  1975-79, 1982

  1. Record of policy meetings with the Premier 1976-77. 1 cm.
  2. Briefings for the Premier, cabinet submissions and cabinet lists, co-ordination reports 1976-79. 20 cm.
  3. Briefings for Premiers' Conference, 1979. 2 cm.
  4. Memoranda, minutes and correspondence to/with the Director, Agriculture and Fisheries 1977-79. 3 cm.
  5. Memoranda and minutes to other South Australian Ministers and Heads of Departments 1977-79. 1 cm.
  6. Correspondence with the Minister for Primary Industry 1977. 1 cm.
  7. Miscellaneous ministerial correspondence and memoranda 1976-79. 3 cm.
  8. Appointment diaries June 1974-June 1977, 1982 (incomplete). 3 v.
  9. Papers on departmental administration 1975-83
    1. [Management (General memorandum re branch objectives and priorities, April 1976; Departmental objectives and priorities for 1979/80, May 1979; Review of Senior Management Structure, March 1983)
      Research Philosophy and Management, undated; Research Guidelines February 1979
    2. Publication and Information policies, 1975-79 (Establishment of Working Party December 1975 and Report of Public Relations Working Party to the Executive)
    3. Staffing and staff training papers (Recommendations of Public Service Board re staffing October 1977; Present and Future Research/Animal health/Clerical programmes in relation to staffing, undated; Proposal for staff training in farm management, November 1977)
    4. Agronomy Branch objectives 1976
       Economics and Marketing Branch (proposals, discussion papers, memoranda 1972, 1975, 1977-78)
       Extension Branch/Division ( Appointment of Extension Management Committee, September 1978;
    5. Reports on Situation and Objectives,Lower South East District Office, undated [1978 ?]; Review of South East Regional programme, undated [1978]; Future development of Extension and Information Branch (draft report), February 1978;
    6. Review of Extension Publications Policy, July 1979;
    7. Rural Assistance Branch policies and organisation, 1978;
       Role and future of the A.B.A., October 1976.]
  10. Speeches and addresses as Minister, and notes for Minister's speeches 1975-79, 1982. 15 cm.
  11. Press releases 1977-79 and press articles 1977-78 (including correspondence with newspaper editors). 4 cm.
  12. Newspaper cuttings 1976, 1978-79. 12 cm.

Department of Agriculture

  • Aphid control
    Correspondence, submissions, notes, newspaper cuttings, press releases and minutes relating to the aphid control programme. 1978. 2 cm.

  • Canned Fruit Industry
    Papers relating to the Canned Fruit Industry, with particular reference to the Riverland 1976-77.  2cm.
    [Reports on Riverland Cannery and Riverland Cooperatives, 1976, assistance proposals, memoranda and background papers on the canned fruit industry generally;
    Correspondence and memoranda relating to proposed payroll tax remission for Riverland fruit processors, 1976.]

  • Citrus Industry
    Papers relating to the Citrus Industry, with particular reference to the Riverland 1976-82.  8 cm.
    [Includes submissions to IAC Enquiry into the Citrus Industry and related correspondence and memoranda 1976-77
    Riverland Enquiry [into citrus marketing and Riverland cooperatives] 1977;
    Enquiry into the Citrus Organisation Committee (official file of the Office of the Minister of Agriculture 31/77)
    Papers of the Committee of Enquiry into Citrus Marketing in South Australia 1978-79;
    Interim report of the Citrus Fruit Marketing Working Party, May 1981;
    Working papers on Cooperatives 1978-79;
    and general correspondence, reports, submissions, background papers, newspaper cuttings.]

  • Dairy Industry
    Papers re proposed Dairy legislation amendments (Dairy Industry Bill, 1979) 1976-79.  4cm
    [Includes Webb Report of Enquiry into the South Australian Dairy Industry, and subsequent correspondence and draft legislation]

  • Drought
    Papers on Drought and drought relief 1975-79, 1982-84. 15 cm.
    [Correspondence, notes, minutes and memoranda, press releases re Rural Assistance/Reconstruction 1975-82. Includes submissions to and interim and final draft reports of IAC Enquiry on Rural Adjustment; Internal departmental/government memoranda and reports regarding the Drought situation 1976;
    Drought Relief correspondence, ministerial statements, minutes and reports, policy statements 1976-79;
    Minutes and memoranda to the Minister from the Departmental
    Working Party on Drought 1977 (official DAF file 1298/77);
    Newspaper cuttings, reports and miscellaneous circular papers re Drought, 1982 (Brian Chatterton as Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries)  1982-84.]

  • Dryland Farming
    see Overseas Projects
    see also Non-Ministerial papers

  • Egg Marketing
    SA Egg Board Report of Feasibility of Rationalizing the Handling of Egg Surplus, February 1978; objections by Red Comb Coop. Society to proposal that the Egg Board take over pulping operations.  February - April 1978. 1 cm.

  • Farm Machinery
    Correspondence and memoranda regarding specific developments
    (Ridgway Resilient Cone Thresher, Williams apricot placing machine, clover seed harvester) and a proposed Farmers Consumer Association to provide advice on machinery purchases. 1977-79. 1 cm.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Marketing
    Discussion paper for the Economic and Marketing Committee of SCA, April 1977; proposal Lynne Arnold for an independent marketing authority, August 1977; progress report on East End Market relocation study. 1 cm.

  • Grape Industry
    see Wine Grape Industry

  • Guayule
    Articles, circulars and newspaper cuttings regarding the potential of guayule 1978-79.  2 cm.

  • Jojoba
    Minutes for the Premier and Director of Agriculture and Fisheries, articles and newspaper cuttings regarding the potential of jojoba. 1978-79.  1 cm.

  • Kangaroo Island [Soldier] Settlers
    Papers relating to the difficulties of farmers on Kangaroo Island 1977, 1980-82.  4 cm. [Correspondence, especially with the Gosse K.I. Lands Committee, submissions to and report of the Parliamentary Committee on Land Settlement, judgement on Johnson v. State of South Australia (1980), newspaper cuttings.]

  • Meat Industry
    Papers relating to the Meat Industry, including SAMCOR and the live sheep trade 1974-79.  20 cm.  Files on: Meat Industry Bill  1974

    Live sheep exports  1975, 1977-78
    [Includes Report of J.W. Tidswell on a visit to the Middle East, April-May 1975 regarding potential markets, and a further survey October 1975; and correspondence, minutes and papers 1977-78]

    Meat Hygiene legislation (Abattoirs and Pet Food Works Bill) papers 1976-79
    [Includes Report on Meat Hygiene in South Australia, February 1977;
    Report of Animal Health Branch, November 1978 on the proposed legislation; draft and final report of the Joint Committee on Meat Hygiene; correspondence with Prime Minister Fraser regarding the cost of meat inspection, 1978-79; and extensive correspondence, minutes, memoranda, reports, press releases and newspaper articles, 1977-79.]

    SAMCOR papers 1975-79.
    [Includes draft Report on Improvements introduced following the 1976 Review of SAMCOR's structure and operations, November 1977; memorandum on Entry of Meat into the Metropolitan area and related correspondence 1976-79; Inter-works Slaughtering Productivity comparison, January 1978; SAMCOR Annual Report 1978/79; and notes, correspondence and memoranda 1977-79.]

    Report of Working Party on the Feasibility of establishing an  Abattoir on Kangaroo Island, November 1976, with covering letter to the Premier.

    Newspaper cuttings relating to the Meat Industry, principally to SAMCOR and meat hygiene legislation  1978-80.

  • Millipede control
    Correspondence, memoranda, summary of departmental measures (1974-78), proposal for research programme 1978-79.  1 cm.

  • Milk Board

  • Oat Marketing
    Report by the Oat Marketing Committee, December 1976; Review of Oat Marketing by the Economics Section (undated); correspondence 1976-77.  2 cm.

  • Overseas Projects
    Papers re Seminar on proposed seminar on Socio/Political Structure of the Middle East and North Africa, held (under the title Agricultural Development Overseas - Where Are We Going?) in Adelaide in July 1978 under the auspices of the Minister. 1978. 1 cm.
    [Correspondence with participants/speakers, draft programme, notes]

    Papers re  International Congress on Dryland Farming, held August-September 1980. 1979-80.  1 cm.
    [Programme, memoranda to the Premier, correspondence, newspaper reports]
    Chatterton initiated the Congress as Minister of Agriculture, but was out of office when it took place.

    Correspondence (especially with the Federal Minister for Trade and Resources) and memoranda re proposed Dryland Farming project for China under the management of the Department of Agriculture. 1978-79.  2 cm.

    Correspondence and internal memoranda re visit of Chinese Senior Vice-Minister of Agricultural Machinery, Mr Xiang Nan, in July 1979.  1978-79.
    [official Premier's Department file 393/79]

    See also
    papers on overseas visits and tours in Non-Ministerial papers

  • Plant Variety Rights
    Agronomy Branch Report on Plant Breeders' Rights, February 1974 and draft recommendation of Working Party on Plant Variety protection, 1976.  2 items
    Papers on New Seeds Legislation and Plant Variety Rights 1977-82. 12 cm.
    [Correspondence, discussion papers, submissions, official memoranda, reports and articles (including one by Brian Chatterton, May 1980)].

    Riverland development
    see  Canned Fruit Industry
           Citrus Fruit Industry
           Wine Grape Industry

  • Salvation Jane
    Correspondence, memoranda, reports, submissions by apiarists, cost/benefit analysis, discussion paper, newspaper cuttings, Parliamentary questions and Report of the Director-General of Agriculture, April 1981 on the status of the court case on the biological control of Salvation Jane. 1979, 1981  2 cm.
    [The Biological control programme was a CSIRO undertaking]

    see Meat Industry

  • Wine Grape Industry
    Papers relating to the Wine Grape Industry 1974-82.  20 cm.
    [Wine labelling 1974 - correspondence and notes;
    Wine/Grape Growing Industry Reconstruction 1974 - draft position paper [by Brian Chatterton?], terms of reference;
    South Australian opposition to federal Wine Tax [imposed on wine and brandy in 1973] 1975;
    Grape Surplus 1977-79 - correspondence, minutes, reports,discussion papers (5 folders);
    South Australian Government submissions to IAC enquiries 1977-79;
    Submission to IAC enquiry 1979 by Winegrowers Council of Australia, 1978 and draft report of the IAC, 1979;
    Discussion paper of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries onthe Grape Industry, 1979 and an undated [1979] report on Riverland Red Grape production;
    Brandy Excise 1978-79 - correspondence, minutes, notes;
    Papers on the Wine Industry, 1982 - principally copies of letters to the then Minister for Agriculture, W.E.C. Chapman, and circular material:

    [See also Printed material (reports and published articles) on the Wine Grape industry relating to the property at Cobdogla, 1966-69
       (file “K.M. and F.B. Arnold”) 1966, 1976-79. in Papers of Lynne Chatterton]

  • General Agriculture Matters
    Miscellaneous correspondence, submissions and reports relating to agricultural matters.  1976-79.  4 cm.
    [Includes outline of proposed Potato Marketing Board Study, 1976;
    Papers from Conference on Farm Management held at Roseworthy, February 1977;
    Hansard extracts on matters relating to the Agriculture portfolio, 27 July-3 August 1977;
    Memorandum to the Premier on Development of the Ridgway Resilient Cone Thresher, November 1977;
    Reply to Premier's request for DAF initiatives in Northern Eyre Peninsula district from 1970,  August 1977;
    Papers on New Crops Seminar, July 1979, with notes for the Minister on opening the Seminar and Minister's assessment of Departmental speakers;
    Administrative correspondence and internal minutes and memoranda 1978-79.]

    Typescript paper, Future Rural Policies for Australia (with L. Arnold) n.d. (1977), with related correspondence and newspaper commentary.  1977.  2 cm.
    see also articles by Chatterton in Non-Ministerial Papers

Department of Fisheries

Fisheries Department Policies and Objectives 1976.  1 cm.
[A compilation of policies, statements and approvals relating to aspects of the Fisheries portfolio.  Individual statements cover c.1974-76.]

Reports and correspondence on the staffing and structure of the Fisheries Department  1974-76, 1979.  2 cm.

Correspondence, minutes, discussion papers, reports and memoranda relating to Commonwealth-State relation on Fisheries management 1975-79.  4 cm.
[Includes Report of Australian Fisheries Council Working Group on the proposed 200 mile Australian Fishing Zone, June 1977, and Fisheries Branch submission to IAC Inquiry into Australian Fisheries and Fish Processing Industry, May 1977.]
see also papers relating to Federal/State policy on fishing in Investigator Strait in files on Prawn Fishing.

General correspondence, memoranda on Fisheries management 1978-79.  3 cm.

Papers relating to Fisheries Review /Copes Report 1976 - correspondence, submissions, reports, minutes, memoranda, newspaper cuttings and press releases.  1976-1979.  5 cm.
[Submissions to Steering Committee, with related correspondence, newspaper cuttings and memoranda  1976 -79;
Steering Committee minutes and agendas July-September 1976 and paper for the Minister, September 1976;
Fisheries Department Draft White Paper on Fisheries Management November 1976 and critique [by Mel Pash, 1977]

Papers on Fisheries licences (in particular, renewal of B Class fishing licences)  1978-79.  3 cm.
[see also file on Scale Fishing and general  correspondence file on Fisheries Management]

Papers on Prawn Fishing and Prawn Licence Fees - correspondence, minutes, discussion papers  1976-79.  8 cm.
[Including file of correspondence of/with the Premier in relation to fees September-October 1978;
High Court ruling and Opinion of Crown Solicitor in the case brought by A. Raptis and Son 1977.]

Correspondence, submission, press releases regarding Abalone permits.  1976, 1979.  1 cm.
[Includes official file Minister of Fisheries, Ministerial Enquiry 42/2 cover 5 1979]

Correspondence, Report of the Director, press release and newspaper cuttings regarding management of Recreational Fishing.  1977-78, 1980.  1 cm.

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, press releases regarding the management of Scale Fishery  1977-79  2 cm.
[see also Papers on Fishing Licences and general correspondence file on Fisheries Management]

Submission of Tuna Boat Owners Association of Australia to South East Fisheries Committee  n.d. 1 cm.

Papers by Brian Chatterton and by Chatterton and Lynne Arnold on Fisheries Management  1977.  3 cm.
[Fisheries Management and the New Federalism,1977 (including drafts and notes);
Will Fisheries Management Save the 200 Mile Economic Zone Fishery for Australian Fishermen?, 1979 (published as Fisheries Management - seeking the simple way in Australian Fisheries);
Political Constraints on Fisheries Management,1979 (published in Marine Policy) and related correspondence 1979-80;
Reply to comments of Mr Olsen (on the Political Constraints article?) 1982.]

Woods and Forests Department

[See also relevant material in the files of speeches, press releases and newspaper cuttings, Series 10-12]

Annual report of the Woods and Forests Department, 1977/78.

Management Objectives of the Woods and Forests Department, October 1977 and c.1978 (for 1979/80)

Detailed Financial Plan for 1979/80.

Minutes to the Director, Woods and Forests  December 1977-May 1978.

Minister of Forests correspondence, minutes, briefings for the Premier 1977-79.

Wood Chip Industry

Papers relating to proposed sale of Wood Chips to Punalur Paper Mill 1977-81.
[Includes Chatterton's report on the potential market for South Australian woodchip exports in India following a private visit to India in 1976; subsequent negotiations and contract with Punalur Paper Mill and the setting up of the joint venture Punwood (Punalur and the S.A. Timber Corporation) in December 1979; further contract March 1980 to establish a pulp mill; and correspondence, reports, parliamentary debate (Hansard proceedings) and newspaper articles following the cancellation of the contract August 1980 on the requirement of the Financial Investment Review Board that Punalur obtain 50% Australian equity in the plant]

Report of Discussion with Ssangyong Paper Co., Korea, on Supply of Softwood Chips, September 1978, and Preliminary Proposal for Softwood Chip Supplies, n.d. [1978]

Papers relating to the proposed purchase of the assets of the Kauri Timber Co. by the Woods and Forests Department.  1977-78.

Miscellaneous reports relating to woods and forests.  1972-78.
[Provisional yield table for Pinus radiata 1972;
Forest management (undated);
(Pinus radiata) Site Quality Assessment (undated);
Survey of Australian Forest and Wood-Based Industries, prepared for the Forwood Conference 1974;
Supply and demand estimates for timber products for South Australia 1975;
Submission by Woods and Forests Department to Softwoods Enquiry
(House of Representatives Select Committee on Environment and Conservation) 1975;
Memorandum on the development of the Mt. Gambier area since 1970 under the aegis of the Woods and Forests department  1977
[Premier's department official file 273/77 Part I];
Report on Tasmanian Softwoods P/L  1977;
Report of Working Party on potential of Agro-Forestry in the South-East of South Australia 1978.]

Personal correspondence of Brian Chatterton on forestry matters 1979-86.
[Includes personal correspondence with L.N. Dalmia of Punalur Paper Mill, and notes prepared for the South Australian Timber Corporation on export possibilities in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Algeria, by Barbara Bray, 1983]

Miscellaneous press articles on forestry  1974-81  (3 items)

Series 2: Non-Ministerial Papers 1974, 1979-84

General correspondence and copies of reports and correspondence, principally relating to matters within the Agriculture portfolio 1979-82. 5 cm.
[Includes extensive photocopies of Minutes to the Premier and to the Minister for Agriculture, SAGRIC circulars, papers relating to the Wheat Exporter's Meeting, November 1980, copies of submissions and reports and a long letter from D.St. L. Kelly, Professor of Law, University of Adelaide, re Pastoral Act Amendment Bill, 29 March 1982]

Papers re overseas visits/tours by the Brian and Lynne Chatterton for research and discussions on agricultural matters. 1979-83. 3 cm.
[1979/80 tour of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco - draft itinerary, correspondence, letters of thanks March 1979-April 1980;
April 1981 visit to North Africa and Europe. October 1980-January 1982.
1981/82 visit to United Arab Emirates and Kuwait - Preliminary report by Lynne Chatterton as Delegate accompanying the Minister February 1982;
1983 proposed visit to Algeria - programme]
[see also files on Overseas Projects in Ministerial papers]

Articles/reports/submissions on Rural matters by Brian Chatterton (prepared in a private rather than ministerial capacity). 1974-84. 3 items.
[Financing the Promotion of Rural Products. Submission to IAC October 1974;
Report on Pastoral Zone 1982;
Fashions in Rural Development. Economics Seminar, University of Adelaide, 1984.]
see also ALP Rural Policy papers 1975-79

Series 3: Papers of Lynne Chatterton 1966-69, 1973, 1975-84
(Note: Up until 1978, Lynne used the name Lynne Arnold for all of her work)

[see also joint papers with Brian Chatterton on Fisheries management, on Dry Land Farming and on Rural Policy.]

Appointment diaries  1978-79.  2 v.

Rough notes of Policy meetings, Publications Review Committee and [?] other meetings and briefings.  January 1976, July-December 1978 (much undated).  2 v.

Briefing for Premier (for a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture) on Overseas Project proposal. June 1979.

Correspondence and memoranda re Travelling approvals for Lynne Chatterton as Assistant (Rural Policy). December 1978-July 1979.
[Official Premier's Department file 117/79]

Personal correspondence, principally regarding Lynne Chatterton's original appointment as research assistant, her continuing position as a ministerial assistant and subsequent appointment as Rural Policy adviser to the Premier 1973, 1975, 1977.
[Includes original references, 1969 and official Minister of Agriculture file 75/75]

Correspondence, including with the Premier and with the Equal Opportunity Officer, regarding the policy of the Bannon Labour Government towards the employment by the Government of the spouses of Ministers and with regard to the employment of Lynne Chatterton following Brian Chatterton's resignation from the Ministry. 1983.

Papers and correspondence relating to Politics in Food  Conference, Melbourne 1980 (including paper by Lynne Chatterton, Purdah and put Down). 1980-81.

Papers and correspondence relating to Women in Agriculture Seminar, Melbourne 1981 (including paper by Lynne Chatterton, Look at me...I'm Valuable and tapes on the seminar as broadcast on the Coming Out show 21 November 1981). 1981-82

Papers and correspondence relating to Women and Food Conference, Sydney 1982.

Drafts of chapter on Rural Women in Marketing Organisations for proposed book Women in Rural Australia, edited by Kerry James, with correspondence relating to publication and to research for the chapter. 1982-84.

Articles contributed to journals and newspapers, principally on rural matters. 1980-82.
[Middle East, Focus, Nation Review, National times, New Statesman, 1980; Financial Review, National Farmer, 1980-82; also offering services as a correspondent to Belle and Financial Times, 1981.]

Papers on Politics [? for University of Adelaide course].  1984 and undated (4 papers).

Final(?) typescript and partial draft of paper for Labor Forum on The Labor Party and the Paradox of Rural Interests, with related correspondence and extensive source material on rural policy and voting patterns. 1984.

Tapes and transcripts of interviews with Tom Stott (1970 or 1971), with related correspondence, 1981.

General papers on rural women and rural policy, including ALP Discussion Paper, Women in Rural and Provincial Areas, by Patricia Kelly.  c. 1978-82.

Miscellaneous articles [by others] and newspaper cuttings on social policy and on China and communism.  1977, 1982 and undated.

Printed material (reports and published articles) on the Wine Grape, dried fruit and citrus industry relating to the property at Cobdogla, 1966-69 {file “K.M. and F.B. Arnold”], 1966, 1976-79.

Series 4: Papers on Australian Labour Party Rural Policy

ALP Policy Documents  1969-73.  2 cm.
[Speeches, platform policies, resolutions - not all on rural policy]

Rural Programme  1974 (booklet).  1 item.

Rural Policy papers  1975 -1979.  15 cm.
[Extensive papers including speeches, State and national platform policies, ministerial statements, lists of candidates, reports, discussion papers, branch correspondence and internal party memoranda, briefing notes, press releases and newspaper cuttings, particularly for the years 1978-79.  Includes undated (1979?) paper by Chatterton on 'The Australian Labor Party and Farming Communities'.  Also papers from the ALP National Seminar on Rural Australia, May 1979.]

Miscellaneous papers on Labor Rural policy  1980-83.  3 items.
[Commentary from SA Labor Party Rural Affairs Committee, 1980;
ALP Rural Policy statement, 1982;
Address by Hon Barry Jones at Sixth National Conference on [sic] Labor Economists, 1983]

Minutes and agendas of ALP Platform Sub-Committee on Parliament, the Constitution and Electoral Matters  October 1983-May 1984. 1 cm.
[Papers of Lynne Chatterton, as a member of the Sub-Committee]

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