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Sir Walter Crocker (1902-2002)
Papers 1922-2002

MSS 327 C938p

Chronology [to 1983, as supplied by Sir Walter]

1902. Born at Broken Hill, New South Wales

1921-1925. University of Adelaide

1926-1928. University of Oxford

1928-1930. Stanford University

1930-1934. Colonial Administrative and Political Service, Nigeria

1931. Japanese population problem published

1934-1940. League of Nations and I.L.O. (Assistant to the Director-General)

1936. Nigeria : a critique of British colonial administration published

1940-1946. Military service (Lt. Col. in the British Army, Croix de Guerre, Odre du Lion, Belgium)

1946. Farming at Parnaroo, South Australia

1946-1949. U.N. Secretariat (Chief of Africa Section)

1947. On governing colonies published

1949. Selfgovernment for the colonies published

1949. "Why do Americans dislike the English?" (Australian quarterly, v. 21 no. 1 (March 1949) published

1949-1952. Australian National University (Professor of International Relations, Acting Vice-Chancellor 1951)

1950. "Some notes on the United Nations Secretariat" (International Organization v. 4, Nov. 1950)

1951. Book on the U.N. written

1951. Can the United Nations succeed? published. (Milne Lecture no. 2)

1951. "Voting in the international institutions" (Australian outlook, v. 5, no. 3 1951) published

1952-1955. High Commissioner to India

1955-1956. Ambassador to Indonesia

1955. Appointed C.B.E.

1956. Racial factor in international institutions published.(Inaugural lecture A.N.U.)

1956-1958. High Commissioner to Canada

1958-1962. High Commissioner to India and Ambassador to Nepal

1962-1965. Ambassador to The Netherlands and Belgium

1965-1967. Ambassador to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya

1966. Nehru : a contemporary estimate published

1967-1970. Ambassador to Italy (Knight of Italy, 1970)

1968. "Congo contrast" (Magazine of the future v. 3 no. 6, 1968) published

1970. Retired from the Australian foreign service and returned to live in South Australia

1971. Australian ambassador published

1971-1978. Member of the Council of the University of Adelaide

1973-1982. Lieutenant Governor of South Australia

1977. Appointed K.B.E.

1981. Travelling back : memoirs published.

1982. Resigned as Lieutenant Governor of South Australia

1983. Sir Thomas Playford : a portrait published


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